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Chapter 55 - The Loser


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 55 - The Loser
Chapter 56 - A Dead Face
Chapter 57 - Doctors' Original Sin
Chapter 58 - Kaori and Miwa
Chapter 59 - Conclusion
Chapter 60 - Surgery
Chapter 61 - Extraction
Chapter 62 - Stitching

1: Miwa-chan...
2: klak
3: Stop it...
p5: rustle...
4: Don't look.
5: You can't. No matter what...

Chapter 55 - The Loser

1: Will you accept my kidney?
2: Akagi-san...
3: I told you can't.
4: Please...don't be like that...

1: spin
p2: squeak
p4: crunch

1: So you won't accept my kidney,
2: Akagi-san?
p2: haa
3-4: squeak
p4: crunch

1: What are you two
2: doing...
p3: haa

1: Who are you?
2: Wait...are you Minagawa-san?
3: I'm Saitou-sensei's medical advisor, Kondou.
4: Saitou-sensei's medical advisor?
5: That's right.
6: I came here because I was looking for Akagi-san.
7: Are you alright, Akagi-san?

1: Can you just leave us alone?
2: I was talking with Akagi-san.
3: Are you kidding me?
4: Akagi-san has a fever.
5-6: haa
7: I decided that I'm going to give her
8: my kidney...

1: I'm going to give her
2: my kidney...
3: I'm...
4: serious.
5: Saitou-sensei wouldn't take me seriously,
6: but...I really want to.

1: Since you're Saitou-sensei's medical advisor, maybe you know
2: a hospital that will do the surgery.
3: I still haven't searched
4: for one that will do transplants between strangers.
5: Stop it!!

1: I'm not accepting it.
2: Not Saitou-sensei's kidney...
3: or anyone else's!
4: How can you say that now?
5: If you die, then sensei will stop being a doctor.

1: I'll disappear...
2: I'll go somewhere no one can find me...
3: All I need to do...
4: is disappear...
5: Why am I even
6: alive...

1: I wish I'd never been born...

1: Professor Takanawa.
2: As the one in charge of the urology department, I'd like to hear your opinion.
3: 10 years have passed the since the organ transplant law was passed,
4: but nothing has really progressed with brain dead transplants.
5: If brain dead transplants can't be progressed,
6: then I can see the merit in switching our focus to live transplants between strangers.
7: But unfortunately, I'm a loser.

1: I put my heart and soul into creating the organ transplant law,
2: but in the end, passing it didn't actually change anything.
3: All I did was lose my daughter.
4: Stop talking about personal matters.
5: I would like to thank everyone for the bottom of my heart
6: for all the cooperation I received when the brain dead kidney transplant was performed for my daughter.
7: At the time, was brain death defined as human death?

1: There was no such definition.
2: Even now, it's unclear.
3: So, in other words, without a clear definition that brain death is human death,
4: you still approved the extraction of an organ from a brain dead patient.
5: It is exactly because of that experience
6: that we cannot lightly give permission to extract organs from brain dead patients.
7: If I may give my personal opinion,
8: I do not believe that brain death equals human death.
9: So then the patients are alive?

1: If brain death may is not human death,
2: couldn't you approve this transplant case as well?
3: How did you get there?
4: Brain dead patients are alive...
5: which means that the hundred-something cases of brain dead organ transplants
6: were all live organ transplants between strangers.

1: What sophistry...
2: Don't you ever learn?
3: All those transplants in the past were mistakes.
4: Didn't your broadening of what counts as "death'
5: lead you to extract a pancreas from a brain dead patient?
6: You were accused of murder,
7: and you're still trying to justify yourself?!

1: But that would make you all my accomplices, now wouldn't it?
2: All doctors should wish to save their patients.
3: In that regard, I can understand Saitou-sensei's train of thought.
4: It merely seems like he's trying to sacrifice himself for his instincts as a doctor.
5: It's his job to show us just how loyal he can be to those instincts.
6: At certain times...
7: ethics only serve to drag down human instinct.

1: And isn't it the instinct of all medical practitioners
2: to strive for evolution?
3: I'm a loser.
4: But...
5: I'm the only one who bears that loss.

1: Why can't you let him win...?

1: Why does this keep repeating?
2: Why do people
3: keep making the same mistakes?!


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