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#5. The Mummified Monk


tl by danluffey

Mizusawa Yuusuke

Phantom Street [2]

Cast of Characters

Maki Hyousuke

The 17th-generation "Mugen," and current owner of Mugen's Puppet Shop. He uses the "kuhou" skills he learned from his grandfather to do side work as a shaman. Currently he can only use three "kuhou" skills properly: flight, superhuman strength, and razor wind.


In the world of Japanese mysticism, tengu are known as creatures that consist purely of energy, who live alongside nature, yet are beyond what our human bodies can physically recognize. Normally, tengu are born from natural energy, but humans can also become tengu if they train themselves properly. This method of training is known as kuhou. Tengu possess the following abilities: flight, superhuman strength, telekinesis, mind-reading, invisibility, clairvoyance, water-walking, razor wind, spirit waves, and illusionary arts.

Maki Genzou

Hyousuke's grandfather. Several years ago, his soul was transplanted into this head. He taught Hyousuke both in puppetry and kuhou. Genzou possesses the abilities of clairvoyance, mind-reading, and illusionary arts, but he also has a few other tricks up his sleeve.

Shiragami Jin

A sealist who can manipulate powered seals called "jufu." He makes his living by taking any sort of paying job he can get his hands on. He's been connected to Hyousuke for several years.

Chiba Reiko

The girl from the liquor shop next door who helps Hyousuke out part-time at his shop. She's in love with him.

The kids from the neighborhood

From the right - Ma-kun, Kazu-chan, Kawapyon, Micchan, Biwarin, Kenbou.

Table of Contents

#5. The Mummified Monk
#6. The Kodama Monster
#7. The Sealist
#8. Jugondou
#9. Mizuchi

#5. The Mummified Monk

1: Hey, is this that mummified monk that was dug up recently?
2: Wow. With his robes on, he actually looks kinda legit. Still pretty creepy, though...
3: He may have thought he was attaining Buddhahood, but he still just looks like a mummy to me.
4: C'mon, let's go.
5: If someone finds us here, we could get in trouble again.
6: Yeah...
7: Alright.

1: Hey, Soukaku, what are you doing?
2: Hurry up and get out here.
3: Soukaku?

SIGN: Mugen's Puppet Shop
1: Uuu...
2: We're in the red... AGAIN!
3: In the red?
4: Mmm...
5: Hey, Hyou-chan!
6: What does in the red mean?
7: Heeey! Hyou-chaaan!

1: In the red means
2: that you're spending more money than you're making...
3: Booooss!!
4: Ah... Reiko-chan! I thought you were guarding the shop?
5: Grr!
6: What are you teaching those kids?!
7: C'mon now.
8: It's time to go home!
9: Bye bye, Hyou-chan!
10: bye bye!
11: See you later!
12: Ah!
13: I just remembered.
14: About my pay next month...

1: Uuu...
2: Those spasms I always get are acting up again...
3: You know, I was just going to say you can pay me whenever you want.
4: What? Really?!
5: Uu... I'm so sorry!
6: You promised me you wouldn't say that!
7: Now,
8: in return...
9: Please take me on a date on your next day off!
10: Huh...?!
11: He switched in a dummy?!

1: Aaaah! Boss, you meaniiiie!!

1: Biieeee!!
2: What's wrong, Micchan?!
3: Ah! Hyou-chan!
4: Kawapyon fell and got hurt!
5: C'mon now, Kawapyon, show me where it hurts.
6: I'll make it all better for you.

1: See?
2: Pain, pain,
3: fly awaay!
4: Waah! Hyou-chan! You're amazing!
5: It's all better now!
6: Woaaah!!
7: Wow. That's some magic trick.
8: Ah!
9: You're...

1: Kumiko?!
2: Long time no see, big bro.
3: It's been two whole years.
4: Wh-what are you doing here all of a sudden?!
5: You surprised me!
6: Huh?
7: A shaman?!
8: Wow, I didn't know you started doing that stuff.
9: My main job is still puppets! The shaman jobs are just side work.
10: You remember how grandpa was really into mysticism, right? He even made me go through training when I was a kid.
11: Thanks to that, though, I can use a little kuhou now.
12: Kuhou?

1: Kuhou is a type of Japanese mysticism that allows people to use the same abilities as tengu through special training.
2: Tengu possess the following abilities: flight, superhuman strength, telekinesis, mind-reading, invisibility, clairvoyance, water-walking, razor wind, spirit waves, and illusionary arts.
3: So,
4: that thing you just did was kuhou?
5: Oh, that's called a spirit wave. It allows me to heal wounds with the palm of my hand.
6: I don't heal it directly, I just used match my waves up with the natural healing waves that everyone has and enhance them.
7: I'm not very good at using it, though. A scrape on a kid's knee is about as far as I can go.

1: Mugen's Puppet Shop
2: Boss...
3: Who's that woman?
4: Oh, you've never met her before, Reiko-chan?
5: That's Kumiko, my little sister.
6: What? You have a little sister?
7: Yeah, but because of some things that happened,
8: we've lived apart ever since we were children.
9: How are Aunt and Uncle Fujimoto?
10: Good.
11: And how's college?
12: You don't need to worry, I'm going to all my classes.

1: Find any nice guys?
2: I don't think you're
3: in any position to be worrying about me.
4: Haven't you found a nice girl yet?
5: You can't just go on playing with children forever. How about taking someone on a date once in a while?
6: Uu...
7: There's no reason you shouldn't be popular with the ladies, you know.
8: What did you come here for, anyway?
9: (Aww! You changed the subject.
10: You want something, right?
11: So, tell me
12: what you know about mummified monks.
13: Mummified monks?

