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Chapter 67 - Elite Course


tl by dan luffey

1: Excuse meee.
2: Is anyone there?
3: Excuse meee.
p2 sign: Fishing Pond
4: I want to go fishing!
5: Sorry...
6: It's only been a month since we met each other again.
7: Tell me if I'm bothering you.

Chapter 67 - Elite Course

1: My scar surprised you,
2: didn't it?
3: I had another transplant five years ago.
4: I got a kidney from a doctor who I used to work with.
5: He was a real weirdo.
6: "If you die, I'll have no reason to go on being a doctor," he said.
7: So weird...
8: He never even held my hand.
9: But...
10: He was a good man.

1: Ah!
2: Sorry for making you wait!
3: Guess that was the wrong thing to do during work.
4: Even though I hardly ever get any customers...
5: How do you make a living?
6: I can't eat off of this, so in the evenings I do carpentry.
7: Remember our classmate Kudou? He's a building contractor.

1: I...
2: was married once, you know.
3: When I was 20. I didn't think things through at all, so it didn't go well, of course.
4: But I have one child.
5: I can't see my kid anymore, though.
6: But I do pay child support, so I need to make a decent amount.
7: I'm...an idiot, so I don't really understand...
8: but basically, there's someone else inside of you, isn't there?

1: That means you can fall in love with two people.
2: You can treasure that person forever...
3: so will you let me stay with you too?
4: slip...

1: We're waiting for your donations!!
2: There are many people who need transplants overseas!!
3-5: rattle
6: Please donate!!
7: People need transplants!!

1: I'll be retiring after this year.
2: At last, my long life as a doctor is coming to an end.
3: 40 years of medicine...
4: Half of that time I spent as a professor.
5: I'm truly exhausted,
6: Saitou-sensei.

1: You did well sticking through it all.
2: Were you able to become an obedient machine?
3: Yes.
4: I called you back here for no other reason
5: than to invite you to take part in my research.
6: I've been researching a certain immunosuppressant.
7: It's a joint study with a pharmaceutical company, so that's where we're getting the money.

1: From here on, you'll work at Eiroku's graduate school
2: as a specialized researcher.
3: Once this research is finished, you may begin your own.
4: You can write a dissertation, and if it's approved, you'll receive your Ph.D.
5: Once you're certified, you can study abroad wherever you like.
6: After you've gained 2-3 years of experience, come back to Japan.
7: Then, your life as a doctor will be secured.
8: You'll have finished your elite career course.

1: I'm your assistant, Aizawa.
2: I'll take care of all manner of chores you may have, so please don't hesitate to ask me for anything.
3: You're THE Saitou-sensei, aren't you?
4: You're like a legend among our class.
5: You made Eiroku patients get surgery at other hospitals and let them take unapproved drugs...
6: then in the end, you even gave your kidney to a co-worker, didn't you?
7: Can we have dinner sometime? I'd like to hear all your stories.
8: I'm so moved to finally meet you in person.

1: I want to be a researcher too.
2: It's such a pain always having to deal with people, you know?
3: beep
4: There are two sets of doors here.
5: Unless the first door locks, the second won't open.
6: It's inside here...
p: creaaaak...

1-3: squeak

1-4: squeak
5: klak
6: It seems like he wants you to create twenty kidney transplant models every 3 days.
7: All the mouses have been prepared for you.

1: It's been a while. I heard you returned to Eiroku?
2: Yeah...
3: I'm surprised. I didn't think you'd actually come out to see me,
4: Minagawa-san...

1: I heard you left Eiroku.
2: Where do you work now?
3: I stopped being a nurse.
4: It just started getting painful after I turned 30.
5: Maybe I just got tired of dealing with life and death.
6: I guess there are a lot of nurses who get worn out in their twenties and then quit.
7: What are you doing now?

1: Last year I got married.
2: So I guess I'm a housewife?

1: Congratulations.
2: Yeah...
3: That reminds me, have you been to your old apartment?
4: No...
5: It was torn down a few years back.
6: They're making a big road there.
7: Time's really something.
8: It changes everything.

1: What kind of person is your husband?
2: A good person.
3: He was admitted to Eiroku as a patient, and I was put in charge of him.
4: Did you get a girlfriend, sensei?
5: No...
6: You started wearing glasses.
7: Yeah...

1: I'll go now.
2: If I had asked you to come with me five years ago...
3: would you have come with me, Minagawa-san?
4: You never stopped doing that.
5: I told you I wanted you to call me Yukiko.

1: I loved you,
2: Saitou-sensei...

1: That reminds me, have you been to your old apartment?
2: It was torn down a few years back.

1: Yukiko...


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