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Chapter 70 - Saitou's Answer


tl by dan luffey

1: Today, Tokyo is seeing clear skies.
2: Looks like it's going to be another hot day for Eastern Japan.
3: Now, for tomorrow's weather.
4-5: knock
6: Ah, Kondou-sensei.
7: It's been a while.
8: Huh? These?
9: Uh, well...a lot happened to me. Oh, no, I've been in good health, though.
10: Oh, Mutsumi-sensei...?
11: Huh? That child...

Chapter 70 - Saitou's Answer

1: I never thought I'd become a father at this age.
2: You never know where life will lead you.
3: I'm working as an assistant professor at a private university outside of Tokyo right now.
4: Mutsumi's taking care of the kid.
5: Today we took a visit to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to petition an amendment to the organ transplant law.
6: We figured we'd stop by and pay a visit to some old friends as well.

1: Congratulations, Mutsumi-sensei.
2: You should have told me sooner.
3: I have nothing to brag about, having a baby at this age.
4: It'll only make people feel awkward.
5: Originally, I wasn't going to come see you.
6: I felt that if we both worked hard,
7: we'd eventually meet again somewhere through our careers.

1: Why do men have to be such a pain in the ass about everything?
2: You know you wanted to see him.
3: No...
4: I just heard he got hurt, so I thought he could use a visit.
5-6: knock
7: Ah...
8: Takasago-sensei.

1: Saitou...
2: Is it true that you're on your deathbed?
3: Uh...no...
4: I'm alive and well.
5: Who?
6: His medical advisor from the NICU.
7: Why didn't you come say hello?
8: You've been back at Eiroku for a while, right?
9: S...sorry...
10: It's been 5 years, so I lost track of personal situations within the hospital.
11: That's why Minagawa-chan dumped you, you jackass!
p7: twitch

1: I've always been worried about you!
2: Treasure me more!!
3: Alright! Alright, I said!!
p2: rattle
4: Saitou-sensei...
5: Is it true that you were in a critical coma?
6: Now who?
7: His medical advisor from the psychiatric ward, I guess?
8-9: stomp

1: Saitou-sensei!!
2: Is Saitou-sensei really dead?!
3: Who are you?
4: My name's Shouji Naoki.
5: This is my partner, Usami.

1: Saitou-sensei's supposed to come to our palliative care unit in the future,
2: so please leave this situation to us.
3: Are you alright, Saitou-sensei?
4: I heard you were dead...but you're...alive?
5: Hey, you...
6: grab
7: Who do you think you are? You weren't even here on time.
8: Don't touch me...

1-3: klak
4: rattle
5: 'scuse me.
6: The professors from the ethics committee said they wanted to meet with you.

1: P...
2: Professor Takanawa.
3: We just had a professors' meeting,
4: and you came up, so we decided to pay you a visit.
5: Huh?
6: I don't see Professor Kasuga.
7: He's dead.
8: ding
9: It's been a while, Saitou-sensei.
10: Have you lost a little weight?
11: Still haven't gotten married, eh?
12: How've you been?
13: Want me to set you up on a date with my daughter?

1-5: rattle

1: Sensei!
2: Saitou-sensei!
3: Please, wait! Sensei!
4: That's so mean! How could you leave without saying anything?
5: I heard from Professor Takanawa.
6: Are you really leaving Eiroku?
7: Yeah...
8: I found a position at a hospital back home.

1: What about your research?
2: Leaving in the middle of a project is so irresponsible.
3: I'm really sorry,
4: but there a sensei will come to finish it up next week.
5: I've always just wanted to be a clinician.
6: I want to deal with the patients in front of me.
7: Do you look down on research?
8: You think working with rats is stupid?
9: No...
10: I just like interacting with my patients.

1: I'm a doctor...
2: No matter where I go...
3: No matter what I do...

1: Then please, just stay here.
2: If it doesn't matter where you go, then you don't need to leave!
3: Thanks...
4: I won't change.
5: I'll keep walking.
6: rattle...


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