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#17. Physiognomy and Gynecology


tl by danluffey

#17. Physiognomy and Gynecology

1: People say that
2: with men,
3: the length of their nose...
4: can tell you how long their symbol is...
5: That's just what people say,
6: anyway.
7: Now, what do women's faces
8: have to do with their clams?!
9: That's what we're going to talk about today!

1: I think I'll start with you first...
2: OK!
3: My name is Mika!
4: Would you mind having a face-off with me?
5: Sure, but the term "bottom-off" seems more appropriate...
6: I'd be glad to.

1: Hmm...
2: Hmm. It's just as I thought!
3: Ohh!
4: Hurry!

1: She's already liquefied!
2: All I need to do is slide in...
3: It feels like she's sucking me in!
4: And her walls are moving in waves over me!
5: Aahhh!
6: Mmmm!
7: Yeeees! Yesss! That's iiiit!

1: If you bend back that much, you'll bend me with you!
2: Luckily, I'm naturally curved!
3: What passion!
4: This woman is clearly losing herself to the pleasure of sex.
5: In other words, she enjoys sex!
6: Now, let's take a look at her nose and her mouth.
7: They're close together, aren't they?

1: In Japan, a "sukebe," or perverted man, is traditionally thought of as a man whose nose and mouth are spread apart.
2: But as far as women go, it's the opposite!
3: The closer her nose and mouth, the more she likes sex!
4: In Japanese, these women are called "bikatan."
5: So in other words, Mika Tan is a bikatan! Get it?
6: Next up
7: is you...

1: This girl isn't exactly a bikatan, but she's got an "ukeguchi" mouth.
2: I'll explain about lips and mouths now...
3: Girls who have "ukeguchi" mouths supposedly like sex.
4: They're second to bikatan in terms of girls who like sex... and they're really good at giving blowjobs!
5: Next is you...
6: Aww, her single dimple is so cute!
7: There's #3! Single dimple girls!

1: Bikatan, ukeguchi, and single dimples! These are the top three!
2: It's also said that girls who make suppressed smiles, girls who have different-sized eyes, or eyes that are close together, or girls that have swollen eyelids
3: also like sex.
4: Here's what happens when you put all that together! Yeesh!
5: Of course, it's always better to be partnered up with a girl who likes sex...
6: But one thing you have to remember is that just because the girl likes sex, it DOESN'T mean she has an exquisite organ!
7: Now, let's figure out how to tell what kind of organ she has by looking at her face!
8: Some people say it's all about the shape of the ears... but I say it's the lips!
9: You know what they say! The top lips are connected to the bottom lips!

1: Let's take a look at the lips of ladies drawn by Utamaro in the famous Ukiyo-e paintings... they're very thin and small, aren't they?
2: Why did Utamaro draw them like that? Because it makes the woman look more elegant? Sexier? There's a lot of possibilities...
3: But the truth is!
4: It's because Utamaro knew a LOT about women!

1: The lips in that photo tell us just what kind of lips she had down there!
2: And girls with those lips have GREAT pussies!!
3: Utamaro had it all figured out when he was creating his paintings!
4: That's why people find his paintings sexy!
5: Bikatan, ukeguchi... small lips means a tight clam... that's what it means!
6: There are also women whose upper lips don't look too good,
7: but whose bottom lips feel real good!
8: These kind of women are called "sesse" in Japanese. Most of them have buckteeth, but it means that their vaginas are also pointing outward and upward!
9: We explained in the last chapter why that's a good thing... it means it fits perfectly with the shape of the penis!

1: This is why, when men used to purchase geisha and courtesans in the olden days, they would focus more on their faces than their actual capabilities, and choose women who had the right lips!
2: Generally speaking, Japanese women have a larger tendency to be both with buckteeth than other ethnicities.
4: But bucktoothed ladies, all is not lost!
5: You may be laughing at the buckteeth now, but they'll get the last laugh - in bed! Wait to speak until your penis does!
6: Once in a while you'll come across a lady who has thick, curvy lips.
7: You often see this in Egyptian, Turkish, and Indian girls.
8: These girls are often the same deal as the buckteethers,
9: AND they usually like sex, to boot!