1: In the Edo Period, monks would often undergo severe training and bury themselves in the ground while praying for the end of famines and plagues. The act of mummifying oneself for a divine good was mainly practiced on Yudono Mountain in Northeast Japan.
2: Monks who succeeded in becoming mummies were then worshipped as Buddhas, and are still revered to this day.
3: They kept chanting prayers and ringing bells in the ground right up to their deaths, right?
4: I think I've heard of the before.
5: I decided to research them for my graduation thesis.
6: Then, when I was researching, I found news that a mummy had been found at Senjindake.
7: I knew I had to go see it! It'll be perfect for my thesis!
8: A mummy?

1: Some company dug it up when they were clearing land for a new housing development.
2: The mummy's apparently in really good condition, so it caused a bit of an uproar.
3: I want to go there and collect some field research data,
4: but it's dangerous for me to go alone, right?
5: So I came to ask if you wanted to come with me.
6: Huh?!
7: H-hold on a second here. This is pretty sudden...
8: Awwww! Come ooon!
9: Please? I'm too scared to go alone!
10: Just one day, that's all. OK?
11: Hmmm... but...
12: Please, big brother!
13-14: Please?
15: Urrrm...

1: /How did this happen...?
2: Research says that most of the mummified monks are
3: low-ranking itinerant monks from the Yudono mountain range.
4: Still, not every one of those monks ended up that way.
5: It took a lot of severe training to withstand what those monks did.
6: It was so severe, in fact,
7: that most of the people who went through it gave up before they finished.

1: There was a solid system to how they cut off what they ate, and instead of eating five and ten-grain rice, they would eat nuts and grass.
2: And they would do that for the rest of their lives.
3: Then, after completing two or three thousand days of severe training with their emaciated bodies, they would be buried in the ground alive.
4: Three months and three years after death, they would be dug up and worshipped as Buddhas.
5: There are a lot of different kinds of mummies in the world, but apparently the only ones who were mummified while alive
6: are these Japanese monks.
7: So...
8: where's the recent mummy they found?
9: It's being kept at a temple called Shoufuku-ji.

1: Soukaku!
2: Where's Soukaku?!
3: Well..
4: he's been gone since last night.
5: Tch! Young people these days...
6: Don't let anyone in here!
7: Ever since we got this mummy...
8: we've had nothing but misfortune...


1: Hoo...
2: OK, see ya!
3: I'm gonna go gather some info from the local townspeople.
4: What?!
5: H-hey!
6: Kehee hee hee hee! She never changes. What a spunky gal!
7: What?
8: You were awake, sensei?
9: Aren't...
10: you going to tell her anything?

1: Aren't you going to tell her
2: that you aren't really dead?
3: Hmph. If she saw me as I am now,
4: she'd just laugh her tail off.
5: And besides, I was the one who proposed the idea of sending her off to another family.
6: It's better for her if she thinks I'm dead.
7: /When I was very small, my father died,
8: /and when I was in fifth grade, my mother died.
9: /At the time, we didn't have enough money to support all three of us,

1: /so...
2: Nooo!
3: I don't want to goooo!
4: Hyousuke!
5: Hyousuke!!
6: Hyousukeeee!!

1: Good...
2: Good job keeping it all in, Hyousuke.
3: Hyou...
4: Uuuu...
5: Uuu!
6: Uuuuu...

1: It's already been
2: ten years...
3: You loved Kumiko more
4: than me, didn't you?
5: That's why you sent her away,
6: to a family where she could have two parents, and where she would be truly happy.
7: Right?
8: Hmph...
9: I know how you work, grandpa.
10: What are you calling me grandpa for? I'm your sensei! Your sensei!!
11: Right, right.

1: That's strange...
2: Why is this open?

1: The mummy's...
2: gone?!
3: B-but
4: who could have done this?!
5: Uuu...!
6: Aaaaahhh!!
7: Hie...
8: Hiiiieeee!!
9: /Blood...

1: /Need...
2: /more... blood...

1: It's weird, you know.
2: All the people I asked told me that it wasn't really a mummified monk.
3: What does that mean?
4: They said that no one really knows
5: whose mummy it actually is.
6: Mummified monks are revered as "living Buddhas,"
7: so it doesn't make sense that the details of such an important figure wouldn't be recorded anywhere.
8: And, the body was found in a stone sarcophagus.
9: A stone sarcophagus?!
10: Mummified monks are usually buried in wooden caskets.
11: This one was locked up tight, as if the person who buried him didn't want anyone to find him. There weren't even any air holes.

1: Excuse me!
2: Is anyone here?
3: That's weird...
4: I made sure to call them before we came...
5: I'm going to go look around!
6: Hey, wait!
7: You can't just run around a temple like that!

1: Is this the stone sarcophagus?!
2: This is what they found the mummy inside?
3: Let me see it too, Hyousuke.
4: Hoh...
5: Hmm... interesting.
6: I can feel a strange aura attached to it...

1: There's some kind of writing on the surface...
2: The damage makes it really hard to read, though.
3: Can you read it, sensei?
4: Hmmm...
5: Kodama...
6: A Kodama?!
7: Don't tell me...
8: The Kodama art was used this?!
9: The Kodama art?

1: Excuse me!
2: That's weird...
3: Why isn't anyone here?
4: /Blood...
5: /Need... more... blood...


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