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Chapter 12 - Convincing


tl by dan luffey

p2: Minagawa

Chapter 12 - Convincing

1: That taxi's sure taking its sweet time.
2: Maybe because it's the end of the year?
3: Don't get so worried.
4: Akagi-san will approve once the transplant's a success.
5: You just need to get her to tell you some names that you can contact.
6: Then the rest will all fall into place.

p1 sign: Taxi Stop
1: What's your goal in all this, sensei?
2: Why...
3: are you getting so passionate about Akagi-san's transplant?
4: Because it pisses me off.

1: After all, we have the technology.
2: Think about it.
3: Can you imagine how many people we could save if we just put transplant technology to use?
4: There are over 260,000 people in this country going to dialysis because of renal failure.
5: Which means there are over 260,000 people who need kidney transplants.
6: But only about 1,000 are done a year.

1: How many patients
2: are left to die?
3: It's a conundrum.
4: Tens of thousands of patients would live, if only they could get a transplant.
5: But there's a huge difference in the life expectancy
6: of patients over and under 40.
7: No there isn't.

1: Patients who receive transplants
2: have already been going to dialysis for years.
3: Let's say there were 100 patients who got a transplant before they even started going to dialysis.
4: Those 100 will all live longer. For sure.
5: I believe that what I'm doing is absolutely the right thing to do.
6: And I believe that organ transplanting is a wonderful new advancement in medicine.
7: Then why hasn't transplanting spread?
8: Because people don't know about it.

1: The receptacle that collects all patients with renal failure, the dialysis clinics...
2: They don't even let their patients know that they have the option of an organ transplant.
3: Why...
4: Why don't they talk to their patients about organ transplants?
5: There are many reasons for that.
6: First, many dialysis patients are seniors. Just telling them about transplants doesn't mean a donor is going to appear.
7: But the biggest reason is money.

1: A single dialysis patient
2: will pay over 5,000,000 yen out of their insurance per year to a dialysis clinic.
3: Dialysis is medical care that lasts for an entire lifetime.
4: As long as a patient stays alive, that 5 million keeps coming every year.
5: To them, organ transplants
6: only rob them of their precious customers.
7: You really think a dialysis clinic would go out of their way to talk about stuff like that?
8: And lose 5 million yen?

p4: vroooom
1: I've seen many transplant patients come and go.
2: But I've never met a single patient who's regretted having a transplant done.

1: I'm a doctor.
2: Is it so bad for me to want to save my patients?

p1: vbbbbb
1: Hello?
2: Sorry to call you at a time like this.
3: But your light was on, so...I figured you might still be awake.

1: What do you want?
2: I did some thinking by myself.

1: Akagi-san...
2: Are you sure you don't want a transplant?
3: I can be...
4: the donor.

1: Why do you have to give me your kidney?
2: I'm a doctor.
3: And I don't want you to die, Akagi-san.
4: But why does it have to be you?
5: I want to know the reason why YOU have to be my donor.

1: My supervisor in the urology department said
2: "don't recommend an organ transplant to someone unless you're willing to give up your own."
3: On the other hand, her husband, a transplant surgeon said
4: that I should try to charm one of your family members into becoming a donor for you.
5: He wanted me to indirectly get you to name some of your family members
6: so I could contact them and try to negotiate.
7: It may not be a good idea for me to tell you this,
8: but I talked to my girlfriend about it, too.
9: I asked her how she'd feel if I donated my kidney to you.

1: I don't want to hear what other people said.
2: Tell me what you think.
3: How could a doctor with two kidneys
4: ask another person to give up one of theirs?
5: There's no reason to recommend
6: you get a transplant, unless I myself become your donor.

1: I'm a doctor.
2: And I don't want you to die, Akagi-san.

1: Are you trying to say it has nothing to do with personal feelings?
2: What is this, some kind of joke?
3: You're basically saying that every transplant surgeon in the country should give up one of their kidneys.
4: That if they want a transplant to happen, they should give up their own organs first.
5: That's absolutely insane.

1: Please
2: let me become your donor!!

1: I'll convince the people upstairs.
2: And I promise to get it passed through the ethics committee.
3: I won't burden you with anything.
4: So...
5: You think you know everything...
p: jerk

1: You think you know everything...
2: slip


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