1: Girls with thick lips also have thick pussies.
2: And girls with little curves in the tops of their lips like this have thick, tight walls!
3: And those who have tight, lengthy lips that stretch out to their cheeks have the good ol' meat bun pussies!
4: It also isn't uncommon for these girls to have exquisite pot-type organs!
5: But girls with very thin, long lips have lackluster clams...
6: Especially if their lips curve downwards. That's a danger signal! Not only might they have a sagger, but they also might be prone to crazy arguing!
7: But hold on just a second, buster!
8: If you'll recall, just having thin lips alone isn't necessarily bad. If the lip size is small and tight, then usually, that means they're small and tight down there as well! So don't fret!

1: Just imagine that women are creatures who have vaginas instead of mouths.
2: The shape of their upper lip, and the condition of the muscles around their mouth area will tell you just what it's like down there!
3: Additionally, a woman earns certain special features around their mouths when they get up in their 40s...
4: You know! Wrinkles!
5: When you see those, you'll know that they're getting loose down there as well. Sad but true!
6: Wrinkles in the muscles that appear around the mouth show signs that the women's clams are aging and weakening,
7: while wrinkles on the lips themselves indicate actual loosening of the vagina itself, regardless of age!

1: That's why women who bear children often get wrinkles on their lips soon after!
2: Next, let's talk about teeth!
3: Some people have small teeth, and some have big teeth...
4: If you see a woman with small teeth -- beautiful teeth, tiny teeth like a mouse's -- you'll know that her clam is small and compact in every way!
5: If she has big teeth -- bulging teeth like a horse's -- then you'll know she has a big one!
6: But this only indicates the initial state of the pussy, and does little to tell you about its current condition.
7: Which means that some women with small teeth may eventually find themselves in the possession of floppy, loose vaginas, depending on how they use them!

1: People say you can figure out a person just by looking them straight in the eyes...
2: So after the lips, you should look at the eyes!
3: Hey, you!
4: Yes?
5: /She has big, black eyes. Girls like these...
6: You have thick hair down there, don't you?
7: Y-yes, I do.

1: And their clams...
2: are usually wide and easy to slip into!
3: And their clits...
4: are pretty well-developed!
5: Next...
6: We have girls with small eyes.
7: Hmmm... she's got a pretty tiny entrance.
8: Hrrmm...

1: Her entrance really is small...
2: If she was a virgin, not even three or four nights would be enough to pry her open!
3: Remember, though -- small eyes are different than thin eyes.
4: Women, with thin, sharp eyes...
5: which, incidentally, are seen as the most perverted eyes in Japan...
6: often have the tendency to cheat, or are easy lays!
7: In other words, they're very passionate about sex... and!

1: When they climax, they make cute crying noises, like they're trying to hold their voices back...
2: So cute!
3: Next up, fish-eyed girls!
4: They have big pussies... if you just thought that, you'd be super wrong!
5: They actually have pretty tight openings, but their upper parts are a bit more open than other girls.
6: Beady-eyed girls...
7: They're tighter once you're inside...
8: In other words, their walls are close together!

1: Girls with droopy ends
2: are often saggers...
3: And girls with perky eyes
4: are pretty fiery, but more often than not, their raisers!
5: It takes a while to woo them,
6: but once they grab on to you, they're passionate, and never let go... that's usually the case, anyway!

1: Real pros say that women's eyes look different before and after they're fucked.
2: Huh?! Everyone knows that, you say?!
3: That's right! When girls' eyes get a little shine to them, or look a little moist, it means that they're moist down there, and that their clit is erect, too!
4: Speaking of clits, women with big noses usually have big clits, too.
5: If their nose is well-developed, then so is their clitoris!
6: Oh, about hair, if they have super curly hair, then they usually like sex.
7: I'm not talking about the hair down there! Everyone's is curly down there!
8: Now! For the absolute number one face when it comes to clams...

1: Up to this point, we've talked about facial features, but I haven't yet mentioned anything about the shape of the face itself... these egg-shaped faces are the best!
2: Girls with these faces usually have tight ones. In ancient Japan, women with these kinds of faces were seen as the most beautiful, and you bet your sweet bippy there was a reason for that!
3: Egg-shaped faces, curly hair, a big nose that's close to the mouth, and round, thick lips!
4: Thin, long eyes that are slightly upturned!
5: What?! Are you sure this is really the best possible face?
6: As far as sex goes, it is!

#17 / END


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