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#32. Shinsenshi


tl by danluffey

#32. Shinsenshi

SIGN: Fortune Telling Shop II
1: Next please.
2: Excuse me. You're Tsuboi Gyokudou-sensei, correct?
3: There's something I absolutely must
4: ask you.
5: Do you happen to know
6: this man?

1: This is...
2: Tenshin...
3: Iwakura Tenshin, the Sealist!
4: Yes.
5: I heard you were an old friend of his...
6: Wh-who are you?!
7: Oh, right. I haven't introduced myself.
8: This is my card.
CARD: Shinsenshi - Kannou Seijin
9: Kannou Seijin, the Shinsenshi?!
10: Y-you...
11: Don't tell me you're...
12: Tenshin-san doesn't seem to stay in the same place for long. I've had a lot of trouble getting ahold of him.
13: If you know of anywhere he might be...
14: I... I don't!
15: I don't know anything!!
16: I see...
17: That's too bad.

1: Gah...
2: Everything in this world is controlled by light and shadow.
3: Humans as well.
4: The blood vessels that run through the inside of the body are "shadow," while the ones that run through the back are "light.
5: Chinese medicine utilizes the energy that flows through these two streams.

1: I just struck one of your pressure points, the "Amon."
2: You'll tell me all I need to know now.
3: Now...
4: Teach me all you know about Iwakura Tenshin.
5: T... Tenshin...
6: has one pupil...
7: A pupil?!
8: What's his name?!
9: H-his name...
10: is... Shira... something...
11: Ah, yes... Shiragami Jin...
12: Thank you very much. Enjoy your rest.
13: You don't need to worry. You'll awaken in about five minutes.
14: And by that time,
15: you won't even remember me...

1: Guohh...
2: Nngh...
3: Awww, come on.
4: Knock it off already!!
5: Geez.
6: It's too early for this!

1: Who's there?!
2: It's me! Nanase Yuuko! Open up, Shiragami-san!
3: Nanase... Yuuko?
4: You know! The girl who got wrapped up in that masked man case! You saved me, remember?
5: Oh, the kid...
6: Yo! Shiragami-san!
7: Good morning!
8: Do you have any idea whattime it is?!
9: Yeah, it's already 9:00!
10: How long you gonna keep sleeping for?
11: 'scuse me!
12: Ahh... hey, don't just walk inside!!
13: Wow! This place is cleaner than I thought it'd be!
14: Ah! Shiragami-san! I'll just have oolong tea.
15: Are you... trying to piss me off?

1: What did you come here for, anyway?
2: Huh?
3: Can't you tell? I'm going to become your pupil!
4: What?!
5: Alright, listen up. Because I'm not gonna say it again! I'm not interested in taking any pupils!
6: Once you're done drinking that, get outta here!
7: What a scary face!
8: But its cute too!
9: You little twerp!
10: You think I'm gonna be nice to you just because you're small and cute?
11: Hmph!
12: You don't scare me one bit!
13: I know you're reaaally nice, Shiragami-san!
14: I know all about you!

1: Aahh!
2: I'm changing
3: and taking you back to Sharakudou.
4: G-grandpa's house?
5: If you want me to take you back to your family's house, I can do that instead.
6: But... I don't want to go home!
7: No one's there anyway!
8: My mom died, and my dad hardly ever comes home.
9: And I've never seen my brother since the day he left.
10: So you're lonely, huh? Well guess what? Everyone's lonely.
11: There isn't anyone in this world who isn't lonely.
12: People are born alone,
13: and die alone.

1: Shiragami here.
2: What?!
3: Sensei! Tenshin-sensei?!
4: Yes, it's been a while. I've been fine.
5: What... today? Alright...
6: /N...
7: /No waaaay!

1: Hey kid, what are you so angry about now?
2: I'm not angry!
3: Why would I get angry over something like that?!
4: What are you talking about?
5: Hey, Shiragami-san,
6: you'll take me with you, right?
7: What?!
8: You're going to meet your sensei today, aren't you?
9: I want to see who taught you how to be a sealist! You'll let me come, right?
10: No! You're going home!
11: Fine then!
12: I will go home! I'll go straight home!

1: Loser!
2: Idiot!
3: Womanizer! Scumbag!
4: You'll regret this!
5: Womanizer...?

1: Kyaaaaahh!
2: Oooh! So plump!
3: What are you doing?!
4: Guohh... hauh, hauh!
5: Owww...
6: You never change, sensei...

1: Oh, Jin!
2: Long time no see!
3: Don't you think you're getting a little too old for that?
4: You kidding me?
5: I'm still rarin' to go!
6: So, what did you call me for?
7: If it's money, just tell me how much you need.
8: I'll scrounge it up somehow.
9: Aha!
10: I'm not so dried out that I need to start asking my pupils for money.
11: I just brought you a job.
12: How about it?
13: Excited already, arencha?
14: A job?
15: A protection job. I want you to protect a man for three days.
16: Who am I protecting?

1: This guy.
2: What?!
3: I want you to protect me from Iwakura Tenshin.
4: Sensei... just what did you do?
5: It's just work trouble. I happened to incur the wrath of the son of the leader of a large corporation,
6: so the idiot sent out an assassin after me.
7: He has a week to kill me, and he's already used four of those days up.
8: I already settled the matter with the son in a meeting, but as you know, you can't just call off a hitman.
9: What's the assassin's name?
10: Kannou Seijin. You've heard of him, right?
11: Kannou... the acupuncturist?!
12: Yeah. But he calls himself a harisenshi - an esoteric acupuncturist.
13: Apparently, he's a master of "tenketsu."
14: Tenketsu?!

