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Dr. Stein's Monster


tl by danluffey

Dr. Stein's Monster

1: You were wise to choose our company.
2: The fees may be expensive, but we are the only company that can provide you with technology you can really trust.
3: I have to admit, though, I was surprised to hear how old you were.
4: After all, most of our customers are over 80 years old.
5: Your company's motto is to never pry into your customers' personal lives, right?
6: The nationality, age, or circumstances of your paying customers shouldn't matter one bit.
7: I bet you're really making a killing.
8: After all, there's no way for anyone to sue you even if you fail.
9: Don't be silly! The upkeep costs for our state-of-the-art technology are quite demanding.
10: Here's the money.

1: Now then, could you tell me the name of your supervising doctor and hospital?
2: I don't want to answer any unnecessary questions.
3: I see.
4: I'll let you know the appointment date later. Just decide the hospital on your own.
5: I just paid you a lot of money, so regardless of what my circumstances may be, I expect you to do a proper job.
6: Please, leave it to us.
7: What would you like your code name to be?
8: Hmm... how about Frankenstein?

1: But I paid you so much in advertising fees!
2: What do you mean there was no response?!
3: The reward money I paid you should have been unprecedented!
4: I'm sorry, but there's really nothing we can do about it.
5: The content of the ads was your responsibility, after all.
6: Excuse me if this sounds rude, but perhaps it was because the content was a bit too bizarre?
7: Bizarre? What was bizarre about it?!
8: "Are you thinking about committing suicide? How about dedicating your body to science before you die? We are looking for patients who wish to become test subjects for revival and near-death experiments. We will pay out high reward money."
9: Personally, I think it's a very unique, interesting project, but...
10: Right?!
11: Anyone would be interested in something like that, right?!

1: But if someone wanted to commit suicide, then why would they want to be revived?
2: It's hard living on after failing to kill yourself. The medical fees are exorbitant.
3: And as a bystander, I'd rather people just kill themselves quickly and get it over with.
4: I don't want to have to support those people with my tax money!
5: What are you talking about?!
6: If they're revived properly, they won't need any medical assistance, and they'd actually become taxpayers, if anything!
7: Forget this! I'm outta here!
sfx: wham
8: I can't believe someone would come all the way here to complain just because no one responded to his ad...
9: That's Dr. Victor Stein!
10: Is he famous?
11: He has the ability to raise the dead... he's a modern-day Asclepius!

1: Mice, dogs,
2: monkeys...
3: /All of my animal experiments were successes. There's no way I could possibly fail on a human.
4: /The human revival machine has been completed... unless I can find an able and willing human subject, I'll never be able to push my research out onto the market!

sfx: beep
1: Dr. Victor Stein?
2: Yes, who's there?
3: Oh, Henry? Henry from Everlife? It's been a while.
4: You have something important to talk to me about? Alright then, I'll see you in the meeting room at once.
5: Hello, doctor. Long time no see.
6: I'm glad you're doing well.
7: Doctor, today I bring you some good news and some bad news.
8: Alright then, start with the bad news.
9: I'm thinking of moving into a new area of business. I know that up until now my company has been distributing your technology...
10: but from this point on, I would like to end our business relationship.
11: What? But this is so sudden! My machines are the core of your company!
12: You know that without them, there's no possible way to complete any sort of revivals, right?!

1: The temperature management in all previous machines has been too low, so they ended up freezing the cells and destroying the brains.
2: But if the temperature's too high, fungus spreads and rots the cell makeup. The only machines in existence that can preserve bodies in their ideal state are the ones I developed!
3: But it costs too much money to support your machines. The ability isn't enough to compete with other companies who offer other solutions for less.
4: And besides...
5: There's still no proof your revival machine actually works.
6: I'd be able to do some experiments if I could only find some test subjects!
7: If I could become a test subject myself, I already would have! But then there would be no one to bring me back. Human revival is a completely different beast from the recoveries from hours of heart failure that other scientists have achieved!
8: You need to succeed with your human experiments as soon as possible.
9: Otherwise, your inventions will remain meaningless.

