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Chapter 24 - Hospitalized


tl by dan luffey

1: Today he was hospitalized for the examinations, wasn't he?
2: Saitou-sensei.
3: Having an intern take time off like that causes a lot of problems for me, you know.
p4: munch
4: You really disappointed.

1: You just want to perform a transplant, don't you?
Chapter 24 - Hospitalized

1: There are four major examinations you'll undergo here.
2: You'll stay for three nights and four days, and the results will be given to you when you leave.
3: Basically, we'll check the size and balance of both kidneys,
4: and run examinations to check your GFR, or glomerular filtration rate.
5: We'll also check for AIDS, hepatitis and cancer.
6: There will also be a psychological exam.
7: A third party who has no connection to transplant medicine will be assigned to you in order to confirm the fact that you truly wish to donate your kidney.
8: That's what the psychological exam is for.

1-6: drip

sign: Surgery

1: How about writing something for me?
2: I'll attach it to the documents before I turn them in.
3: Write about why you feel you have to go this far.
4: Why you want to save the woman named Akagi-san so badly.
5: Saitou Eijirou-san!
2: Please enter examination room #2.

1: I'm a doctor.
2: When I found out that Akagi-san had end-stage renal failure,
3: I thought I had to do something, as a doctor.
4: If Akagi-san died...
5: I thought I'd have no reason to go on being a doctor.
6: I want to be normal.
7: I thought that offering up my kidney was all I could do.

1: The next exam will start from 2 PM.
2: Please come back here five minutes before and wait.
3: I'm a doctor.
4: I don't want you to die, Akagi-san.
5: rattle...
6: Akagi-san's doctor in urology is Kondou-sensei.
7: I'm merely a donor now.

1: The "doctor" me
2: is not here.
3: In that case...
4: why did I decide to donate my kidney to Akagi-san?

1: You have one message.
2: Hello.
3: It's Saitou.
4: Sorry for calling you.
5: There's just something I have to say to you.
6: Today, I was admitted to the hospital for examinations.
7: Akagi-san decided to let me donate my kidney to her.

1: I may only be hurting you by telling you this,
2: but I figured you'd eventually just hear it from someone in the hospital anyway.
3: beep
4: So it's reallly happening.
5: Akagi-san said she'd never accept Saitou-sensei's kidney,
6: yet...

1: I need to apologize.
2: Poor thing...
3: You could die at any moment, and your own family won't even help you.
4: Akagi-san didn't do anything wrong,
5: yet I said something horrible to her.
6: I
7: need to apologize to Akagi-san.

p2 sign:
1: Long time no see, Saitou-sensei.
2: Kondou-sensei asked me to review your motivation for donating your kidney.

1: It's been a while,
2: Iseya-sensei.
3: Why
4: did I decide to donate my kidney to Akagi-san?
5: You seem to be in good health.
6: I'm glad you haven't had any problems.

1: I see.
2: So you can no longer tell the difference between yourself and your patients.
3: The difference between myself and my patients?
4: You say that you'll have no reason to go on being a doctor if Akagi-san dies.
5: But is that really true?
6: Many doctors continue practicing medicine after their patients die.
7: Because they understand that their patients are people separate from themselves.

1: If you're trying to donate your kidney so that you can remain a doctor,
2: then to yourself, you must be a patient.
3: Is Akagi-san
4: you?
5: Is this the wrong thing to do?
6: I'm not saying that.
7: I imagine you truly do want to save Akagi-san.

1: But if that's the case,
2: then what are you really yearning for?
3: For example -- do you possess any special emotions toward for?
4: Do I really need that much of a reason?

1: I don't like myself.
2: Realistically, I can't do anything, so I should just shut up and stick my nose in a book,
3: but for some reason, I can't get myself to sit still. and I hate it.
4: Why am I here?
5: I want to know why.
6: I like Akagi-san.
7: I don't know if it's romantic...
8: but I like her.

1: I wanted to save her in a way that no one else could.
2: I thought that if there was something that only I could do,
3: then maybe that would give me a reason for being where I am.
4: But she didn't even want to be saved.
5: Which means the salvation I conceived of wasn't true salvation to her.
6: But I...
7: really just wanted to her to go on living.

1: I...
2: want her to live.
3: There's no...
4: particular reason...

1: Isn't that OK?
2: Excellent job.
3: We've got the results of your tests.
4: Today we'll have the last conference of the year.
5: Kondou-sensei's going to try to slam Yoshikazu with this matter right at the end.

1: On Dec. 28,
2: the transplant issue was brought up to the entire medical staff in a meeting.
3: I attended the meeting as a member of the Urology Department,
4: but the one who was bearing all the official responsibility for the transplant was not me, but Kondou-sensei.
5: On this day, all public duties of the university hospital ended.
6: I wasn't the only one trying to push ahead.
7: Thank you for all your hard work.
8: Let's keep it up next year!

sign: Brain Surgery
Patients: (43)
Stretchers (10) Escorts (17) Walking (16)
1-3: rattle
4: Congratulations on going home.
5: I'm honestly surprised. I didn't expect to see this much progress.
6: Maybe that means I'm a really good doctor?
7: Oh, doctor.

1: Sunagawa-san.
2: If you ever feel like paying me a visit, please come back.
3: I'll be here.
4: Now for the next case.
5: Kondou-sensei, please come up.

1: Thank you. I'll begin now.
2: The patient's name is Akagi Kaori.
3: The donor who wishes to donate his kidney through a live transplant is Satou Eijirou.


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