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#123 / A Mysterious Power!!


tl by danluffey

#123 / A Mysterious Power!!

1: [Doctrine High School
2: Oh, god of horrors! Please forgive our sins! We will do anything you say!
sfx: shiver

1: What are you so afraid of?
2: It was just one little mistake. He'll forgive us. Besides, technically, it was just our plan that failed. We'll get him next time!
3: The only reason you aren't scared is because you have yet to experience the true terror of that man. Muha Metto never gives second chances!
4: The master has called for you.
5: Please follow me.

1: You know what happens to those who fail, don't you?
2: Y... yes, of course, master. B... but... please, please just spare our lives...

1: I shall not!!
2: Do you know what these are?
3: Hiiieee! Th-those are...
4: Ku ku ku... clay figures of you all, fashioned out of the ashes of the dead!
5: What?!
6: Bring me a nail from each of them.
7: Sir!

sfx: grab
1: Uwaaahh!
2: Uwaaaahh! St-stop! Let us goooo!
3: Owaahhh!
sfx: yank
4: Uoooooohhhh!
5: Skin, blood, nails, and... hair...
6: Or something they always carry on their person. Each figure needs to be filled with these...

sfx: flick
1: Gufufufufu! Now, the spine-tingling Black Magic Prisoner punishment may begin!
2: We'll start with you!

1: This is not merely a clay figure anymore...
2: It's part of you... no, it is you!
sfx: squeeze
3: Watch.
4: Uoooohhh!
sfx: splurt
5: Gwaaaahhh! It-it hurts... please..
sfx: crack snap
6: Ahhh!
7: Ku fu fu...
sfx: snap

sfx: crack po
sfx: splurrrt
1: Gyaaaahhh!
2: Hiiie!
3: You're next!
sfx: plop
4: Gwaaaahhhh!
sfx: splorrrge

1: Uohh... uooohhh!
2: Is-is this some kind of nightmare?
3: H-how can this be happening...
4: Uwaaaaahhh!
5: You don't need to chase after him!!
6: He's a fool if he thinks he can actually escape the effects of the Black Magic Prisoner punishment!

sfx: uwaaaahhh
sfx: smash
sfx: splurrrsh
sfx: smack
sfx: fwip
sfx: splat
1: Since you have been so loyal to me in the past, I will give you, and only you, another chance.
2: S-sirrrr! Th-thank you so much! I promise that this time, I will make Sugata Kyouhei suffer!!

sign: Wuhan Chinese High School
1: I see.
2: You want me to help you exterminate Sugata Kyouhei?

1: Indeed... we are both foreigners to Japan, are we not? And I hear that you also bear a grudge against Sugata Kyouhei...
2: How about we join forces and take Tokyo... no, all of Eastern Japan for ourselves?!
3: I am sure I don't need to explain just how fearsome a man Muha Metto is to a wise man like yourself.
4: I am sure you also wise enough to understand just what will happen if you were to refuse to join hands with us here, Master Chintou. Am I correct?
5: Kuuuuu ku ku ku ku ku! Why would I ever refuse?!
6: I've been waiting a long time for a chance like this! Of course I'll help you!

1: Brooooo!
2: Brooo! Waaaait!
sfx: dash
3: You're so mean! Why didn't you tell us you were going to welcome Juumonji home from the hospital?!
4-5: wheeze
6: Let's all go together, Kyouhei-san!
7: Originally, I wanted to, but Juumonji-san requested that I only bring one or two people with me.

1: That means me and you, then, bro!!
2: Please, wait a minute.
3: I really think we should come with you. The people who want you dead, Kyouhei-san, are always waiting for the perfect chance. Hakkemi-san warned us to never let you go outside alone.
4: Hahahaha! I'm thankful for your care, but that will only make us stick out more. Don't worry, I'll be careful.
5: Let's go, Blue Demon!
6: Yeah! As long as the great Blue Demon is by your side, you have nothing to worry about! The rest of you can just sit back and relax until we get back! Gahahahaha!
7: He's heading to the hospital with only one bodyguard.

sfx: vrooooom
1: Man, I think we should have driven there, bro!
2: Why didn't we have Dan take us in his car?
sfx: drip
3: This tunnel is pretty long, too. Have we even gotten halfway through it?
sfx: wham
4: Oof!
5: Wh-what's the big idea, bro?!

1: That's strange.
2: Until a few moments ago, there were cars coming and going...
3: N-now that you mention it...
4: What's going on here?!
sfx: fsssh
5: Wh-what's that noise?!
6: Ssshh!!
sfx: fsssh
7: Uuuu!!

sfx: fsssssh

1: Wh-what the hell?!
sfx: fsssssh

1: Hiiieeeeee!
sfx: fssssssh
2: Broooooo!!

Dokkouren Vol. 14 / END


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