1: What truly puzzles me are the reactions I got from family members when explaining our body management system to them.
2: I'm taking care of his company fine without him!
3: There's nothing left for him to do here!
4: We don't really need to bring him back THAT badly...
5: We're not really interested in revival, per se.
6: No matter who the patient, and no matter how treasured they may have been when they were alive, the minute they die, no one seems to want to bring them back.
sfx: snicker
7: But the patients are the ones who paid the money! Who cares what their families think?
8: If you just take their money and don't bring them back, then you're nothing more than a cheat!
9: Life and death is something that infringes on the realm of God.
10: Aren't you the one who's truly treading on questionable ground, doctor?
11: What are you insinuating?!
12: The ultimate goal of mankind has always been immortality!
sfx: smack
13: What dishonor is there in attempting to make that a reality through science?!

1: Now, now. Don't get upset. I told you I also brought good news, remember?
2: You're welcome to use the bodies of the patients that the families didn't want to revive in your experiments.
3: You won't need to worry about anyone suing you if you fail.
4: I have a little over 200 bodies, and out of those, only two of them were actually taken back by the families.
5: 33 of these bodies are currently being supported by your machines, so they should be good test subjects.
6: No one will complain if you mess up. And I've already distributed all the death notices, so you can even legally dispose of them. If you succeed in reviving one of them, then you will earn glory and fame, and the patient should be thankful, too.
7: I see...
8: You've been having a tough time because you've been searching for someone alive who wants to die. With all these dead subjects, that problem should be solved.

1: That concludes the paperwork. The bodies are yours now.
2: As soon as the office work gets finished, they'll be delivered to you.
3: Can you give me a few months to close up shop?
4: Goodbye now.
5: I will be praying for your success.
6: /Hmph! In the end, he was just another money-grubbing businessman. He doesn't understand a thing about true science!
7: [A few months later
8: Delivery from Everlife!
9: Thank you! Bring it through the lab entrance, please!
10: All of these bodies are surprisingly fresh. They're all pretty old, so they aren't the best test subjects, but...
11: I suppose I'll start testing with a patient who died of old age. After all, with patients who died of illness or injury, I'd probably need to take care of those defects first.

sfx: twitch
1: Uuu... uuu...
2: Ahh...
3: Ohh! He came back to life!
4: Grandpa! You've come back to life!

sfx: twitch
1: He died again? Too bad...
2: Ah well, he was 98. He probably didn't have enough stamina left to come back from the dead.
3: And besides, it's doubtful as to whether he'd become a taxpayer even if he did come back...
4: But this patient's young! 65 years old, died of a stroke!
5: It's no good. I can't see any vital signs!
sfx: silence
6: How about a younger one? 58 years old, died of pancreatic cancer!
sfx: silence
7: Nothing again.
8: I guess I need to remove the source of death first with these kinds of patients.
9: That sort of treatment is outside my area of expertise, though...

1: Hm? Dead at 19? That's ridiculously young.
2: Codename Frankenstein? What bad taste.
3: I suppose I'll try taking this one out.
4: What a surprise. He really is 19! And he looks young! He isn't injured, and he looks healthy. What could he have died from?

1: Here's Henry's patient list.
2: Ahh... this was his last patient.
3: /John Doe... that must be a fake name. It's strange that there's no cause of death written down, either... something must be up here. It's strange that he's so young, too.
4: But I already have him in the machine...
5: He's the ideal test subject.
6: If I can bring him back to life, he's sure to become a fine taxpayer!
7: Hm?
8: A scar without any living reaction signs? It must have been done after he died...
9: Who did it?

1: A posthumous brain tumor scar? Did they take it out after he died or something?
2: Whatever. Either way, he'll be a fine subject for testing!
sfx: twitch
3: Yes! His vitals have stabilized.
4: Finally, success!
5: Where... am I...
6: How do you feel, Jon Doe? You've just come back to life.

