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Chapter 39 - Obsession


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 39 - Obsession
Chapter 40 - A Small 17
Chapter 41 - Proposal
Chapter 42 - Time Began Flowing Again
Chapter 43 - Rejection
Chapter 44 - Friends
Chapter 45 - Confession
Chapter 46 - An Incomplete Memento

1-2: (buddhist chants)
3: You know what I heard?
4: Apparently, his parents gave away all his organs...
5: You mean he was an organ donor?
6: Wonder how much they got for it...

1: That's so terrible...
Chapter 39 - Obsession
2: What kind of person would try and make money off their son's death?

p3: whoooooosh

1: Is the young man really dead?
2: His kidney lives on inside my body...

1: Perhaps the fact that his kidney lives on within me
2: means that he's still alive, too...
3: Even if it were to be taken out of me,
4: it wouldn't allow him to get up and walk around again.
5: I need to live enough for the young man who gave me his kidney too...
6: That's my duty, I believe.

1: How
2: was the funeral?

1: Mmm...
2: Looks like there are people who think Hiroshi-san's parents donated his organs for money.
3: There are still a lot of misunderstandings about organ donation out there.
4: Maybe they just don't believe in selfless good will?
5: If I ever become brain dead,
6: I want to donate all my organs.
7: And I wouldn't want the recipients
8: to feel any guilt.

1: Even if I was brain dead,
2: I wouldn't donate mine.
3: I would never want to make my parents feel that way.
4: And I don't believe in selfless good will.
5: Sorry...

1: If I became brain dead,
2: I'd just want people to let me die quietly.
3: Somewhere no one can see me.
4: I'd want you to turn off the artificial respirator for me, Saitou-sensei.
5-8: woof

1: His leash got loose.
2: Wonder where his owner is?
3: Goooood boy.
4: Where'd your mommy or daddy go?
5: Oh, sorry about that.
6: Guess I didn't tie him on tight enough.
7: Minagawa-san...
8: I think I should go stop by my home.

1: Now that I think about it, I never told my parents that I'm going to donate my kidney to Akagi-san.
2: I figure I should talk things over with them before the surgery.
3: How about...
4: coming with me?
5: I'm...
6: already at my wit's end just standing in front of you like this.
7: I can't think of anything further than that.
8: And...

1: You promised you'd call me Yukiko, remember?

1: Why did you marry your husband, doctor?
2: Excuse me?
3: What does my private life have to do with anything?
4: Sorry...
5: Why did you ask me that?
6: I...
7: just thought you might know a few tricks.
8: Tricks to getting married?
9: Yeah...

1: Well, that man is inclined to cheat,
2: so it all came down to whether or not I could forgive him.
3: The good thing about him is that even if I find out that he was cheating, he continues to deny it.
4: No matter how many pieces of evidence or butcher knives I stick in his face...
5: he never stops playing dumb.
6: In that regard, you're absolutely terrible.
7: Not only do you willfully admit that you're cheating,
8: but you even try to make your girlfriend acknowledge the other woman's status.

1: I never cheated...
2: Look, there you go, acting innocent again.
3: You really think it isn't cheating just as long as you don't have sex?
4: But I'm sure Minagawa-san will someday understand
5: that loving and hating are really the same thing.
6: Both are obsessions that created inseparable relationships.
7: In which case, you're just better off loving the person.

1: Doctor, is that also...
2: how you dealt with it?
3: How could I ever forget?
4: He and I are the ones who let her die...

p2 sign: Akagi Kaori

1: Good evening.
2: How are you feeling?
3: You're looking rather calm today.
4: What happened?
5: Nothing.
6: I'm going home now, so I just thought I'd come see you.
7: Akagi-san...
8: Umm...
9: Hm?

1: Good night...

1: screech
2: Alone tonight?

1: It's been nothing but rain lately.
2: Not like it keeps our patients away.
3: I know I've caused you a lot of trouble.
4: I also heard that you laid the groundwork for me with the ethics committee.
5: Things look pretty grim.

1: The brain death transplant yesterday is really making waves.
2: The ethics committee's stiffened up.
3: I'll try to make a recovery, though.
4: You just need to keep yourself in proper shape for the donation.
5: Professor...
6: What happened in the urology department?
7: I was just talking with Mutsumi-sensei.
8: All she talked about was some girl dying, and wouldn't tell me anything more.

1: I had one daughter.
2: She died of renal failure when she was 20 years old.
3: She got one kidney transplant when she was 17, though.
4: Kondou-kun was the surgeon during the operation.
5: I guess that's what she's talking about.
6: Saitou-kun...can you open the glove compartment?
7: I think there's a photo of her in there.

1-2: rustle
3: That's her.
4: How old does she look?
5: Huh? About 10...
6: 10, huh?
7: Unfortunately, you're off the mark.

1: She was 17...


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