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Chapter 48 - Family


tl by dan luffey

1: I'm very sorry to disturb you while you're working.
2: I asked Kaori's older sister
3: and found out that she was working here.
4: Ever since you came to visit our house,
5: I kept on questioning her until she finally gave me an answer.
6: I want to see my daughter...

1: Where is Kaori...
Chapter 48 - Family
2: right now?

1-2: klak
3: Oh, sensei.
4: You're here early today.

1: She kept asking your sister where you were.
2: They got into a lot of fights, but she eventually found out.
3: Kaori...
4: are you really that sick?
5: I'm sorry...
6: that I didn't find you sooner.

1: I never stopped searching.
2: Whenever I met someone, I would always ask if they've seen you.
3: Ever since we stopped talking...
4: I've been looking for you.

1: Sorry for not asking you,
2: but I was simply thinking of your mother.
3: Go away.

1: You can't come here.
2: It'll make her sad.
3: I'm not the one who should be most important to you right now.
4: It's her.
5: Kaori...

1: Leave...

1: clunk
2: Umm...
3: Would you like one?

1: Kaori left home when she was 19.
2: Two years after she left, I couldn't get in touch with her anymore.
3: I didn't hear from her again
4: until you appeared at my house.
5: I didn't even know whether she was alive or dead.
6: Do you know about this, then?
7: The kidney she received from her father stopped functioning after two years.

1: Her kidney...
2: stopped functioning?
3: Akagi-san probably felt deeply guilty because of what happened,
4: and couldn't bear to face you.
5: I doubt that.

1: So...
2: the kidney only lasted two years, did it?
3: Now I understand
4: why she disappeared.

1: Do you remember Kaori's older sister?
2: She has nothing to do with us.
3: That girl abandoned her family.
4: She stole her father's kidney, never even said thanks, and then left.
5: I remember her.
6: How much about this did she tell you?
7: Nothing.

1: I was barely able to get her to tell me that Kaori was at a place called Eiroku Hospital.
2: As well as your name...
3: Umm...
4: I'm a failure
5: as a mother...
6: When we decided to get Kaori a transplant,
7: her father wasn't the only one who came up as a donor.
8: There were three possible donors.
9: Me, my husband...

1: and her older sister, Nozomi.
2: When Kaori's kidney first went bad,
3: the doctor recommended dialysis.
4: Then, although I don't know where she could have heard about it,
5: Nozomi suddenly said "I'll give one of my kidneys to Kaori."
6: I was so surprised.
7: We didn't even know such a thing was possible.

1: She really said that?
2: She's a really nice girl, you know.
3: Even if she doesn't look it.
4: Nozomi was always like that.
5: She treasured her little sister more than herself.
6: "If Kaori dies, then I'd have no reason to go on living," she said.
7: "Please, let her take my kidney. For her own good."

1: When Kaori entered middle school, she became a bit of a bad girl.
2: She skipped school and spent all her time at her friends' houses.
3: I kept getting calls from the school.
4: Of course, I got angry with her,
5: but Kaori always had something to scream back.
6: "Just forget about me"...
7: "The stupider I am, the more Nozomi will look like a model student."

1: At the time, I thought she was just being silly.
2: But now, I understand that's how she really felt.
3: "I'm beyond help, so just forget about me."
4: "Just treasure Nozomi and her life."
5: drip
6: The day Nozomi said she'd give Kaori her kidney
7: was the first time I ever saw him hit Nozomi.
8: 5 years ago, he died from a stroke.
9: That was the only time he ever laid a hand on his children.

1: Kaori, you're our child.
2: Your father will protect you.

1: The reason Kaori didn't contact us when her kidney went bad
2: wasn't because she was feeling guilty...
3: it's because if we found out
4: we'd obviously try and give her another kidney from our own bodies.
5: She thought that we'd be happier without her,
6: so she forced herself to disappear.

1: Actually...
2: there's something I need to tell you.
3: I already received consent from Akagi-san,
4: so please understand.

1: I'm
2: donating my kidney to Akagi-san.


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