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#156 / Threads of Fate!!


tl by danluffey

#156 / Threads of Fate!!

sign: Tougai High
1: OK, stop it here.
sfx: screech
2: Please wait, Lady Azusa!
3: If your mother finds out about this, she may fire me!

1: It'll be alright. I just want to go and see Kyouhei.
2: But...
3: Why did you bring me all this way, then? It's silly to get all nervous after coming this far!
4: W-well, yes, Lady Azusa, but...
5: Fine.
6: Why don't you just come with me, then?
7: What?!
8: W-well, in that case, if you don't mind... just this once...
9: Why can't you just be honest? You know you want to see Kyouhei too...
10: W-well, umm...

sfx: flutter

1: Y-you're...
2: N-no. It can't be...
3: Is something wrong, Lady Azusa?

1: Do I know you?
2: O-oh, no...
3: I have a question for you. Are you a Tougai student?
4: N-no.
5: So you don't know a man named Sugata Kyouhei, then...
6: What?
7: Oh, so you do know him?

1: Wh-who are you? Lady Azusa, get behind me!!
sfx: fwap
2: Azusa?!
3: Are you Sugata Azusa...?!
4: Broooo!
5: Wait, brooo!

1: Kyouhei!!
2: Azusa!!
3: Young Master Kyouhei! It's been a while!
4: Oh, you came with her, Jeeves?
5: Huh? Where'd that man go?
6: What's wrong, Azusa?
7: Just now, there was someone who looked just like Yui Kyousuke standing here.
8: Yui?!
9: Y-yeah right! Yui's six feet under!!
10: You were probably just daydreaming, Azusa-chan...
11: I wasn't!!

1: Lady Azusa is telling the truth. There was a man here in a white uniform...
2: /A man who looks just like Yui?
3: /What's going on here?!
4: Hey, Kyousuke, I came here today because I wanted to ask you to come to my birthday party tomorrow.
5: Party?
6: Usually I always have it at the house, but in that case, I knew you wouldn't be able to come, Kyouhei, so I decided to invite a bunch of my friends to the Japan Imperial Hotel.
7: /So that's Sugata Kyouhei...
8: /And that's Sugata Azusa...!!

sfx: honk
sfx: vrooooom
1: This is one helluva traffic jam! Woowee!

1: Hey, bro, where are you planning to go, anyway? Don't you think it's about time you told me?
2: You couldn't possibly be thinking of busting into the alliance HQ and taking on Hyoudou Kai all by yourself, right?
sfx: whap
sfx: snap
3: We're still not sure where Hyoudou actually is. I doubt he's at the HQ.
4: But now that we're sure that he was the one who killed your master, we can't just sit around and wait for him to come to us, can we?
5: If I invade the HQ, I'm sure that Hyoudou will show himself eventually.
6: And then, I'll finally be able to get revenge for my master...

1: Stop the car!!
sfx: screeeeech
sfx: click
2: Wh-what's wrong? Why did we stop all of a sudden?
sfx: bzzzt
3: B... bro?!

1: /What's this feeling...?!
2: /All my hair is standing on end, my blood is boiling!
3: /I feel a terrible aura coming from this direction...
4: /Who could it belong to...?!
5: Wh-where are you going, bro? The HQ's farther up ahead!

sfx: stomp

1: Hey, bro... what's... hmm?!
2: Ahhh!
3: D-Dan! Look at the guys over there!

1: Those were the two assassins that were riding in the hearse, Ryuuki and Koki!!
2: Who's that other guy?!
3: Judging from my bro's reaction...
4: He might be...
sfx: crack

1: Hiiieeee!
2: Ggh...
3: /This aura... there's no mistaking it...
4: /This is Hyoudou Kai, the man who killed my master!!
5: /Damn you...
sfx: snap
6: Mmm!!
sfx: crackle

sfx: crack
1: Uuu!!
2: So that's Sugata Kyouhei.
3: Fufufu...
4: It appears that we've finally found the one who mastered the final step of the Cosmo Combo, the energy of the sun!

1: Allow me to send you a greeting!!
2: Hoohhh
3: Uwahhh!!
sfx: crash

1: Wh-what a powerful shockwave... my whole body's gone numb...
sfx: twitch
2: S-so that's the power of the Dark Qigong Fist...
3: Uuu!!
4: Ahhh! Wh-when did they get there?!
sfx: stomp


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