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Case File #1 - Natural Leaf Mustard Fried Rice and Onion Soup

The Lieutenant's Lunch #1

tl by danluffey

The Lieutenant's Lunch
Umeda Yuki

sfx: clack
sfx: leer

1: So, apparently, natural food has gotten really popular in recent times. You know, food without additives or food coloring. Stuff that's good for your body. I have a very keen taste buds, but I've never once had a meal where I've worried about whether or not the food was "natural." Incidentally, I also have a keen sense of observation and inference.
2: I'm a very skilled detective, you see. In fact, would be no exaggeration to say that detective work is my true calling in life. I enjoy each new investigation I embark upon.
3: Lately, however, I've been enjoying eating so much that my investigations have become my second priority.
4: It's really become quite a problem. Hahaha.

1: You see, although I have a very keen taste buds, I can basically eat anything as long as it tastes good.
2: I'm not some selfish, picky policeman who'd say something like "That has additives in it, so I'm not going to eat it."
3: What about those so-called "natural food" restaurants? Are all their products truly free of additives? I'm very curious.
4: What does "delicious" really mean?

1: [Case File #1 - Natural Leaf Mustard Fried Rice and Onion Soup
2: [-somewhere in the city-
sfx: drip...
sfx: whoom

1: [Yamada Jirou (28), part-time worker
2: Masako... this is all your fault.
sfx: thud
sfx: haaaan
sfx: fwoooosh...

sfx: screeech
1: Hoo... I finally made it. So this is the place, eh?
sfx: leer
2: Ah, hello, Furukata-san! Keep up the great work!
3: Why thank you.
4: Oh, I know... would you mind doing a favor for me?
5: O-of course! What is it?

1: If I remember correctly, there's a Starpacks out there around that corner. Can you go buy me a cafe mocha?
2: Yes sir! I'll be right back!
sfx: flex
3: Thanks.
4: Furukata-saaaan!!
5: Foorookattta-saaaan!!
sfx: flail
sfx: Mmmmm...
6: What a noisy man.
7: Can't you be more quiet?!
sfx: slap
8: Hiiee!
9: We're in an apartment building, so quiet down!
10: O... okay, sorry!
11: Here's the scene of the crime, Furukata-san.
12: I see. This is a nice room.

1: There's the victim.
2: Hmm... let me take a look.
3: Ooof, that looks like it hurt.
4: Her name is Ohara Masako, 25 years old. She was an elite company employee who owned this apartment. Apparently, her boyfriend came and called her on the intercom, but she didn't answer, so he entered the apartment using a copy of her key.
5: He says he found her on the ground like this. He claims not to have touched her body.
6: Hrrmm...
7: I seeee.
8: Did you come here by bicycle, Furukata-san?
9: (Huh?
10: Hm? Yeah... I live close by here.
11: More importantly, where's the boyfriend?
12: Sorry to disturb you while you're resting.
13: My name is Furukata. Do you mind if I ask you a few questions?
14: Sure, go ahead.

1: Can you tell me your name?
2: Yamada Jirou.
3: You say you called her on the intercom, and she didn't answer, so you used your copy of the key and entered, correct?
4: Can you tell me a little bit more about that in detail?
5: O-okay... I told her I was going to come here tonight, but when I called her on the intercom, she didn't answer, so I just used my key to open the door. When I got inside the living room, she was down on the ground like that.
6: It was so terrible, I called the police as soon as I could.
7: You said you didn't touch her body, correct?
8: Didn't you wonder whether or not she was still breathing?
9: A-are you suspecting me?!
10: Well yes, I suppose I am.
11: Wha...?!
12: Her head was split open and blood splurted out all over the place! I was so scared I couldn't bear to go any closer!
13: Still, if someone found their loved one bleeding on the ground like that, I would expect them to rush up to them and check to see if they were alright.
14: Or at least call for an ambulance.
15: I loved her! I never would have killed her!
16: How can you suspect me over one stupid reason like that?!
17: Oh, I have other reasons to suspect you. Let's go out to the room, shall we?

1: Please, come this way.
2: I don't want to see her like that...
3: H-he's the one who killed her? That was quick!
4: I suppose.
5: What are your other reasons?
6: First...
7: Please look here.
8: Huh?
9: Bbbhh!!
letters: Yamada Jirou killed me
sfx: thunk
10: What... you wrote that there just to make it look like I was the killer, didn't you?
11: There's no way something like that would be written so clearly there!
12: That's certainly a possibility.
13: But what about this?
sfx: point
13: This! This is blood!!

1: Th-this is my blood! I cut myself when I was shaving this morning.
2: It looks more like blood that splattered onto you rather than blood that came out from a cut...
3: And besides, if you really cut it this morning, it would have already become a scab, but I don't see anything of the sort there.
4: You probably washed your face and changed your clothes after you killed her.
5: But since the underside of your chin is hard to see, you didn't notice it, and so you didn't wash it.
6: That's just speculation!!
7: Okay, fine. All we need to do is run some DNA tests to figure out whether my speculations are true or not.
8: What?!
9: Gggh...
sfx: thunk
10: Uuuu...
sfx: thud
11: You never cease to amaze me, Furukata-san!
12: No, the criminal this time around was just too stupid for his ow good.
13: Now, how about telling us why you killed your girlfriend?
14: Why...?
15: Because she wanted to break up with me. She said she was seeing someone else...
letters: Yamada Jirou killed me
16: I never thought she'd leave a dying message.
17: There were many other holes in what you said, you know.
18: Huh?!

