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Chapter 4 - In Despair


tl by dan luffey

1-3: clink
4: Isn't this a first for us?
5: I don't think I've ever drank alone with you before...

Chapter 4 - In Despair

1: Umm...
2: Is it true that you're quitting?
3: So they're already spreading rumors...
4: Hospitals are really terrible...aren't they...

1: Does it...
2: have to do with your illness?
3: Will you do something for me if I tell you?
4: I was angry
5: to see you waiting there...

1: Do you know what it means to continue dialysis?
2: When you start it, whatever functionality your kidneys still have is completely lost.
3: You hardly ever urinate anymore, and your body becomes unable to release fluid.
4: So all the fluid you drink just stays in your body.
5: I can only drink 900ml of fluid a day.
6: I also need to watch my salt intake so that I don't stuff my body with fluid.

1: Dialysis is the only way to get the fluid out of my body.
2: After four hours of dialysis...
3: I get so dizzy I can't stand up for a while.
4: It puts strain on my heart too, of course.
5: And ruins my veins...
6: There are a lot of limits to what I can eat...
7: and that's the way it's gonna be for the rest of my life...

1: The reason I'm quitting is because I'm not fit to work anymore.
2: That's all...
3: One of these glasses is 1/5 of the fluid I'm allowed to intake per day.
4: clink
5: Go home...
6: snap
7: You can't do anything for me...

1: Actually, today...
2: I went to meet a doctor who works in kidney transplants.
3: Whenever you're free...
4: Would you mind going to talk to him with me...?
5: Don't you get it?
6: I just told you to go...
7: But if I leave you like this...

1: Then what?
2: The survival rate of dialysis patients after 10 years of dialysis
3: is 40.7%...
4: What are you trying to say?
5: That only 4 out of every 10 dialysis patients are still alive after 10 years?

1: The math isn't wrong, but you shouldn't take that fact at face value.
2: The average dialysis patient age is 64...
3: Even if they didn't have renal failure, some of them still wouldn't be alive in 10 years.
4: Here's some more data...
5: For dialysis patients in their 30s and early 40s...
6: the survival rate after 10 years is 77%.

1: And the survival rate after 10 years for a patient who has a kidney transplant is...
2: approx 80%.
3: Most patients who decide to get a transplant...
4: are in their 30s.

1: B...but even so...
2: Don't you think getting a transplant has its merits?
3: I mean...
4: You can stop doing dialysis...you won't have to limit what you eat or drink...
5: You won't have to dialysis once every two days for four hours anymore.
6: Don't you think that's a big merit?
7: You can do whatever you want again...
8: You won't have to hold yourself back!
9: You wouldn't even have to quit working...

1: Are you going to give me your kidney, then?
2: What do you mean I can do whatever I want?
3: There's nothing I want to do...
4: It's...just, as a doctor, I...
5: What could I possibly have to do that's worth taking someone else's kidney?

1: Then what are you going to do from here on out...?
2: That's a cruel question...
3: I have no "here on out"...
4-5: tap
6: smush...

1: This has nothing to do with you.
2: clunk

1: Have you heard of the disease known as diabetes?
2: Usually, only adults get it.
3: It's usually caused by stress, lack of exercise, or unhealthy eating habits.
4: What you have is called Type 1 diabetes.
5: It happened because your body is no longer able to create a hormone called insulin.

1: You'll need to inject this in your arm every day.
2: Once in the morning and once at night.
3: It'll give your body the insulin it needs.
4: You need to learn how to do it by yourself,
5: since after you leave here, you'll need to do it every day.
6: I have to do it forever?
7: Forever.
8: How long is forever?
9: Forever.

1: Insulin is a hormone that helps the body absorb nutrients.
2: Without it, we become unable to get the nutrients we need and die.
3: Insulin is usually made in your pancreas, by beta cells in your Islets of Langenhans.

1: Why?
2: Why are you smiling...
3: dad...

1: honk
p: whoosh
2: clack

p: jog
1-2: beep

1: Lights...
2: click
3: Ah...
4: Minagawa-san...

1: You smell like alcohol and cigarettes.
2: You didn't come straight from the hospital, did you?

1: What's wrong?
2: Nothing...
3: I'm sorry about before...
4: I should have listened to what you were saying...
5: It's alright...
6: I won't try to talk to you anymore...
7: What were you trying to tell me?
8: I told you, I'm not going to try anymore...

p1: fwump
1: The only times you're nice to me...
2: are when you want me to be nice to you...

1: If you have something you want to say, then say it.
2: Otherwise I can't understand.
3-6: vbbbb
7: Answer it...

1: Hello?
2: Yes...I'm at home now.
3: Huh?
4: Ah, yes, we were together until a moment ago.
5: Yes...talking about the transplant...
6: Well, after you split up with Akagi-san,
7: apparently, she collapsed.
8: She was just carried in by one of our ambulances.
9: I don't really know the details, but it looks like her symptoms are a bit different.

1: A patient?
2: Uh...yeah...
3: gsh
4: You're going?

1: You're going?
2: Don't go...
3: slam

1-2: hah


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