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Chapter 26 - On the Edge of the Tracks


tl by dan luffey

1: The new year's here.
2: Sorry,
3: I didn't intend to rely on you this much.
4: Nah, I just forced my way in here.
5: You should just go get some rest, Akagi-san.
6: I wouldn't want you to collapse right before the surgery.

Chapter 26 - On the Edge of the Tracks

1: What a waste.
2: Yeah...
3: This was the first big piece of furniture I bought for myself.
4: But I won't be able to take it to my new room.
5: I'll come by for you at 2.

1: I think I told you this on the phone already,
2: but the surgery was approved in the conference.
3-4: rattle
5: Next we'll submit it to the ethics committee.
6: rattle
7: If it's approved there, then we'll move on to the JST examination.
8: The earliest we'll be able to do the surgery is in mid-February.
sign: Sekimachi Apartments #3

1-2: rattle

1: I thought about applying for welfare.
2: Diabetics are categorized as Class 1 Disableds, you know.
3: I'll probably be able to get it.
4: Oh yeah.
5: Are you hungry?
6: Um...no...
7: Well...
8: I made us lunches.
9: This morning, before we packed up the utensils.
10: I can't really eat out,
11: because what I'm allowed to eat is so limited.

1: Doesn't have much flavor, does it?
2: I'm not allowed to use salt.
3: You can only eat a little, huh?
4: But it's fun.
5: 'ello!
6: We've brought your things!

1: Hey, did you hear?
2: About Akagi-san from surgery.
3: Yeah, I did.
4: A transplant? Saitou-sensei, that intern, said he's going to donate his kidney to her.

1: I didn't know,
2: but apparently Akagi-san was going to dialysis.
3: So Saitou-sensei's going to be the donor?
4: How did that happen?
5: Huh?
6: Akagi-san and Saitou-sensei are together?
7: I dunno, but that's all the urology department's been talking about.
8: I heard from my kouhai who just got transferred to urology that there was a big fight.
9: But I thought Saitou-sensei was going out with Minagawa-san from brain surgery?
10: Saitou-sensei certainly gets around.
11: That's why Akagi-san's so scary.
12: I mean, she used her own disease to seduce a doctor!
13: click

1: Ah...
2: Minagawa-san...
3: Umm..er...
4: We didn't mean anything by it.
5: That Akagi-san is such a bitch!
6: We're on your side, you know!

1: Oh, come on.
2: None of that stuff bothers me.
3: It's normal for a doctor to want to help someone in pain.
4: As a medical care provider, I totally understand how he feels.
5: And besides, Akagi-san is a good person.
6: She hasn't done anything wrong.
7: Both of them talked to me about it.
8: I just wish I could do something for them.
9: I feel like I have to work hard too, just like them.

1: Can you carry it?
2: It's all books, so it's heavy.
p3 sign: Station Street Shopping District
3: This seems like a nice town.
4: It's got all the necessary establishments, there's even a park...

1: Wooow.
2: I didn't know you could fish in the city.
3: Look, look.
4: They even have boats.
5: 400 yen?
6: Thirty minutes will be enough, right?

1: That reminds me, I met your girlfriend a while back.
2: Huh?
3: The day you went to my house,
4: I met her by coincidence at the station.
5: She's probably really mad now.
6: I promised her I'd never accept your kidney.

1: Take good care...
2: of her...
3: That's...all I'm worried about.

1: Will I die in this room?
2: Whether or not the transplant goes well,
3: am I gonna live in this room for the rest of my life?
4: My dad's already gone,
5: and I could never imagine myself going home.

1: I don't want to die because of my disease.
2: I'd rather be listening to the sounds of the train...
3: and remembering my childhood in this room when I die.
4-5: rattle

p: rattle

1: What did you want to talk about?
2: I don't have much time today.
3: I have a request.
4: Can you put me in charge of the ICU?
5: The ICU?

1: I learned a great deal thanks you putting me in charge of Sunagawa-san.
2: If possible, I'd like to work with more vegetable patients in order to advance my knowledge and technique.
3: That's a bit difficult.
4: The people there all have heavy cases, like brain damage due to car accidents and such...
5: But...it'd be convenient for me.
6: The ICU's hard work, and normally nurses don't stay there for long.

1: Fine, then.
2: I'll redo your shifts so that you start after this week.

p4: shiver
1-2: rattle

1-2: rattle


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