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Chapter 10 - What it Means to Donate an Organ


tl by dan luffey

1: You want to donate one of your organs to Akagi-san?
2: Do you...
3: understand the magnitude of what you're saying?
4: Do you even understand
5: what it means to donate an organ?

Chapter 10 - What it Means to Donate an Organ

1: I remember what Kondou-sensei said...
2: "If you have no intention of donating your own organ,"
3: "then you shouldn't recommend it to someone."
4: In other words, if you're prepared to give up your own,
5: then you're right in recommending a transplant to someone.
6: Naturally,
7: I don't plan to ask Akagi-san to receive my organ all of a sudden.
8: First I want to try and ask her family and relatives.
9: Once I get her approval, of course.

1: But if I can't find a donor after all that,
2: then...
3: Let's take this outside.

p1: bzzzzzzz
1: bzzzz
2: I'm not a transplant surgeon.
3: Perhaps you should ask him about the necessary arrangements.

1: Once you donate your organ to someone, you're no longer "strangers."
2: A bond of organs...
3: is even more powerful than a blood bond.
4: bzzz
5: Your girlfriend's in brain surgery, isn't she?

1: What if you donate your kidney to Akagi-san,
2: and then someday, that girlfriend of yours has renal failure?
3: You won't be able to give her your other one.
4: Doesn't that worry you?
5: That's just a
6: hypothetical situation...
7: Not to her.
8: If it turns out that you have to donate your kidney to Akagi-san,
9: what will that girlfriend of yours think?

1: Don't come crying to me if you find...
2: a knife in your back.
3: You think she's really going to believe that you're donating your kidney to some girl you know
4: simply out of good will?
5: I just want to help Akagi-san.

1: And I told you, that's just your ego.
2: Akagi-san didn't ask for your help.
3: But wasn't it you who told me I should offer mine up?
4: Don't try to trip me up with my own words.
5: Then why are you married to your husband, doctor?
6: You seem convinced that organ transplanting isn't real medicine,
7: so how can you be a wife to someone who does just that?

1: There are tons of couples out there who have differing value systems.
2: What's the big deal?
3: I'm a doctor...
4: It's natural for me to want to save a sick person.
5: I'm sure my girlfriend will understand if I explain it to her.
6: She's a health care provider, too. She wants to save the patients in front of her, just like me.
7: klak

1: If you're prepared to leave your girlfriend, then go on over.
2: Heeey!
3: If it isn't Saitou-kun!
4: Whatever happened with that friend of yours?
5: I was getting a little worried waiting for you to bring in an outpatient.

1: Our new patients are Hayama-san in #1031 and Yanagawa-san in #1034.
2: Umm, Hayama-san has been admitted for pre-op for an aneurysm, and Yanagawa-san has a brain tumor.
3: There have been no changes in any of the other patient groups, correct?
4: No one was discharged today. Nagasawa-san's family will be here in the evening to pick up x-rays, so please hand them over.
5: Good evening.
6: How are you feeling? Let me check your IV.
7: Can you eat another bite?

1: Good evening, Yuukawa-san.
2: Were you able to eat all your dinner today?
3: Give me a more experienced nurse.
4: I'll make sure to pay my hospital bills. OK?

1-9: scrub

1: I know she'll understand if I'm honest with her.
2: This is about saving a human life.
3: Good work!

p3: Matsuya
1: Huh?
2: You waited for me?

1: Yeah.
2: I figured you were on early night duty tonight.
3: I was just a little worried.
4: Like, maybe you're under a lot of pressure...
5: Oh, I'm fine.
6: I know I just need to stick with it.
7: I still don't really understand most of it...
8: but I feel like sooner or later I'll be able to discover the fun parts about working in brain surgery.
9: For example, in brain surgery, when you say "Good evening" to patients, they say "Good evening" back.
10: That never happened in the NICU*, so that's one thing to be happy about.
* line: neonatal intensive care unit

1: It's cold.
2: Yeah...
3: grab
4: What's wrong?
5: It always makes me nervous when you're so nice to me, doctor.

1: Did something happen?
2: Nope...
3: Nothing.

1: Hey, doctor...
2: After talking with you before, I started thinking about a lot of things.
3: And at the end of it all...
4: I began to think that maybe I'm not cut out for work in a university hospital.
5: I think I'll eventually get used to brain surgery, but...
6: But...I don't want to get so used to it that my work doesn't make me feel anything anymore.
7: Maybe I should quit?

1: I don't know what'll happen from here on out,
2: but I want to follow you wherever you go...Saitou-sensei.
3: I can work anywhere as long as I have my nurse's license.
4: And...I have a little bit of money saved up.
5: Can we get married?

1: No...?

1: I
2: like you, Minagawa-san.
3: So if we got married,
4: I think it'd make me really happy.
5: I have a friend who has renal failure.

1: It's not for sure yet,
2: but I'm prepared to help them in any way I can.
3: If I was to give them one of my kidneys, Minagawa-san,
4: how would you feel?


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