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Chapter 16 - Imagined Scenery


tl by dan luffey

1: Thanks for walking me.
2: This is far enough.
3: I'll see you off to the gate.
4: I don't like when people walk me places.
5: I'll see you off.

Chapter 16 - Imagined Scenery

1: Akagi-san,
2: will you please receive my kidney?
3: I'm going home.

1: How's your girlfriend?
2: What's she saying about this?
3: She said "let's break up."
4: This morning, in a cafe nearby.

1: I'm pretty low, aren't I?
2: Low?
3: Just today, my girlfriend told me we should break up here.
4: A day hasn't even passed, and I'm here again, talking with you.
5: I haven't even spoken with my girlfriend at all since that.

1: Who's more important? Me or your girlfriend?

1: The most important one to you is you.
2: A transplant
3: changes the relationship of the people involved.
4: Things between the donor and the recipient...
5: will be changed forever.

1: A year after my transplant, I moved to Tokyo.
2: And since then, I haven't once gone home.
3: Not even when my dad died five years ago
4: did I go to see them.
5: Even now, I still think about it.
6: If I hadn't gotten that transplant,
7: I might not have lost my home.

1: If it's just going to make me lose more, then I don't want anything.

1: I don't get it.
2: If I was you, Akagi-san,
3: I'd still go to see my parents, even if the kidney they gave me failed.
4: I haven't been home in years either,
5: but I'm always grateful to my parents.
6: They went as far as taking out a loan just so I could go to a university.
7: There's no one who loves me more than they do.

1: What happened?
2: Between you and your family...
3: Nothing.
4: Then why don't you want another transplant?
5: As long as you're in good health, Akagi-san,
6: I'll be satisfied.

1: Will you receive my kidney?
2: I don't want it.

p4: No new mails
p5 letter: Letter of Resignation

p: chirp

1: I didn't get a wink of sleep.
2: When I was little, I always used to dream
3: that when I woke up and opened the curtains, the world would be completely different.
4-7: creak
8: It snowed yesterday.

1: All I have is myself.
2: Good morning.
3: How are you feeling? Let me check your IV.
4: Can you try and relax your hand a bit more?
5: 113/66.
6: I'm going to change your diaper now.
7: Please lift up your rear a bit.

1: Can you stand up?
2: You have a test today, so I'll be back to get you later.
3: Good job.
4: I'll organize your things, so please leave them there.
5: There's a water pipe installed, so you won't need to go to use a toilet.
6: We can attach a bigger one, so please press the nurse call button if you require it.

1-2: scrub
p4: fwump
p6: Letter of Resignation

1: Minagawa-san,
2: do you have a moment?
3: There's a patient I want to put you in charge of starting tomorrow.
4: Can you come with me so I can explain everything to you?
5: Sunagawa Nobuyuki-san, 63 years old.
6: He was carried in on an ambulance for a cerebral hemorrhage, and was then entered into brain surgery.
7: After a month of treatment in the ICU, he was moved to a four-person room and has been there for two months.
8: His right eye can just barely open, but all communication is impossible for him.

1: He's in a persistent vegetative state.
2: In other words, he's a vegetable.
3: No one wants to take care of him.
4: Every day his wife comes in and sits beside him with a morbid look on her face.
5: I thought you might be good at dealing with these sorts of things, Minagawa-san.
6: You took care of a lot of patients like this in the NICU*, right?
* line: Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
7: Like, with babies who can't speak and depressed parents.

1: Can you handle it?
p5: rustle...
2: All I have is myself.

1: I'll do my best!!


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