1: You said that her head was split open, but Ohara-san has long black hair. You would have had to have taken a very close look in order to determine that her head was split open. She was face down, so it could have also seemed like the blood had merely come out of her mouth.
2: You also said that blood splurted out all over the place. You basically told me you did it right there. Blood splurted out all over the place right after you hit her in the head. It wouldn't have continued for very long after that. That tells me that there was a very high possibility that you were at the scene of the crime.
3: Ahh... uuu...
sfx: droop
4: Furukata-san, I brought you your cafe mocha!
5: Oh, good work. But I already solved the case, so I think I'll just go have lunch now. I'll give the cafe mocha to you.
6: Wh-whaaat?! You solved the case already?!
7: That's right. He killed her. I expect you and Himaizumi-san to take care of the rest of this.
8: By the way, what's your name?
sfx: grrr
9: Gouriki Kaname! (*Gouriki can mean "Strong)
10: Gouriki...? What a fitting name for you.
11: Than kyou, sir!!
12: Now then, I'll excuse myself. Take care of the rest, now.

1: There should be something nice around here.
2: Hm? Natural food? Intriguing.
3: I suppose I'll eat here.
sign: Natural Food - no additives or food coloring
4: Welcome!!
5: Now then, what to eat?

1: Hello there! Welcome to Shun.
2: What would you like?
3: I saw that you serve natural food here. What kind of natural food is it?
4: We don't use chemical seasonings or additives like preservatives or food coloring.
5: We call it "food that's easy on your body."
6: Easy on your body, eh?
7: I see. Hmm... I wonder what I'll have.
8: There really is a lot to choose from. Let's see... I suppose I'll order leaf mustard fried rice and onion soup.
list: Cutlet over rice
tempura over rice
cow tongue curry
high quality cutlet curry
organic vegetables over rice
vegetable tempura special
raw egg over rice
leaf mustard fried rice
egg fried rice
plum fried rice
hamburger special
We do not use any additives or chemical seasonings in any of our food.
9: Thank you very much!
10: Leaf mustard fried rice and onion soup please!
11: OK!
12: That girl's pretty cute.
sfx: heh
13: Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's your leaf mustard fried rice and onion soup!
sfx: clink
sfx: ohhhh

1: [leaf mustard fried rice and onion soup
2: Mmmm...
3: /It does look good...
4: (Sampling the leaf mustard fried rice!
sfx: munch
5: (Sampling the onion soup!
sfx: slurp...
6: (Nooooo!!
7: Hey, you. Is the owner here?
8: Um, yes...

sfx: stomp
shirt: No additives - Shun
1: Hi, I'm the owner. How was your meal?
2: I have a question for you. Is all this food free of preservatives and food coloring as well?
3: /I'm really meeting a lot of macho guys today...
4: O-of course it is...
sfx: glimmer
sfx: Mufufu
5: You're lying to me... aren't youuu?
6: L-lying?
7: What do you mean?
8: This isn't natural food.
sfx: ohhhh
9: There are actually a lot of additives in here, aren't there?
10: Th-that's not true!!
11: Please don't make weird claims like that!!
12: Then please don't underestimate my keen sense of taste. Listen carefully.
13: I'll start with the fried rice.
14: This red pickled ginger on the side is fiiiilled with food coloring. I can tell just by looking at it. It doesn't even have anything to do with the taste.
15: Ggghh!!

1: As far as taste goes, let's start with the soup. It tastes like nothing but chemicals. Also, perhaps to cut down on costs, you've used hardly any raw onions, and instead overpowered the soup with flavoring... the powder type, perhaps?
2: This fried rice also has an artificial taste to it. The bacon in it is also obviously filled with preservatives and color enhancers. The leaf mustard also has preservatives and food coloring in it. In other words, this food is filled with additives. How could you call it natural? This is nothing less than fraud.
3: Wh-who the hell are you?!
4: A detective.
5: Geh! A detective?! Wh-what... did you come here to investigate my restaurant?!
6: No, I simply came to have lunch.
7: But now that I've seen what actually goes on in this place...
8: You're deceiving your customers, you know.
9: Deceiving?! I used all natural food in the beginning, you know. But ingredients are expensive, so gradually I switched over to cheaper things...
10: I didn't want to! I feel bad about it! But please, you have to forgive me!
11: I eat meals like this very often, regardless of whether or not they additives in them or not. As far as the food itself goes, it tastes good, and I like it. The problem is what you advertise it as and what's actually in it. You're selling additives to people who don't want them. And the prices of your meals are more expensive compared to other restaurants. They're "natural food" prices, even though you're using different ingredients full of additives. It's a total rip-off.
12: Boss!
13: I-I'm sorry, Misaki-kun.
sfx: jerk
14: I can't go on like this anymore!

1: Boss...
2: Uuu...
3: Don't worry. I'm not on the job right now. I don't think that what you've done should be forgiven...
4: But if you can promise me one thing, then I'll leave here without causing an uproar.
5: What?! R-really?!
6: Promise...?
7: It's simple. Just do things the way they should be done. If you want to run a natural food restaurant, then use only natural ingredients. And if you can't do it, but still want to serve certain meals, then don't use the phrase "natural food" when you advertise your restaurant. If you can't do that, then I will be forced to action. But if you can, then I can forget everything that's happened here today.
8: Alright! I'll take things back to how they were when I started and work my hardest to keep all my ingredients natural!
9: B-boss!
10: You're a good cook, and your food tastes good. I'm sure things will go well.
11: Thank you very much, Mr. Detective!
12: [A murder, and then a fake natural food restaurant... Furukata solved two cases in a single day. No one can deceive his eyes or his tongue... and tomorrow, he will travel to a new restaurant that catches his eye...
13: /I wonder what kind of relationship those two have...?


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