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Chapter 31 - Two Transplants


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 31 - Two Transplants
Chapter 32 - Commencement
Chapter 33 - Brain Death Judgment
Chapter 34 - The Rules Called Ethics
Chapter 35 - Selfless Good Will
Chapter 36 - Unable to Understand
Chapter 37 - Yukiko
Chapter 38 - True Intents

1: If this is making you feel unpleasant,
2: and you wouldn't like to hear anymore, then please let us know.
3: I will stop talking about it.
4: I'm a brain surgeon.
5: I have no right to recommend that you donate your son's organs.
6: The reason I am saying this here
7: is simply out of my duty as a doctor to let you know all of your options.

Chapter 31 - Two Transplants

1-2: pshoo
3: Do you know what a donor card is?
4: A donor card?
5: It's a card that documents which organs a person desires to donate.
6: If Hiroshi-san filled out one of these cards
7: prior to his accident, then organ donation is possible.

1: Do you have his donor card?
2: If Hiroshi-san had the desire to donate his organs,
3: even if you, his parents, are against, you cannot take that right away from him.
4: If you would like to hear more about organ donation,
5: then I can call our Japan Organ Transplant Network coordinator in.

1: The JOTN...
2: is the only organization in Japan that connects organ donors with recipients.
3: There are strict rules in place about transplants from brain dead patients...
4: so they thoroughly administrate the work involved with such transplants.
5: They are a non-profit third party organization,
6: so even an organ ends up being donated, they will not ask for any sort of monetary compensation.
7: Honey...
8: I remember now...
9: I may have...

1: I remember Hiroshi talking about some TV program on transplants that he saw.
2: The next day, he talked about it in school with his friends.
3: About what?
4: "Mom, you hold on to it," he said...
5: "I'm clumsy so I'll probably just lose it..."
6: ruffle

1: I think he took one at the convenience store.
2: He said you can actually find them just about anywhere.
3: "I don't care what happens if I die."
4: "If someone's in trouble, the least I can do is give them my organs."
5: I remember getting angry at him...
6: I told him...that he shouldn't say things like that about the body his parents gave him...
7: G...
8: Gimme that!!

Donor card:
Circled: heart, lungs, pancreas, kidney, liver, small intestine, eyes, other (skin)
names at bottom: Yoshida Hiroshi
Yoshida Satomi
p2: I would like to donate my organs in the event of brain death.

1: Why did you tell them about that?
2: Didn't you listen to what I said?
3: It's my duty as a doctor to let them know their options.
4: But they just barely came to accept Hiroshi-san's condition...
5: When you told them that, they became completely paralyzed.
6: Should I have waited until later, then?
7: Who knows when the patient's heart will stop.

1-2: blink
3: I don't understand.
4: How can you encourage them to donate organs?
5: Your job is to prolong Hiroshi-san's life.
6: How could you abandon that and focus on donating organs?
7: Aren't you basically admitting that your own life-saving techniques are futile?
8: bong

1: We did our best.
2: When we can no longer hope for the patient's recovery,
3: you really think it'd be right of us to want to keep the patient? Just because we don't want to admit our own failures?
4: There are absolutely no merits for us to be realistic and encourage organ donation.
5: Because of preparation of transplants, we'll be unable to admit new patients into the hospital.
6: And the hospital will have to cover most of the labor costs for that period.

1: I simply want to honor
2: my patient's desire to donate.
3: claaang
4: I just...
5: think we should put more consideration into the families' feelings.
6: Medical workers need to focus on their patients.
7: Even if it means hurting the parents who are left behind?!

1: If I was in Hiroshi-san's shoes, I'd think about my parents first!!
2: I know that organ donation may be important too,
3: but is it really so important that you have to ignore the parents' feelings?!
4: You're just like Saitou-sensei...
5: You can't tell the difference between yourself and your patients.

1: I heard the rumors...
2: Apparently he's donating his kidney to a nurse who worked in surgery.
3: beep
4: whiirr

1: Good evening!
2: Ohh, you're here!
3: You're early.
4: Sit between us,
5: Kondou-kun.
p: nod

1: We just happened to meet here...
2: and you came up in our discussion, so I thought it'd be good timing.
3: It wasn't a coincidence, you liar.
4: You know exactly who you'll run into if you come to this place.
5: fzzzz

1: They're done.
2: Here, have some.
3: I have something to talk to you about,
4: ethics committee chairman.
5-6: munch
7: Will you approve Akagi-san and Saitou-kun's transplant for me?
8-9: munch
10: sip
11: It's been about twenty years since I started coming here.
12: clink

1: At the time, there were no stores around here like there are now.
2: All the young people came here.
3: We were still assistant professors or lecturers, weren't we,
4: Shin-chan?
5: Our positions may have changed, but the same people that came then are still coming here now.
6: This is the only place I can go to and feel like I've traveled decades into the past.
7: Which means that people who don't want to remember the past don't come here.
8: Shin-chan...
9: I was so happy to see you again after so long...when all you really wanted to do was introduce this guy to me?

1: fffzzz
2: Ethics committee chief,
3: please approve Akagi-san and Saitou-kun's transplant.
4: Shin-chan...
5: Don't you ever show your face here again.
6: clunk

1: Ethics committee chief,
2: please approve Akagi-san and Saitou-kun's transplant.
3: Make him stop it, Shin-chan.
4: Umm...excuse me?
5: What the hell are you doing?

1: Ethics committee chief,
2: please approve Akagi-san and Saitou-kun's transplant.
3: Hey...Take-chan...

1: Can you just approve Akagi-san and Saitou-kun's transplant already?

p1: fssssh

1: Doctor...
2: Can I meet with the transplant coordinator?
3: I'd like to meet with them
4: and talk about doing an organ transplant.
5: If donating organs to people in need was one of Hiroshi's last wishes,
6: then as his parents, it's our duty to make that wish come true.
7-8: shoop

1: I understand.
2: However, please feel free to let me know if you change your mind.
3: You won't need to donate immediately after hearing the explanation,
4: and it's possible to stop the process at any step.
5: Now then,
6: I'll call the transplant coordinator here.


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