1: John? My name is Ambrose.
2: OK then, Ambrose, did you die of a brain tumor?
3: Brain tumor? I've never been sick in my life...
4: Then why did you make a contract with Everlife? Did you expect that you would die soon?
5: I earned a lot of money... and I didn't know what to use it on... I thought that company was just some scam...
6: How are you connected to them?
7: /Too bad, it already seems like he's fully awake. It'll be difficult for me to get more information out of him like this...
8: If you're awake, then would you mind sitting up?

1: Good thing you wear the same size as me.
2: /Who buys clothes like these?
3: They look good on you.
4: So, if you didn't die from an illness, then what did you die from?
5: A little trouble I ran into with the police.
6: They're so stupid. Catching me won't change anything!
7: /What? Was he executed or something?
8: What did you do?
9: Prostitution, drug trafficking, assault, extortion, robbery.
10: Nothing special.
11: Now give me some money.
12: Wh-what?

1: I want to buy new clothes. We have different tastes.
2: Sheesh. Kids these days...
3: See ya.
4: /What's the world come to?
5: Ambrose. 19, with a criminal record...
6: I guess I'll search for him in here.
7: Oh! I found him instantly!
8: What?!
9: He was given the death penalty for multiple murders?! And he was executed?!
10: This is bad! I need to call the police...
11: Not so fast.
12: I wouldn't do that if I were you.

1: I figured something like this might happen, so I took a pistol from your room.
2: W-wait!
3: You'll be in trouble if I die!
4: My revival technology isn't perfect! If you want to live a long life...
5: Unfortunately, I don't.
6: And I think bringing people back to life is a really stupid thing to do! Even though it may seem strange hearing that from my mouth.
7: Nice knowing ya, doc!
8: Zeus killed Asclepius as punishment for bringing back the dead, didn't he?
9: Guess I'm your fatal thunderbolt.

1: If you're his thunderbolt, then I must be the all-powerful Zeus that threw it. Long time no see, Frankenstein.
2: You? The Everlife CEO?
3: Oh, I get it... you and Dr. Stein had some business deal going on?
4: I closed up Everlife already. After meeting you, I thought up a new business idea:
5: reviving executed inmates like you and employing them as assassins.
6: You mean you want me to work for you?
sfx: heh
7: You're kidding, right?
sfx: pip
8: Uwahh?!

1: I-I can't move my arms or legs!
2: Wh-what did you do to me?!
3: I installed a chip in your brain after you died. Now, I can track your movements and force you to listen to my orders, or even kill you if I feel like it.
4: Therefore, you no longer have any choice.
5: It's in your best interest to give up and obey me.
6: I knew you would come back to life... because the test subjects the doctor was successful in reviving so far were all in good health.
7: He killed them with lethal injections, the same way you died!
8: That shock will keep you paralyzed for five minutes. So, how does it feel? How does it feel to lose all control over your body?

1: That man was a fine scholar, but he lacked common sense.
2: They do say that genius and madness are only a hair apart, and he was no exception.
3: By the way, my beautiful Frankenstein...
4: Now that the doctor's dead, I'm the only other person who knows that his experiments were successful. And I'm planning to turn this lab into a factory for chemically executed inmates.
5: Don't you think that's a genius idea?
6: So? Want to work with me? I won't do you wrong.
7: I'll take goooood care of you.

1: Talk about two peas in a pod.
2: A businessman who wanted to revive dead inmates and turn them into assassins...
3: and a scientist who overstepped his bounds...
4: I'm a criminal too, but I feel like an innocent little child compared to these guys!
5: I guess I'll collect everything of value here
6: and then burn down the lab along with all the bodies.
7: Killing off these two will do a lot more for society than my execution did.
8: I guess I finally contributed to the world for once...by accident.


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