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Chapter 5 - Different Wavelengths


tl by dan luffey

1: I told you...even if you're an intern, I'm not allowed to tell you confidential patient information.
2: If you have something you want to know, why don't you ask the patient yourself?
1-2: knock
3: rattle

Chapter 5 - Different Wavelengths

1: Are you alright?
2: You're really annoying, you know that...
3: Why would you come here in the middle of the night?

1: This doesn't have anything to do with your kidneys, does it?
2: It's diabetes...

1: Diabetes?
2: I'll be back to normal soon.
3: I'm hooked up to an IV, and I took an insulin shot.
4: I got it when I was 11...
5: The renal failure was a complication caused by the diabetes.

1: Hey, sensei...
2: Remember what you said back there?
3: "You can do whatever you want if you get a transplant."
4: "You won't have to hold yourself back!"
5: But...
6: what do I wanna do?
7: I've been walking with disease for 20 years now.
8: I've long since forgotten...
9: what it was that I wanted to do.

1: I mean...
2: no matter how much I wish for something, I won't be able to have it.
3: I'm so stupid, aren't I...
4: I've been sick for 20 years now...
5: and I'm still acting like this.

1: Type 1 Diabetes.
2: Most people think diabetes is only an adult disease,
3: but that's only the majority. Kids and babies get it too.
4: Adults usually get it from genes or unhealthy habits.
5: Child diabetes is called Type 1,
6: and while the symptoms are the same as an adult's, the cause is completely different.

1: Normally it's caused when your lymphocytes, which usually attack malicious bacteria, go haywire
2: and start destroying your pancreatic cells, which are the factories where insulin is created.
3: What causes lymphocytes to behave this way still has yet to be discovered.
4: But the only way to treat the disease is to inject insulin into the body forever.
5: About two or three out of every 10,000 Japanese people get this disease.
6: It's an extremely rare incurable disease.

1: Kondou-sensei...
2: Should I really encourage Akagi-san to get a transplant?
3: She doesn't want one...
4: I didn't know until she told me, but...
5: There isn't any big difference in the survival rate for people in their 30s if they get a transplant.
6: From a life saving perspective, I don't really see a reason for it.
7: You really don't know anything, do you?

1: Akagi-san's probably realized something,
2: and is hiding a very important fact from you.
3: Hiding something?
4: She's doing dialysis because she has diabetes.
5: That isn't the same as patients who are doing dialysis simply for renal failure.
6: Because of her diabetes, it's both her kidneys and her pancreas that have failed.
7: And her veins were instantly destroyed.
8: You mean...
9: Patients with diabetes have a lower chance of surviving?

1: It's approximately 20%.
2: If there are 10 patients with diabetic renal failure...
3: then only 2 will still be alive after 10 years
4: And this number doesn't really have much to do with age.

1: You mean...
2: as long as Akagi-san doesn't get a transplant, she could die at any time?
3: You could say that.
4:Then why...
5: Why doesn't she want a transplant?

1: Because transplanting shouldn't be allowed.
2: From a negative point of view, a transplant
3: is basically stealing someone else's organ and making it your own.
4: Whether it's an organ from a brain dead body or a living donor,
5: you're still taking a healthy organ from outside your body and putting it in your own.
6: Even if both of the people involved with the transplant agree on it,
7: that doesn't necessarily mean it should be allowed.

1: In foreign countries,
2: such as China, organs are taken from prisoners and used in transplants.
3: And in other countries in Asia, and India,
4: poor people sell their organs for money.
5: Um...
6: don't you agree with organ transplanting, sensei?
7: squeak
8: I am staunchly against it.
9: That isn't real medicine.

1: Then why did you introduce me to your husband, a transplant surgeon?
2: Because you asked me to.
3: But if you don't intend to give up one of your kidneys,
4: then you shouldn't be encouraging her to get a transplant.

1-2: boop
3: This is Minagawa.
4: I can't come to the phone right now, so please leave a message after the beep.
5: There's an approximately 20% chance that Akagi-san will survive for 10 years.
6: From a negative point of view, a transplant is basically stealing someone else's organ and making it your own.
7: Should something like that be allowed?

1: Minagawa-san, tell me...
2: What should I do?
3: Good morning!
4: Thank you very much for this opportunity!
5: OK, now we'll start orientation.
6: I'll only say these things once, so be sure to write them down.

1: Harukawa-san,
2: team up with Naitou-san.
3: Excuse me, can you please check this?

1: This ward seems really busy today.
2: What, didn't you hear, sensei?
3: Some nurses are being replaced today.
4: Replaced?
5: What do you call it, a change in staff?
6: My nurse isn't being changed, but
7: all the patients are talking about it.
8: Hey, sensei...
9: is it true that if you take my prostate out, I won't be able to get it up anymore?

1: That's right.
2: We would have to take out your pelvic nerves as well, Sakashita-san, so it'd be difficult.
3: Then how am I gonna make my wife happy now?
4: What are you saying?
5: Your wife will be very happy when the surgery's completed.
6: By the way, sensei...
7: is it true that you have phimosis?

1: Umm...
2: who told you that?
3: No one in particular...
4: Everyone knows, I think.
5: Kondou-sensei said "there are even people out there with phimosis who are doing their best to get by."
6: But you can't compare that to prostate cancer, you know?
7: clang

p1: drip

card front: Organ Donor Application Card

card back: Please circle the organs you wish to donate in the event of brain death:
Heart / Lung / Pancreas / Liver / Kidney / Small Intestine / Eye / Other ( ___ )
Please circle the organs you wish to donate in the event that your heart stops:
Liver / Kidney / Eye / Other ( ___ )
Date of Birth: ______
Name: ______

1: There are a ton of people around you who've donated their kidneys.
2: If you don't intend to give up one of your kidneys, then you shouldn't be encouraging her to get a transplant.

1: Good morning.
2: Oh, you're here.
3: Hold on a minute.
4: Hello, who is it?
5: Oh...Takasago-sensei...

1: Yo, Saitou.
2: What's up with Minagawa-chan?
3: Didn't she come to the hospital with you today?
4: No...isn't she here yet?
5: I got a call saying she wasn't coming.
6: A call? But I thought Minagawa-san was in the NICU*...
* line: Neonatal intensive care unit

1: You dumbass!!
2: Minagawa-chan was switched out yesterday!!
3: She's in brain surgery now!!
4: Are you two really going out?!
5: How could you not know such an important thing?!

1-3: stomp
sign: Brain Surgery
4: There he is. Are those two really going out?
5: I've never heard of someone being absent without leave on their second day of work.
6-8: vbbbb

1-4: vbbbbb

1: clack
2: There's no need for you to play hooky as well.
3: Otherwise she'll have nowhere to come back to.
sign: Urology


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