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Chapter 29 - Pride


tl by dan luffey

1: Excuse me.
2: I'm going to brush your teeth now.
3-9: shwaa

Chapter 29 - Pride

1: Car accident.
2: No outstanding outer wounds. Strong concussion. Level of consciousness 20. Pulse...
3: Well? Did you find a hospital that will take him?
4: No. The only other place nearby is Eiroku.
5: We can't go there, it's a level 2 facility. This has to be dealt with at a level 3.
6: But Eiroku has an ICU for brain surgery.
7: It'll be a battle of time for him...
8: You can take your break now, Minagawa-san.
9: OK.

1-2: click
p2 text: It's been a while. I listened to all the messages you left me.
3-4: click
p3 text: I met with Akagi-san yesterday.
p5 text: Cancel message?
p5 lit area: No
5: click
p6 text: Cancel message?
p6 lit area: Yes
6: click

1: The patient's arrived!!
2: His spontaneous respiration's weakened!! His pulse is slowing, he's got a cerebral hemorrhage!
3: Take a CT!!
4: We may cut him open, so gather staff!!
5: The patient's name is Yoshida Hiroshi. He's 20, a student at a technical school.
6: His license was in his wallet.
7: He's hemorrhaging inside...
8: His intercranial pressure is really rising.
9: Emegency!! All free staff please come at once!!
10: We're going to try therapeutic hypothermia!!

1: All free staff please come at once!
2: We're going to try therapeutic hypothermia!!
3-5: rattle
6: Minagawa-san!
7: The patient's family is here. Show them to the waiting room!

1: We're still not sure about the patient's condition.
2: I think we'll explain everything to all of them later.
3: Just try to buy us some time until the doctor comes out to meet them.
4: Think of some way to keep them busy!

1: The doctor is tending to him right now.
2: Please wait a bit longer until he's finished.
3: Can he be saved?
4: As I said, the doctor is tending to him right now.
5: I heard that he had no outstanding outer wounds, but I'm not sure of anything more than that.
6: On the phone, the people from the ambulance told us he was in a very critical condition.
7: What did they mean by that?

1: I'm very sorry,
2: but I have received no information, so I can't answer that.
3: I said, can he be saved?!
4: The doctor will be here soon to explain.
5: Can you please just wait a bit?
6: Forget it.
7: You're useless.
8: Call in your superior!!

1: They're just passing us around...
2: We went to the paramedics, and they told us to come to brain surgery...now you're saying you can't tell us anything until the doctor comes?!
3: Are you people even trying to save my son?!
4: We are currently doing all we can to treat him.
5: I have no doubt about that, so please put yourself at ease.
6: As for my personal support here,
7: I deeply apologize from the bottom of my heart for anything I have said or done that made you feel uncomfortable.

1: I will take responsibility for gathering information on Hiroshi-san's condition
2: from the doctor and other staff members and let you know as soon as possible.
3: I am Minagawa Yukiko, a nurse.
4: Please let me know if you need anything else.

1-2: knock

1: We were able to save his life.
2: I think Hiroshi-san worked very hard to save himself, as well.
3: There were numerous lacerations on his body, but he received no major injuries or broken bones.
4: We also confirmed that none of his organs were damaged either.
5: However, since there was a wide area of bleeding within his brain,
6: we will need to observe him for a bit to figure out how exactly to proceed.
7: You mean you saved him?
8: He sustained serious brain damage.

1: Like I said, we will need to observe him for a bit...
2: but there is a possibility that his brain will remain seriously damaged.
3: We are currently trying a method known as therapeutic hypothermia.
4: By lowering the temperature of his brain, we hope to protect his damaged brain.
5: The accident caused Hiroshi-san's brain to swell up, which has damaged his brain cells.
6: His brain temperature is rising, and if we allow it to, then more brain cells will die.
7: Through therapeutic hypothermia we hope to slow the death of his brain cells while lowering the swelling and pressure on his brain.

1: How does
2: he look?
3: His pupillary reflexes aren't responding, and he barely has any spontaneous respiration.
4: His cerebrum and cerebellum are done for.
5: But I won't be able to say anything for sure unless we wait an observe him for at least a night.
6: It seems like his brainstem's also been damaged.
7: Unfortunately...
8: I doubt we'll ever see him walk again.
9: The best possible result I see is that he comes out severely handicapped.

1: The worst: brain death.
2-5: vvvbb

1: I can't come to the phone right now.
2: Please leave a message after the beep.
3: It's Saitou.
4: Sorry for calling you so much.
5: I I heard from Akagi-san
6: that you asked her to let you attend to her during the surgery.
7: Can we meet? Just once?
8: I want to talk to you face to face about this.
9: I know that I'm the one at fault here.
10: And I know I've got no right to say anything...

1: But can you please just meet me one more time?
2: This way.
3-4: klak
5: What a relief, dear...his life isn't in danger, right?
6: Yeah...
7: klak

1: Hiroshi...
2: What the...
3: He might as well be a machine...
4: The next morning,
5: Hiroshi-san's brain died.


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