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Chapter 11 - Her, and Life, and


tl by dan luffey

1: I have a friend who has renal failure.
2: It's not for sure yet,
3: but I'm prepared to help them in any way I can.
4: If I was to give them one of my kidneys, Minagawa-san,
5: how would you feel?

Chapter 11 - Her, and Life, and

1: Who is it?
2: Who are you going to give your kidney to?
3: Maybe you know her?
4: Akagi-san, a person who works in surgery.

1: Of course, I'm not giving it to her for sure yet.
2: First I'm going to try and find a donor among her family and relatives.
3: I'll only give her my own as an absolute last resort.
4: Only if I can't find a single donor.
5: So I'll be searching desperately for donors so I don't have to give up my own, I guess.

1: Otherwise she's going to die.
2: She has a diabetes-related kidney disease, and has been going to dialysis for eight years.
3: The statistics say she could die at any moment.
4: Only a transplant can save her.
5: A single transplant is all she needs.

1: Why are you telling me about this?
2: Do you want to break up with me and start going out with Akagi-san?
3: Of course not.
4: I just told you how I feel about you!
5: I treasure you more than anyone else.
6: If you want me to, then I'll happily marry you.
7: It's just...
8: I wanted to talk to you about this, I guess.

1: Then if I say no, will you stop it?
2: If you want to break up, then I will.
3: But I haven't said a word about anything like that...
4: If you want me to marry you, then I will.

1: At least tell me what you want me to do!!

1: This person with renal failure, Akagi-san, is right in front of me.
2: Unless she gets a transplant, she could die at any time.
3: I just want to do all I can to save her.
4: So, I just wanted to run it by you first,
5: in case all else fails and I decide to give her my kidney.
6: You mean...
7: you want me to keep going out with you even after you donate your kidney to her?
8: Well, I didn't think it'd be fair if I didn't tell you about it.

p1: slap

1: Are you retarded?

1: klak
2: Ahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.
p2: dash
3: Heeeey! Waaait! Waaaaait!
4: Huh?

p1 sign: Matsuya
2: Don't hold back. Eat up.
3: Like I said...
4: I already ate.
5: Just shut up and eat.

1: More importantly, why did you disappear at lunch after I called out to you?
2: Hey man, grab me a beer.
3: Please purchase a voucher.
4: beep
5: She's right, though. You are a retard.
6: Who'd ask his girlfriend if he could cheat on her before he cheats?
7: Just make sure she doesn't find out.

1: Here, gimme my beer.
2: Thank you.
3: It's all about being prepared.
4: You donating your own kidney is the worst possible situation. Why'd you start there?
5: Basically, all you need to do is convince one of her family members.
6: If you found a donor among them,
7: then you wouldn't even have to talk to your girlfriend about stuff like that.

1: But your wife...
2: my advisor, Kondou-sensei said "you shouldn't recommend an organ transplant to someone unless you're willing to give up your own."
3: And besides, Akagi-san isn't the type of person
4: who'll just bring her family to the hospital if I ask her to.
p3: blub
5: Anyway...
6: Why are you so obsessed with following procedures?
7: The results are the important thing, right?
8: As long as Akagi-san gets her transplant and survives, it's all good, right?

1: Drink up.
p2: glug...
2: Let me just say one thing.
3: If you end up becoming her donor, I'm not gonna do the operation.
4: I have nothing to gain from fighting with the university.
5: Tomorrow, find out where Akagi-san's family lives.
6: I know a nurse in surgery, so I can give you a little shortcut.

1: You gotta go to Akagi-san's house.
2: All you need to do is convince her parents.
3: Most parents who hear that their daughter's about to die
4: will instantly offer to give up their kidneys.
5: Kidney transplants are possible even with donors in their 70s.
6: Then just have Akagi-san's parents talk to her about it.

1: Are you nuts?
2: There's no way she'd be OK with that.
3: Wouldn't you agree that you can salvage your relationship with your girlfriend later down the line?
4: If Akagi-san dies, she ain't coming back.
5: This is a matter of life and death.
6: You don't even know if her parents are still around or not, do you?

1: Tomorrow.
2: You think you can get Akagi-san to reveal how her family's structured?
3-4: munch


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