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Chapter 33 - Brain Death Judgment


tl by dan luffey

1: We will now begin the first official brain death judgment.
2: Once the first judgment is finished, there will be a 6-hour break, and then the second one will begin.
3: Once the second judgment is finished, the patient will be officially deemed as brain dead.
4: The tests may be difficult for family members to watch,
5: but we are legally required to do them, so please understand.

Chapter 33 - Brain Death Judgment

1: Deep coma confirmed.
2: We will now examine his pupils.
3: Next, light reactions.
4: Yes, there are no reactions.
5: Next, corneal reflexes.
6: We will stimulate his corneas with a cotton swab.
7-8: tap

1: Spinal hair reflexes.
2: No reaction.
3: Eye-head reflexes.
4: Throat-head reflexes...
5: No throat reactions either.
Throat-head reflexes
Cough reflexes
Deep reflexes
Superficial skin reflexes

1-2: thunk
3: sploosh
4: shoop
5: Vestible reflexes.
6: If the eyes make no reactions after cold water is pumped into the external auditory canals, then they will be deemed as having no reaction.
p6: push...
7: splooosh

1: 15 minutes have passed.
2: We will record his brainwaves for 30 minutes.
3: If we see any sort of brain activity during that period, the judgment will end.
4: We will also begin simultaneous electrocardiogram measurement and pain stimulation to the face.
5: bzzzz

1: Flat brainwaves have been confirmed.
2: Now, before we finish, we will perform the respiratory arrest test.
3: This test is simply to see whether or not the patient can breathe on his own.
4: After 10 minutes of 100% artificial oxygen respiration,
5: we will stop the artificial respiration and watch for a response.
6-7: pshooo
8-9: yank
p: slip...

1: PaCO2 level: 40mm Hg.
2: slip...

1-2: beep
3: press
4: PaCO2 level: 53mm Hg.

1: This concludes
2: the first brain death judgement tests.

1: The first test is over!!
2: He's been judged as brain dead!!
3-5: brrring
6: Hello?
7: This is the Organ Transplant Network.
8: We've found a possible donor,
9: so we're calling to confirm that you would like to receive an organ transplant.
10: Your patient was chosen as #1 on the recipient waiting list.
11: Does the patient wish to receive a transplant?
12: Hello?
13: This is the Organ Transplant Network.
14-15: brrring

1-4: brrring
p2: Heart - 1. Kansai University - male in his 20s
5: Calls to applicable recipients are being made at the OTN HQ.
6: As the recipients are selected, we'll also be making the necessary arrangements at the institutions where the transplants will be made.

1: Are you sure you wish to proceed?
2: You can stop this process at any step along the way.
p3: fssssh
3: The heart recipient has been selected.
4: The HQ has begun planning the organ transport route.
5-7: brrrring

1: This is the Organ Transplant Network.
2: One of your patients was selected as a recipient.

1-2: vvvbbb
3: Hello?
4: Ah, Kondou-sensei.
5: Where are you right now?
6: I want you to come to the conference room at once.

1: Um...
2: Sorry, but I'm busy today.
3: I'm in the lobby of the main building.
4: I'll be here waiting for you.
5: It isn't for sure yet,
6: but a Eiroku's first brain death donor just popped up.
7: Various organs were passed out to recipient waiting lists all over the country...
8: but the kidneys happened to be passed out at Eiroku.
9: Don't tell me...Akagi-san...
10: Of course not.
11: Akagi-san isn't even on the waiting list.

1: But if you were to ask me if this has nothing to do with her...
2: I'd have to say no.
3: If transplants from this brain dead patient become a reality,
4: discussions at Eiroku regarding organ transplants will come to a boil, whether they're ready for it or not.
5: And however those discussions end up...
6: You can bet that transplants will become even more of a delicate subject than they already are.
7: The ethics committee may even decide not to allow Akagi-san's transplant.
8: And not only that...
9: Eiroku may decide to forever pull itself out from the transplant field.

1: Isn't this great?!
2: You may get a liver transplant!
3: The #1 patient on the waiting list declined at the last minute,
4: so you may get it now!
5: This is fantastic!
6: It was worth waiting all these years!

1: Perhaps you should rest for a bit?
2: The second judgment is scheduled to begin at 6 in the morning.
3: You want us to sleep, huh?
4: And exactly how do you expect us to do that?
5: What would Saitou-sensei
6: say at a time like this?

1: Are you sure you want to do this?
2: Organ transplants are just one option.
3: Yes, they're legal,
4: but if you have some sort of reservation,
5: then you're also allowed to cancel the entire procedure.
6: If Hiroshi's last wish was to donate his organs to someone in need,
7: then as his father, I want to grant that wish.

1: I understand that.
2: But deep down, are you both okay with this?
3: If Hiroshi's last wish was to donate his organs to someone in need,
4: then as his father, I want to grant that wish.
p: fssssh

1: You have one message
2: recorded at 9:10 PM yesterday.
3: Hello, it's Saitou. I'm in the lobby of the main building.
4: I'll be here waiting for you.
5: You never know when to give up.
6: I don't need you anymore, you know?

p2 sign: Main Lobby

1: Thank you very much for gathering here so late at night.
2: I would like to discuss the brain death organ transplant that is scheduled to take place tomorrow.
3: I want to see you...


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