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#101 / To the Eastern Japan Alliance HQ!!


tl by danluffey

#101 / To the Eastern Japan Alliance HQ!!

1: Kyouhei-san!
2: Please, wait, Kyouhei-san!

1: Please! Please don't try to infiltrate Yui Kyousuke's stronghold, the Eastern Japan Alliance HQ just with the two of you!
2: If Juumonji-san were to find out from the hospital, we wouldn't be able to face him!
3: That's right! And besides, this is a man who will do anything to get what he wants! He obviously must have set some craven trap and is just waiting for you to fall into it!!
4: But if you still insist on going, then please take us with you!

1: I'm thankful for your sentiments, but you don't need to worry. I'll be right back.
2: B-but Kyouhei-san!
3: You heard my bro! It's alright, you don't need to worry! I'll be going with him, after all!
4: /That's why we're worried...
5: Gwa ha ha! Hahaha!

1: I'm going to be accompanying you to the HQ, Kyouhei-san.
2: Dan!!
3: It's Dan!
sfx: cheer
4: Dan Tsukumo got out of the hospital!
5: Ohhh!

1: Dan... your body's all better now?
2: As you can see, I'm pack in tip-top shape, dude!
3: But I thought the doctor said it would still be a while...
4: Doctors just want to keep patients in the hospital for as long as they can. Don't you know what they say? "Modern medicine is arithmetic!"
5: Please, just get in! Let's hurry up and go get Azusa-san!

1: Kyouhei-san, do you know what day it is today?
sfx: hooooonk vrooooom
2: No...
3: Today is the day when, once a month, Commanders from all the allied high schools come to turn in their monetary aid to the HQ.
4: The total collected sum is over 4 hundred million yen. Yearly, it comes in at around 5 billion yen.
5: 5 billion?!
6: What could they possibly need
7: with all that money?!
8: Most of it goes into the management fees for the alliance... but part of it is spread into investments.

1: What kind of investments?
2: Investments in people of power, starting with politicians,
3: and the police...
4: This monetary and organizational power allows them to work on an equal level with the yakuza,
5: This is a benefit that they take full advantage of through consumer financing such as different types of prostitution, or selling prostitutes to foreign countries... as of late, they've even started dealing in chemical drugs, which has earned them monstrous profit.
6: /N... o way!!
7: /There's no way my father, Kaiba Junpei, could have possibly started the alliance for such reasons!
8: /I... I don't believe this!

1: What's wrong, bro... you look pale all of a sudden!
sfx: vrooooom
2: [Eastern Japan Alliance HQ

sfx: snap
1: Ahhh!
sfx: jerk
2: Wh... where am I?!

sfx: click
1: So you've finally awakened, Sugata-san.
2: Y...
3: You're...
4: You haven't been to flower arrangement class for a while, have you?
5: Master...?!
6: Wh-why am I here? What is this place?

1: You were in danger.
2: I'm glad I was there and caught sight of what was going on. Otherwise, you would have been taken off by those scoundrels, and who knows what would have become of you.
3: Th-thank you very much, master!
4: You don't need to thank me. I just did what a gentleman should have.
5: More importantly, why did you stop coming to class? Was there any particular reason?

1: From the moment I saw you, there has been something about you that charmed my heart.
2: Now, I feel like I know why.
3: Your white, nearly transparent skin... your supple, clean chestnut-colored hair... your adorable lips, your cute ears, your sweet nose...
4: The tens of thousands of stars that shine in the sky all look dim before your eyes. They can do nothing but bow and yield to your radiance...

1: Nooo!
sfx: slap
sfx: dash
2: Fu...
3: Fuhaha...
4: Ahahahahahahahaha!
5: Haaaaahahahahahaha!

1: Fufufufu... this is the first time I, Yui Kyousuke, have ever experienced such an event.
2: Do you like someone else, Azusa-san?
3: Let me guess who it is...
4: You are the same age, but stuck in an unusual relationship of uncle and niece. Ever since you were little, you were raised as brother and sister...
5: Sugata Kyouhei, from Tougai High... correct?

1: Director Yui, sir! The Commanders have all arrived to present their donations!!
2: Please come out to meet them!!
3: D... Director...?
4: M-master... don't tell me you're...
5: Fufufu... that's right!
6: Let's continue this conversation later. Please wait here for a bit.

1: I have never once failed to catch my prey.
2: Once I collect all the donations, I will be back to make you mine.
3: Let me tell you just one thing - you cannot escape from here.
sfx: creak...
4: Now then...
5: Wait! Please wait!
sfx: knock
6: Please let me go home! Master!!
7: Waaaahhh!

1-2: Thank you very much for your hard work!!
3: Ossu!!
sfx: click slam

sfx: clamor

1: Commanders, I humbly request that you please take the seats so that we may begin the monthly donation ceremony!!
2: Director Yui has arriiiiiiived!!
sfx: clap

sfx: thud
1: After you, bro!!


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