1: Tenketsu is a logical fighting style based off Eastern medicine and Chinese martial arts that aims for the vitals. Through stimulating special acupuncture points that exist aong the body, it can paralyze or even kill other humans.
2: Many legends exist regarding tenketsu, speaking of people losing all control over their mouths and eyes. It's also known as the three-day or three-year killer.
3: I've heard the rumors...
4: Hmph... interesting...
5: Alright. Leave it to me.
6: Oh! You don't mind?!
7: For 500,000, I don't.
8: What?!
9: Jin!!
10: You're going to try and squeeze out money from your own sensei?!
11: Hey, you're the one who taught me to never work for free.
12: Hmm... alright, but at least give me a 50,000 yen discount.

1: Hm?
2: Hey!!
3: Aaaahh!!
4: I thought
5: I told you to go home!
6: I'm sorryyyy!
7: Jin! Who's that?
8: Oh, this is...
9: Hello, nice to meet you! My name is Nanase Yuuko.
10: I just became Shiragami-san's new pupil today.
11: His pupil?!
12: JIN'S?!
13: She's lying! She's just a little liar!!
14: So that's what's going on here...
15: You lady-killer, you!
16: I told you, she's fulla crap!
17: If you wanna be a sealist, my dear, you don't need to waste your time with that dolt! Just come straight to me!
18: Huh?!

1: I'm nicer than Jin,
2: and I'll teach you eeeeverything!
3: Aaaahh! What are you doing?!
4: Hauhh!
5: S... sensei?!
6: Ahh, I'm sorry!
7: Are you alright?!
8: Sensei!!
9: Nghah...

1: Owwww...
2: I'm sorry...
3: Aw, don't sweat it.
4: You've got quite the punch there!
5: Hey, kid! It's time to go.
6: Whaaaat?!
7: Now, now, I got hurt because of her!
8: I need her to nurse me back to health.
9: How about staying here for the night, my dear?
10: Really? Can I?!
11: Oh, gimme a break...

1: Nooo way!
2: Really, it's true!
3: And you should have seen all the work it took to clean up! In the end, we all just gave up and went home!
4: Oh wow!
5: I can't believe that actually happened?
6: Hey, Jin! You got any sake?!
7: Hell no.
8: Then go buy some!
9: Right now!
10: Are you sure there's really an assassin coming to klll you?
11: Kekekekeke...
12: Please stay here until I get back.
13: Alright, sensei?!
14: Hey, Tenshin-sensei!
15: What?

1: Please tell me more about Shiragami-san!
2: I don't really know much about him, honestly!
3: Hmm...
4: I wonder where I should start.
5: When did you first meet him?
6: Quite a long time ago.
7: Over a whole decade ago, I think.
8: Hey, what's wrong?
9: Uwahh.... st-stop it...
10: Shuddaaaap!!
11: Hey, you two!
12: What are you doing over there?!

1: Who the hell are you?
2: Get outta here,
3: old man!
4: Uuu...
5: Ahh...
6: This is horrible. What'd he do to you?!
7: I said beat it!
8: He was just acting cocky, that's all!
9: This world's dog-eat-dog!
10: The strong rule the weak!
11: Now get outta here, gramps,
12: unless you wanna die!

1: Dog-eat-dog, eh?
2: So then you wouldn't mind if I had a little nibble then, eh?
3: Time for you two to take
4: a little trip to the hospital.
5: Fuck you!!

1: Gh...
2: Gaaaahh...!!
3: Seal art
4: "Koppa" (*Bone Breaker)
5: You alright, kid?
6: Ah...
7: Y-yes.

1: Wh-what is this?
2: An invoice.
3: 200,000?!
4: Usually, I'd require at least 500,000 for a job like that. But youre still a student, so...
5: I'll go easy on you this time.
6: My name's Iwakura Tenshin. I'm a problem-solver.
7: Just bring the money to the address on the paper.
8: You can wait to pay me until after you save it up, though.
9: Later, kid.

1: And so, I ended up taking him in as my disciple. He pretty much had nowhere else to go, anyway.
2: I still can't believe that Shiragami-san
3: was actually bullied!
4: Back then, bullying
5: and juvenile delinquents were all over the place.
6: He was an orphan, too.
7: What?
8: An orphan?!
9: Shiragami-san...?
10: Yeah.
11: He doesn't have a family.
12: Oh...
13: I didn't... know that...

1: Oh, that reminds me.
2: Do you know who this woman is?
3: Her.
4: Umm...
5: Tenshin-sensei?!
6: That idiot...
7: He's still holding on to this?!
8-9: That idiot...

1: Excuse me,
2: but you're Shiragami Jin, aren't you?
3: And you are?
4: Kannou Seijin.
5: Ohh.

1: So, how can I help you?
2: Well, I actually have a question for you.
3: Would you happen to know where your master, Iwakura Tenshin is,
4: at this current moment?
5: Hmph...
6: Sorry, but nope.
7: If you want to know, then why don't you just use one of your needles to make me talk?
8: I see.
9: So he's hiding at your place.
10: Asshole...

1: Goodbye, then...
2: Wait!!
3: Tch...
4: That son of a bitch...
5: He's gonna pay...


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