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Chapter 44 - Friends


tl by dan luffey

1: Hey, look, doctor!
2: This is the fifth time this has happened!
3: It's really rare for this card to keep coming up.
4: We must have good fortunetelling compatibility.
5: Is your blood type O? Mine's the same.
6: Umm...are O people supposed to get along well together?

Chapter 44 - Friends

1: I hear you've been reading a lot of dissertations lately.
2: People have been in an uproar about how the infamous Kondou-sensei no longer goes out to play at night.
3: It's really ironic, though.
4: To think that my daughter would befriend Mutsumi-chan, of all people.
5: She even asked me to make Mutsumi-chan her new supervising doctor.
6: Now I'm worried that even if Miwa does get another chance at an organ transplant,
7: she'll refuse it.

1: Hey, Miwa-chan.
2: Would you choose to get another transplant if you could?
3: Stop it, doctor.
4: There's no way that'd be possible.
5: Of course I'd choose to...

1: Is that all you wanted to talk to me about?
2: Actually, I was chosen to become a member of the Ministry of Labor, Health and Welfare's brain death research group.
3: Seems like our brain death transplants were well-received.
4: Now the whole country's taken one more step toward legislation.
5: I'm serious about creating a law.
6: I want to give my daughter another transplant.
7: In order for that to happen,
8: we need to destroy all the obstacles that stand in our way.

1: What do you want?
2: I've got nothing to say to you.

1: Stop spending time with Miwa-chan.
2: Otherwise, Mutsumi-chan...you'll get punted.
3: I just want to help Miwa-chan.
4: I've got no ulterior motives.
5: You're the ones who need to stop treating her like a toy.
6: She deserves respect.
7: I'm warning you because I care about you, Mutsumi-chan.
8: Don't you care about staying at Eiroku?

1: I have no intent of bending my will.
2: Even if it puts me up against a Professor.
3: And besides, what the hell does that make you?
4: You may think you're advancing your career,
5: but trust me. He's just making you into his puppet.
6: Is there room for "you" in what lies ahead?

1: I...
2: want to protect you, Mutsumi-chan.
3: This is why I hate men.
4: Miwa-chan's the one we should be protecting.

1: Miwa-chan...
2: Can you give me just one more chance?

1: I was wrong.
2: No matter what happened, I shouldn't have withdrawn.
3: I want to take responsibility for your treatment up until the end.
4: I won't pass you off to anyone else.
5: Please...
6: Will you let me be your supervising doctor again?
7: But you're on dad's side, aren't you?

1: Miwa-chan...
2: I was always thinking of you.
3: I may not be able to say that I'm 100% on your side...
4: But at the very least, I've always been thinking about what to do about your illness.
5: As long as you keep fighting against your disease,
6: I'll never leave your side.

1: Even if dad says I have to change doctors?
2: I won't leave you.
3: I'm your supervising doctor.
4: What if I tell my dad that I want a new doctor?
5: I won't leave.
6: You're my patient.
7: That's so unrealistic.
8: I'll never leave you.
9: Can you trust me just one more time?
10: Liar...
11: Believe in me...

1: Why don't you take your medicine when I'm here?
2: Miwa-chan...
3: You take it when Mutsumi-sensei tells you to, right?
4: You're not making any sort of difference, you know.
5: I'm the one who's been ordering all your medicine.
6: This is really a problem, you know.
7: The Professor might get mad at me.

1: I'm used
2: to not having mom around.
3: Seems like she's busy with her work.
4: And she goes overseas a lot, so she's rarely in Japan.
5: And being at the hospital means I can see dad whenever I want.
6: I wouldn't want me being sick to cause any more trouble for my family, you know.
7: Hey, sensei...
8: Why did I get so mad at Kondou-sensei?

1: He wanted to extract my kidney
2: because he cared about me, right?
3: Hey, sensei...
4: Do you have a crush on anyone?
5: I wonder what it's like to feel like that.
6: Yeah...
7: That's a good question.
8: I think it makes people really nice...
9: and also really mean.

1: But I think it's a wonderful thing.
2: There's nothing else that makes you care about someone that much. And it also lets you see different sides of yourself...
3: I'm glad
4: we're having this talk, Miwa-chan.
5: Hey, Miwa-chan...
6: Let's be friends.
7: Huh?

1: Friends.
2: It means we're only together because we like each other.
3: What are friends supposed to do together?
4: Nothing special.
5: Just talk and play together.

1: Play what?
2: Like I said, nothing special.
3: We can go shopping and go see movies.
4: I don't know what to do.
5: I've always...
6: been alone...

1: klak

1: What did you want to talk about?
2: I thought you had nothing to say to me.
3: Ever since we spoke last, I've been thinking about
4: the best course for us to take with Miwa-chan.
5: What do you want to do?
6: Look at these.

1: The probability is lower than one in a thousand.
2: I guess is what they call fate.
3: What are you talking about?
4: Miwa-chan and I looked up our white blood cell types.
5: We match up in all categories.
6: Even though we're complete strangers.

1: I'll leave the rest to you.
2: I'm not going to see Miwa-chan as a doctor anymore.
3: H-hey...hold on a minute.
4: What are you saying?
5: I want to request
6: that you handle the surgery.
7: What the hell are you talking about?
8: Hold on a minute!
9: I don't want anyone else to touch me.
10: Cut me open with your own hands.

1: I'm giving my kidney
2: to Miwa-chan.


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