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Chapter 59 - Conclusion


tl by dan luffey

1: Thank you very much.
2: I am very thankful for this chance to explain myself.
3: Well? Aren't you going to leave?
4: The meeting's over.

Chapter 59 - Conclusion

1: That sure took a long time.
2: Yeah...
3: We started at noon, and ended up taking half a day to finish.
4: It was very long...
5: Very long, but...
6: compared to the last 20 years, this half a day was nothing.

1: How did it go?
2: It seems like they won't permit it.
3: Even if this transplant does get a special approval,
4: Eiroku will not be promoting live kidney transplants between strangers from hereon out.
5: That's all in regards to the future, though.
6: Not what they concluded about this case.
7: They decided...

1: that the live kidney transplant between Saitou-sensei and Akagi-san
2: is to be prepared and performed at once.

1: Congratulations, Saitou-sensei...
2: Your wish came true.
3: Congratulations, Akagi-san...
4: I will take full responsibility to make sure your surgery is a success.

1: And Minagawa-san.
2: I'm counting on you to care for the both of them.

1: What are you going to do?
2: Eiroku won't ever approve another live transplant, will they?
3: You're not just going to give up on them, are you?
4: I have no intention of doing that.
5: I'm going to continue pushing for them.
6: Where?
7: You can't at Eiroku anymore.

1: We don't need to talk about this right now, do we?
2: Tell me.
3: I've decided to leave Eiroku.
4: I'm going to go to an outside hospital and work on developing transplants between strangers.
5: What do you mean you're going to leave?

1: If you quit, then I quit.
2: I also bear responsibility for this transplant.
3: There's no reason for you to...
4: Just forget about it.
5: I don't feel too shabby right now.
6: Up until now...
7: I may have only looked at things solely by how they connected to me.
8: If saving a patient benefited me somehow,
9: then I wanted to save them.

1: But now, things have changed.
2: I feel the same as you,
3: Saitou-sensei.
4: I want to save Akagi-san
5: simply because I want to save her.

1: Sorry...Saitou-sensei...
2: for making you go along with my selfishness.
3: Akagi-san...Minagawa-san...
4: I owe you all an apology as well.

1: I haven't given up at all.
2: No matter where I go, I'm going to work hard to develop transplant medicine.
3: You're such a idiot.

1: Please do your best,
2: Kondou-sensei.
3: After all this,
4: I really do want to live.
5: Is it wrong
6: for me to feel that way?

1: Do your best,
2: Saitou-sensei...

1: Chairman...
2: Why won't you let Kondou-kun stay at Eiroku?
3: I could have easily stopped this transplant at any step in the process.
4: It was out of parental kindness that I let him take his first step here at Eiroku.
5: Yes, but...

1: Ethics are unreliable things.
2: As you said, they change by country and time period.
3: But we were born in this country,
4: and we're living in this time period.
5: If you wish to change our ethics,
6: you need to move the country...or move time itself.
7: If Kondou-sensei is correct,
8: then he'll return to Eiroku someday.

1: Two weeks later...
2: After the surgery, Akagi-san will be transported to the ICU. Understood.
3: Saitou-sensei will be undergoing surgery by endoscope, so he'll come back to this wing. Understood.
4: We will take care of all the administration after the surgery,
5: so Minagawa-san, we would like you to prepare daily goods and take care of the laundry.
6: The surgery is expected to end at 2 PM.

1: I want to watch it today.
2: Watch what?
3: The surgery!
4: Saitou-sensei and Akagi-san's transplant.
5: Minagawa-san's attending to them, right?
6: I heard it's today.
7: Ohh...

1-3: scrub
4: About what time do you think we'll be able to extract the donor's kidney?
5-6: scrub
7: We'll use an endoscope, so it'll take a bit of time.
8-9: scrub
10: I'll finish it by noon.
11-12: beep

1-2: beep
3: Let's both do our best now.
3: As always.

1-2: pshoo


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