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Squids and Rules

Squids and Rules

tl by danluffey

1: /I know that when I'm on the court,
2: Kosuga!!
3: /I need to pay attention to the ball.
4: /That's one of the rules.
5: /It's best if you have
6: /nothing else to worry about.

black: Squid and Rules
1: Ah... he's got a nosebleed!
2: Heeeey, sensei!

1: [Two days ago...
2: OK, first, I'll hand back the
3: practice tests.
4: Also, about P.E. after we finish our swimming stuff...
5: from the day after tomorrow, we'll be able to play whatever ball game we want for a whole hour!
6: Any suggestions?
7: Huh? Only ball games?
8: That's no fun.
9: How about dodgeball?
10: We can play that whenever we want!
11: Please raise your hand before you speak!

1: Hey, isn't P.E. your job, not Kosuga's?
2: Class reps exist so that other people can slack off.
3: Sepak? What's that?
sfx: ahahah
4: A really popular ball game in Southeast Asia.
5: Riiiiight.
sfx: hic
6: Okaaaay!
7: I vote for Sepak Takraw!
sfx: Muhhah
sfx: hahahaha
8: boing

1: Wajima-kun... you need to take better care of your liver. Look what the alcohol fumes coming from your body are doing to Kusaba-san!
sfx: Muwahhaaah
2: Oh, come on! I'm probably just tired from taking the test.
3: Hey, Harima! What are you taking him seriously for?!
4: Don't write that down!
board: Basketball Tennis Sepa
5: Hyauu?!
sfx: hahahaha
sfx: jerk
6: Woahhh, she's crying!
sfx: awwwwww
7: Kosuga, you're so mean!
8: (What?!
9: Hey... um... sorry!

sfx: slip
sfx: yoink
sfx: skritch
1: (Was he... trying to make her feel better?
2: Umm... any other ideas?
3: Hey, are you kids all behaving in here?
4: Yeeeees!

sfx: ding dong
sfx: splash
1: squeak
sfx: skritch
sfx: fssssh
2: Niwato-kun!

1: Thanks for earlier.
2: Ohh, the underlay?
3: Yeah.
4: I never know what to do in those kinds of situations.
5: Yeah, you looked like you were really stressed out during the sports festival too.
6: I've never been a class rep before, you know.
7: I never know what to do until after the fact. I always think "Ohh, I should have done THAT!"
sfx: squeaaak
8: But, I'm thankful to everyone for choosing me, so I know I have to do my best.
9: (To make up for the first semester!
10: /Oh no, this conversation's getting gloomy...
11: (Ummm...

1: These tiles have an area of 30cm.
2: Huh?
3: From the blackboard to the lockers in the back,
4: there are 29 tiles, which makes about 9m.
5: ...yeah.
6: In the deep sea,
sfx: rumble
7: Huh?
8: there are squids
sfx: rumble
9: that are 7m long.

1: /Is he... trolling me?
2: They fished one up in Ogasawara two month ago. It was 23 tiles long!
3: (Alright, hold on. I'll try to follow you here...
4: So then it was from the lockers... to about where you're sitting?
sfx: quiver

1: Seems like there are even bigger ones out there, though.
2: There may be ones along the Asian coast that reach the blackboard.
3: Niwato-kun...
4: (What coast?
5: Do you always think about stuff like that?
6: Yeah. Whenever I feel like I'm about to overthink something else.
7: Why don't you try it, Kosuga-kun?
8: OK, all done!
sfx: whew

sfx: spin
1: Wanna walk together?
2: (To the teachers' room.
3: Huh?! Uh, okay.
sfx: spin
sfx: schloop
4: [From that day forward, the squid took root in my heart.

1: /Today was a really weird day...
2: /Now that I think of it, Niwato-kun and I haven't really talked much.
3: Next time I feel like I'm worrying too much, I'll start thinking about squids.
sfx: pop
4: (And that overlay...
5: /He sure has strange ways of reassuring people.
6: /Every day
7: /I study and fulfill my duties.
8: /I face people with all my heart and soul.
9: /But I'm a squid?

1: /No matter how many there may be in Asia, I'll probably never meet one in my entire life.
2: (What do you think about my company, M&A?
3: [Different phases of life
4: (It's such a nice day out, Kosuga-san!
5: /Oh no... I let him influence my brain too much.
sfx: rattle
6: Naomichi? Why didn't you tell me you got out of the bath?
7: Ohh, sorry!

1: OK, check this line here!
2: Apart from the rights to half of the land tax to these manors...
sfx: clack
3: clack

1: Yes! We put our strength together
2: and made iiiit!
3: I wasn't talking about the right to sleep!
sfx: twitch
4: Fuwaaah?!
5: ...Sorry.
sfx: hahahaha

book: Squids of the World
1: /...what am I doing?
2: Nao, did you find out how you did on the test?
sfx: clunk
3: Not yet.
4: Oooh, Giant Squid!
5: (Colossal squid?
6: They eat...

sfx: beep
1: One, two, three, four!
2: [Sperm whales, the largest carnivores in the world.
3: /Don't think about it, don't think about it!
4: [Over 90% of its prey is made up of some type of squids.
sfx: rumble
5: (Let's have a good match today!

sfx: rumble
1: [Over 90% of its prey is made up of some type of squids.
2: /Run!!
sfx: waaahh
3: /Squid!!
4: Kosuga!!
5: Huh?

sfx: whack
1: (Ahh...
2: Geez... why didn't he run?
3: (Are you alright?
4: Ah... he's got a nosebleed!
5: Heeeey, sensei!
sfx: dash
6: I can't believe that guy actually became class rep.
sfx: dash
7: Hey, you!

1: /Yeah... I guess I can't believe
2: /I did either...
3: Man...

1: Haha...
2: This is so stupid.
3: /Whether I'm laughing or crying,
4: /Far far away, they're swimming around somewhere.

sfx: blub
1: Ahhh... I'm surrounded by nothing but things that I need to figure out how to do.

1: Oh, Harima-san just went to the nurse's office!
sfx: fshoooo
2: Huh? To wake me up? Wow, someone even got my bag together for me.
3: I'm sure she'll be back soon.
4: Wajima-kun wrote out a schedule memo for you.
5: (Fufu.
6: So that means I have to decipher his handwriting? Yikes!

1: Hey, Niwato-kun. You know... squids are more interesting than I thought.
3: Yeah. Squids have their own troubles, you know?
4: Troubles?
5: When I first heard you talking about them, I was really surprised,
6: but after I started taking out books on them from the library, I really started to get into it.
7: I wonder what makes us so curious about them?
8: Hmmm...

1: The scale
2: is probably what makes it so fun.
3: Huh? The scale?
4: I mean, think about it.
5: We're always doing the same things in the same places.
6: Worrying, feeling happy, standing up to face things...

1: Living a life in a limited space and working your hardest to follow the rules
2: is probably similar no matter where you do it.
sfx: smack
3: From here on out,
4: no matter where we go...

1: Not like anyone can judge whether that's good or bad.
2: But that's exactly why we should remember that in a different place from here,
3: there exists a completely different set of rules,
4: and completely different beings following them.

1: You shouldn't just cram your heart
2: into the place where you currently are.
sfx: clamor

1: ...probably.
2: Probably?!
3: Maybe I just like saying weird stuff to get attention.
4: With such a straight face?
5: ...guess we'll just have to keep working hard to dodge the ball...
6: yeah, I guess.


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