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#164 / Bloodcurdling Power!!


tl by danluffey

#164 / Bloodcurdling Power!!

1: The moment you use it will be my last?
2: Fufufufu... are you sure you aren't talking about yourself? I suppose we'll find out the truth soon enough!
3: Ryuuki! Show him the true power of the Dark Qigong Fist!!

1: Before that, I want to move to somewhere else.
2: I can't use it here!!
3: What...
4: I don't want to hurt innocent people with it.
5: Making excuses and trying to escape won't help you one bit, you know!!
6: I won't escape or hide. If you want to see the energy of the sun, then you'll do as I say.

1: What do you say, Ryuuki?
2: Fine. I would also prefer not to get women involved in this myself.
3: I know a good place. Follow me.
4: Bro! We're coming with you!
5: No. You all have to stay here.
6: Aww, come on, bro!!
7: You promised me that when we die, we'd die together!!

1: Remember, bro? Doesn't that promise mean anything to you?! Well, bro?!
2: I know I only cause you problems, but I'm never afraid to put my life on the line and fight for you, bro!
3: Kaneda's right. I'd happily die for you as well.
4: Fine. Follow me.
5: Bro!!
6: But Yumeko, I can't take you with me. Stay here.
7: /A-alright. Take care...

sfx: whiiiiiirr

sfx: clang

1: This is the underground parking lot.
2: Here, you shouldn't need to hold back one bit.
3: Go and block off the exits so no other people or cars come in.
4: Yes sir!

1: Now, come at me, Sugata!!
sfx: whap
2: Show me the power of the final step of the Cosmo Combo, the energy of the sun!
sfx: slip
3: Kyouhei...
4: You can't use the energy of the sun right now.
5: /M... master?!

1: Did you forget what I taught you, Kyouhei...?
2: The energy of the sun cannot be used unless one's heart, mind, and body are all unified in the name of justice.
3: I also told you that you must not use this technique unless you are fighting a great evil and have tried all other options first.
4: /B-but master... if I don't use it now, then Azusa will...
5: What are you mumbling to yourself about?!
6: Hurry up and show me the energy of the sun!

sfx: whiiiiirr
1: Th... the Storm Fist!!
2: What's wrong?! Go on, use the energy of the sun to counter my Storm Fist!
sfx: bwoom

1: Be careful, bro! He wants to turn you into swiss cheese!
2: Haaah!
sfx: gwaaaahhh
sfx: bibibibi
3: Fuhahahaha! There's no escape!
sfx: fwooosh
4: If you don't use the energy of the sun quickly, your body will be ripped into pieces!

1: Use it!! Use it or I'll poke this little cutie's eyes out!
sfx: twitch
2: Kyaaaa!
3: /Master, please forgive me... no matter what result this brings, I have no choice but to use the energy of the sun now!
sfx: tap

1: Ahhh! S-Supreme Commander!!
sfx: kyaaa clamor

1: Where's Sugata Kyouhei?
2: In the underground parking lot with Ryuuki-san and Koki-san, sir!
3: They said they were going to take him there so that he could show them the energy of the sun...
4: What?!
5: Nnnn... who told them they could do that?!
6: /Th-that's strange. I can't read his mind.
7: /But why?!
sfx: glare

1: Woman... it's impossible for you to read my mind!!
2: twitch
sfx: snap
sfx: twinge
3: Kyaaaaahhh!

sfx: thud
1: Let's go!!
sfx: spin
2: Yes sir!
3: Oww...!!
4: /S-so that's the Supreme Commander... he's even more frightening that I imagined he'd be! Th-this is bad... I have to let Kyouhei-san know that he's heading for the parking lot.
5: /Kyouhei-san!! Kyouhei-san!!
6: /Wh-what's wrong? My telepathy isn't reaching him... what's going on?!

sfx: rumble
sfx: whoooosh
1: Wh-what's that wind?

sfx: clatter
1: H... hieeeee! A-an earthquake!!
2: Wh... what is this?
sfx: rumble...
sfx: snap

sfx: crash
sfx: snap
sfx: crack rumble
1: Uwaaaahhhh!
2: R-run! It's gonna cave in!
3: This... this is...
4: the energy of the sun?!


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