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Chapter 45 - Confession


tl by dan luffey

1: Miwa-chan...
2: I took the test.
3: It was a test to check the proteins in my white blood cells called HLAs.
4: It proved that our bodies match up perfectly.
5: I just came from speaking with your father.

Chapter 45 - Confession
1: Will you accept my kidney?

1: What's going on, Kondou-sensei?
2: Mutsumi-chan was just in here.
3: Apparently, she's going to donate her own kidney to my daughter.
4: She wants you to be her surgeon.
5: And she said she's already talked things over with you.

1: So...have you made a decision,
2: Professor?
3: Will you
4: accept this?
5: She even brought a contract with her.
6: It said something like "I will never demand compensation for this transplant."
7: I never thought we'd get this option.
8: Live organ transplants between two strangers are absolutely unheard of,
9: since dealing with outlying cases like these won't benefit a great number of patients.

1: What are you going to do about the ethics committee?
2: There's no way they'll pass it.
3: Wow, you're actually voicing your own opinion for once,
4: Kondou-kun...
5: Mutsumi-chan suggested taking the surgery to an outside hospital in our network.
6: That way the ethics committee wouldn't be able to give us any trouble.
7: If we can find a hospital that's small enough to have no ethics committee,
8: then surgery will be possible.
9: There's no reason to insist on performing the surgery at Eiroku.
10: This is a very special case, after all.

1: So you're going to accept Mutsumi-chan's proposal?
2: What reason do I have not to?
3: I thought you were going to create a law?
4: I thought Mutsumi-sensei was just an obstacle?
5: I believed that you were serious about changing this country, Professor...that's why I...

1: Oh, I'll make a law.
2: That's still my earnest wish as a doctor.
3: And besides, my daughter may need a third transplant someday.
4: A third transplant?
5: You mean after Mutsumi-chan's kidney goes bad?
6: Did you say something?
7: I can't hear you very well.

1: Kondou-kun...
2: Please become my daughter's supervising doctor again.
3: I'll settle things with the outside hospital.
4: Until then, can you please keep Miwa's body in top condition?

1: I can't agree to that.
2: There's no way I can take your kidney,
3: sensei.
4: Why not?
5: We're friends, aren't we?
6: Everyone has two kidneys, so it's no big deal if they lose one.
7: You don't need to worry about me.

1: I'm going to be your supervising doctor again from this day forward.
2: I know you might not like it, but let's try to get along, OK?
3: Fine.
4: Just my dad's orders again, right?
5: Hey, sensei...
6: What do you think about me getting Mutsumi-sensei's kidney?

1: I see no problem with it.
2: Mutsumi-sensei clearly wants to donate it to you.
3: As long as you're OK with it, Miwa-chan,
4: I see no problem with this transplant.
5: You're going to do the surgery, right?
6: How does it make you feel?

1: I feel nothing.
2: I'm a pro.
3: Of course, I'll make sure the surgery's a success.
4: Because I want you to get healthy again, Miwa-chan.
5: But surgeons are all technicians.
6: They need to be calm at all times.
7: I can't hesitate in front of anyone,
8: including Mutsumi-sensei.
9: Don't you mean "ore?"

1: This is the first time I've heard
2: you refer to yourself as "boku." (*A more formal version of "I" than "ore.")
3: The surgery's been scheduled,
4: and I set things up at the outside hospital.
5: On paper, a surgeon from the hospital itself is in charge of the surgery.
6: But you're the one who'll actually be doing the work.

p2: Transplant Surgery Consent Form
Ozawa Mutsumi

p2: stab

1: Miwa-chan...
2: Wanna go to Harajuku again?
3: You won't be able to go outside for a while after the surgery.
4: I'll take you to Pedestrian's Paradise, the place you've always wanted to visit.

1: What's wrong?
2: Aren't you having fun?
3: No...
4: I am...

1: There's nothing but couples in here...
2: Do they all have to look so happy?
3: Sensei...
4: If I get a transplant, will you no longer be my doctor?
5: Huh?
6: I remember what you said:
7: You'd never leave my side as long as I keep fighting my disease.

1: If it'll let you stay with me,
2: then...I don't need a transplant.
3: Don't be stupid.
4: But...
5: I am stupid.
6: Let's hang out a little bit more today.
7: I'll show you what the town's like at night.

1: Heeeey!! It's Kon-chaaaan!!
2: What did you bring an elementary schooler in here for?!

1: Maybe it was a little too stimulating?
2: That's the world I live in.
3: Can you listen to me for a second, Miwa-chan?
4: Just think of it as a funny story.
5: I...
6: went out with Mutsumi-sensei once.
7: I like girls...
8: but I was pretty serious about Mutsumi-sensei.

1: When I proposed to her, she rejected me.
2: H-hey...
3: Why are you crying?
4: I'm going to be a kid for my whole life.

1: Why am I even...
2: alive?
3: What are you talking about,
4: Miwa-chan?
5: Why was I...
6: born?


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