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Chapter 64 - The Professor


tl by dan luffey

1: Akagi-san will stay in the HCU until tomorrow.
2: After that, she will move to her own room
3: where still will stay for another 2-3 weeks as we monitor her progress.
4: You are free to move around as you please today, Saitou-sensei.
5: You may leave the hospital this week.
6: And so, this concludes
7: the transplant.

Chapter 64 - The Professor

1: Seems like it's over.
2: Yeah.
3: It was a success.
4: A success?
5: Apparently, Akagi-san's older sister came.
6: The estranged one.
7: Kondou-sensei was demoted.
8: He's being thrown out to an outer hospital.
9: What about Saitou-sensei?
10: Is he going to stay at Eiroku?

p2: bzzzz
1: klak

1: So this is where you were,
2: Kondou-sensei.
3: Yep.
4: This may be my last chance to drive my RC around up here.
5: squeak...
6: Thank you very much.
7: For what?
8: I was just doing my job.

1: It may sound strange, but...
2: Now that it's over, it feels like it all went by so fast.
3: That's how it always is.
p4: bzzzz
4: Did you get a chance to sit down and talk through things with Akagi-san?
5: Her big sister won't leave her side...

1: We promised that we wouldn't see each other again
2: after the transplant, you know.
3: That's pretty harsh.
4: Or maybe...stoic is a better way to put it.
5: Saitou-sensei.
6: What are you going to do from here on out?
7: Your intern period will be over very soon.
8: You'll finally be able to stand on your own as an independent doctor.

1: What direction are you going to start walking in?
2: I don't know...
3: But I intend to keep walking.
4: The Professor called for you.
5: He wants to have a word with you.
6: Stop by his office later.

1: squeak
2: Will I see you again,
3: Kondou-sensei?
4: If you're lucky.
5: Can you promise me one thing,
6: Saitou-sensei?

1: When I look at you, I get worried
2: that one day you'll suffer an irrevocable loss.
3: That someday, you'll really...
4: die for the sake of someone.
5: Yeah right.
6: I'm not THAT stupid.
p6: bzzzz
7: You're a doctor
8: and nothing else.

1: So no matter what happens,
2: never stop being a doctor.
3: That's my line, sensei.

1: Thank you very much,
2: Kondou-sensei.

1: I heard you were calling for me,
2: Professor.
3: How are you feeling,
4: Saitou-sensei?
5: Fine,
6: thanks to everyone's help.
7: I am greatly indebted to you.

1: Kondou-sensei's new place of work has been decided.
2: It's a core hospital
3: with one of the top urology departments.
4: Really?
5: I was just talking to him, and he didn't mention anything about that.
6: Saitou-sensei...
7: How about working under me?

1: After your intern period ends, would you be interested in staying at Eiroku
2: and entering the urology department?
3: Unfortunately, after all that's happened, I imagine it'll be
4: extremely difficult for you to continue your career as a doctor.
5: At least at Eiroku, there's no other department that will take you in.
6: You're just too famous, you see.

1: There probably isn't a hospital in all of Eastern Japan that will take you in.
2: That's how great an impact you made with the transplant.
3: Opening closed doors isn't an easy thing.
4: But that's the truth
5: about what you did...

1: I was prepared for this.
2: For the next five years,
3: can you say nothing but "YES?"
4: Can you never assert yourself,
5: and obey your orders, no matter what happens?
6: No matter how unreasonable things may seem, you can never rebel.
7: Words like "But" or "However" are forbidden.

1: Can you become an
2: obedient machine?
3: I can.
4: In that case...
5: I'll create a way for you to live on as a doctor.
6: I look forward to working with you.

1: Kondou-sensei asked me to make you bow down.
2: smack...

1: I will follow your orders, no matter what.
2: Please let me work in your department.
3: Please.
4: Let me continue working as a doctor.
5: Lift your head...Saitou-sensei...
6: I want to see what kind of face you're making.


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