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Chapter 34 - The Rules Called Ethics


tl by dan luffey

1: As many of you may already know,
2: Eiroku just got its first brain dead donor.
3: The OTN is currently deciding how to distribute the organs,
4: but it was decided that one kidney will be transplanted at Eiroku.
5: The urology department will handle the extraction
6: and the transplant into the recipient.
7: We would like the following two staff members to carry out the extraction and transplant.

1: Kondou Mutsumi will handle the extraction.
Chapter 34 - The Rules Called Ethics
2: Kondou Toshio will handle the transplant.

1: I object.
2: Professor...
3: I am against organ transplant medicine.

1: It's true that I'm in the reserves for kidney extractions,
2: but I have a policy of turning down kidney extractions from brain dead patients.
3: You know, I don't remember asking for your opinion on the matter, Mutsumi-chan.
4: This is an order.
5: Brain death is not actual death.
6: Extracting an organ from a living person is murder.
7: That topic of discussion bores me.
8: Currently, it's legal to perform transplants from brain dead patients.

1: To be honest, there's a reason I called everyone here at this hour.
2: After this, I have to head over to the ethics committee meeting.
3: It's almost like a tradition here at Eiroku, I suppose.
4: There's always been a faction of the ethics committee members who are against transplants.
5: But since transplants are legal, they can't "forbid" them.
6: So they merely try to stop them.
7: I have to make sure I maneuver things well here,
8: otherwise it could cause problems for Akagi-san's transplant.
9: That's why I see meaning in having you do the surgery.
10: It'll show the other departments that urology has monolithic solidarity.

1: Kondou-kun...
2: You'll do the transplant, right?
3: Yes.
4: Are you sure?
5: I thought you said you wouldn't do any more transplants from brain dead patients?

1: You vowed never to do another brain dead transplant.
2: That's exactly why you tried your hand at live transplants between strangers, isn't it?
3: I'm against transplants.
4: Medicine that requires sacrifices from others is not true medicine.
5: How about becoming a politician, then?
6: See if you can change the laws.

1: Depending on how you think about it, this could be a big chance.
2: We haven't been this close to extracting a kidney from a brain dead patient for over 20 years now.
3: Saitou-sensei...
4: You'll be my assistant for the extraction.
5: The young man who'll get cut open and lose his organ on the table...
6: will soon be you.
7: Burn the images of what you're trying to do deep into your mind.

1: I'll show you what an organ transplant
2: really is!!

1-2: splish
3: splash
4: rattle

1: Now, isn't this funny.
2: All of the main ethics committee members sitting in a row.
3: It just happens...
4: that this is the only place still open this late.
5: Seeing you all together like this makes me realize...
6: that you've all crossed paths with Saitou-kun at some point.
7: Professor Fujii from cardiac surgery...
8-9: munch
10: Professor Kasukabe from first surgery...
11: and Professor Horiuchi from fourth surgery...

1: Perhaps we can chalk this up to the trends of the times?
2: I never expected Eiroku to get a brain death donor.
3: Don't they have any pride in their duty to save lives?
4: That's just egotism.
5: We always act just how we should.
6: Tomorrow's surgeons have been decided.
7: Kondou-kun will handle the transplant, and Mutsumi-chan will do the extraction.

1: Unfortunately, I can't authorize Akagi-san and Saitou-kun's transplant.
2: Now that we have a brain death donor, there's no way I can permit a live transplant between strangers to happen.
3: If I did, Eiroku would suddenly be seen as a massive promoter of organ transplants.
4: And...
5: we still aren't prepared to forgive you yet.
6: fzzzz...

1: Lately, intestinal barbeque has gotten pretty popular...
2: but a long time ago, there weren't many places that let you eat those kinds of meat.
3: "Hatsu" is the heart...
4: "Fuwa" is the lungs...
5: "Rebaa" is the liver...
6: And "Mame" is the kidney...
7: We can eat animal entrails,
8: yet we can't even use human organs for transplants?
9: What a ridiculous thing to say.
10: This is a joke, right?
11: All logic is nothing more than
12: self-serving rules that humans thought up, right?

1: Not that I'd ask you to do anything unethical, though.
2: I'm just asking...
3: for you to change the ethics a tad.
4: All I'm asking for...
5: is a yes or no.
6: Our friend Saitou-kun once said...
7: "good will is greed."
8: Wouldn't you all agree with that?

1: Now, the second official brain death judgment will begin.
2: You may withdraw your desire to donate at any time.
3: May we begin?

1: Brain death was confirmed at 8:20 AM.
p2 text: Death Certificate
2: We have prepared a death certificate.
3: In order to ensure the transparency of the transplant medicine and information releases,
4: we are required to release our data to the public.

1: But we value the privacy of our patients above all else,
2: so no information pertaining to individuals will be released.
3: We will explain to you the contents of the data and when it will be released,
4: and in the end, we will only release what you allow us to.

1: We will now report on the information regarding the brain death organ transplants.
2: Our donor is a man in his 20s from Eastern Japan.
3: He became brain dead as a result of an accident. At 8:20 this morning, he was determined to be brain dead.
4: He will be donating his heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, and pancreas, as well as his eyes and skin.
5: We will now report on where the organs will be going.
6: A male in his 20s from Eastern Japan will receive the heart. A woman in her 30s from Western Japan will receive the lungs.
7: A man in his 50s from the northeast will receive the liver. A man in his 30s from Kyushu will receive the pancreas and one kidney.
8: A man in his 50s from Eastern Japan will receive the other kidney.
9: Surgeons who will be performing the extractions have begun mobilizing from their separate institutions.
10: The extraction will begin this evening.

1: The final symptoms and quality tests have been finished.
2: The 22 extraction surgeons and 9 surgery coordinators have all arrived.
3: First we will open up the chest and check the condition of the heart.
4: Then if, a transplant proves possible, we will open up the abdomen and extract the heart after preparing the extractions of the other organs.
5: Then the lungs team will enter.
6: After the lungs comes the liver. Then the pancreas.
7: One kidney will be extracted here at Eiroku, correct?
8: Please prepare the recipient in conjunction to the surgery.

1: For the family members, this is the last farewell.
2-3: pshoo
4: It may seem repetitious of me, but you may withdraw your consent at any time.
5: Are you sure you wish for the transplants to take place?

1: If Hiroshi's last wish was to donate his organs to someone in need,
2: then as his father, I want to grant that wish.
3-5: rattle


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