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Chapter 23 - Technology and Happiness


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 23 - Technology and Happiness
Chapter 24 - Hospitalized
Chapter 25 - Complications
Chapter 26 - On the Edge of the Tracks
Chapter 27 - The Night Before
Chapter 28 - Into the Light
Chapter 29 - Pride
Chapter 30 - Brain Death

1: Once the surgery's finished, I'm not going to see you again.
2: Because the current me will end there. Even if I want to see you, there won't be a "me" to find you.
3: Akagi Kaori-san, Saitou Eijirou-san,
p3 sign: UROLOGY
4: Please proceed to check-up room #4.

Chapter 23 - Technology and Happiness

1: On December 22,
2: Akagi-san finally came in as a transplant outpatient.
3: So we finally meet.
4: I've been waiting for this.

1: Nice to meet you.
2: I'm Kondou. I deal in urology and transplant medicine.
3: I'm Akagi Kaori.
4: You may be aware already,
5: but there are three major points to live transplants.
6: The first...
7: is whether or not the donor's kidney will fit in the recipient's body.

1: There's no point to transplanting a kidney if the recipient's body won't accept it.
2: If there's a possibility that a kidney will fail after the transplant, then it shouldn't be done.
3: The second...
4: is whether removing a kidney from the donor's body will have any effect on his or her health.
5: After the transplant, the donor has to go on living for the rest of his or her life with only one kidney.
6: If there's no guarantee that the donor's other kidney will be functioning properly for the next few decades after the transplant, then it shouldn't be done.
7: Those two things will be determined through the examination.
8: The problem is the third point...

1: The third...
2: is whether or not the donor and the recipient truly want this transplant to happen.
3: Of course...
4: a transplanted kidney cannot be returned.
5: A transplant should be done because the donor wants it to happen.
6: If either of the two parties has any doubts, then it shouldn't be done.
7: Let's confirm this just to be safe.
8: Akagi-san...

1: Do you really want this transplant to happen?
2: Yes...

1: What about you,
2: Saitou-kun?
3: Will you have any regrets about donating your kidney?
4: No...

1: What about you, Kondou-sensei?
2: A transplant between two strangers
3: like Saitou-sensei and I has never been done before at this hospital.
4: Kondou-sensei...
5: are you prepared to fight the hospital?

1: Of course.

1: I'm surprised.
2: I didn't think he'd do it.
3: Kondou-sensei was against me donating for so long.
4: Yeah.
5: I wonder why he changed his mind so suddenly?
6: It's weird for me to say that it doesn't sit right with me...but it's just so sudden.
7: Apparently my examination starts tomorrow.

1: Once the surgery's finished, I'm not going to see you again.
2: You really don't mind doing this for me?
3: That's my line.
4: After the transplant, will I never see you again?
5: Yeah.

1: No matter what?
2: Why do you want to see me?
3: Is that why you left home after the transplant with your father?
4: When I'm sick,
5: a new me is born.
6: The "me" with diabetes...
7: the "me" with end-stage renal failure...

1: I'm sick,
2: therefore I am.
3: I don't get it.
4: If you can heal yourself, then why not do it?
5: Even if I do the transplant, I'll still have to take immunosuppressants for the rest of my life, of course.
6: You may not be able to call that "fully healed."
7: But after the transplant, can't you also become
8: a new you?

1: How many times do I need to tell you?
2: I don't WANT a transplant.
3: Then...
4: why did you come here?
5: Because you wanted me to.

1: Because you asked me
2: to do the transplant for you.
3: If I do, you won't be able to go on being a doctor, right?
4: Or do you just want me to feel thankful?
5: Please just tell me one thing.

1: To you, Akagi-san,
2: what does getting a transplant mean?

1: Defeat.

1: Please allow me to explain the examination to you.
2: You're a doctor, so I many not need to tell you everything,
3: What we're examining here is the type of your white blood cells, known as HLA, and the existence of antibodies.
4: In other words, it's a test to see whether your kidney will fit with the recipient's body.

1: You'll get the results tomorrow.
2: If it fits, then we'll move on to an examination about your remaining kidney's functionality.
3: You'll have to be admitted to the hospital to undergo the examination.
4: Luckily, we don't have any other big examinations happening during the end of the year like this, so you should be able to get out by the end of the year.
p3 sign: Phlebotomy

1: I'm a doctor.
2: I don't want you to die.
3: Transplants aren't about logic,
4: but emotion.
5: Now, we'll take a blood sample.
6: Slowly loosen your arm.
7: If you die, Akagi-san, then I'll have no reason to go on being a doctor.
8: Will you do the transplant for me?
9: Tell me you like me again, and I'll accept your kidney.

1: I've started preparing the documents we'll submit to the ethics committee.
2: If your kidney ends up fitting with Akagi-san's body,
3: This isn't the kind of surgery we can do without their authorization.
4: bzzzz
5: How do our chances look?

1: It won't be easy, I bet.
2: As Akagi-san said, a surgery like this has never been done before.
3: The only real law against organ removal is that you can't sell them,
4: but it'll still be hard to convince them that your desire to donate your organ to a stranger is simply "common sense."
5: How about writing something for me?
6: I'll attach it to the documents before I turn them in.
7: Write about why you feel you have to go this far.
8: Why you want to save the woman named Akagi-san so badly.

1: I don't get it.
2: What don't you get?
3: You told me you wouldn't do the surgery if I was the donor.
4: Why did you suddenly change your mind?
5: You got a problem?
6: Everything's going the way you want it to.

1: Perhaps you expected things to end up like this?
2: What are you talking about?
3: If I had convinced Akagi-san right there and come back, you would have done it.
4: You were prepared to do this surgery from the beginning.

1: Well, I AM a transplant surgeon.
2: Hey, sensei...
3: Has technology made people happy?
4: The technology of organ transplantation...
5: Has it made people happy?
6: I want to believe
7: that organ transplants can truly make mankind happy.

1: Apparently, Akagi-san doesn't think they can.
2: To Akagi-san, transplants
3: are "defeats."
4: I know I shouldn't say things like this,
5: but...
6: But is there even any point to this transplant?

1: We all die in the end.
2: We all die, so maybe there's no point to medicine?
3: If we're all just going to die...
4: then what's the point in living?

1: On Dec. 24,
2: I got my examination results.
3: There were no big problems with my white blood cell antibodies.
4: My kidney will fit in Akagi-san's body.
5: On the 25th,
6: I was admitted to the hospital for the next examination.




1: Once the surgery's finished, I'm not going to see you again.
2: 1: Because the current me will end there.
3: Even if I want to see you, there won't be a "me" to find you.
4: Akagi Kaori-san, Saitou Eijirou-san,
p3 sign: UROLOGY
5: Please proceed to check-up room #4.

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