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#21. The Bluebird and the One-Holed Beast


tl by danluffey

#21. The Bluebird and the One-Holed Beast

1: How's this?
2: Nothing...
3: Then I'll raise up your legs...
4: And stick it in all the way...
5: I still
6: can't feel anything!
7: Then turn this way and sit on top of me.


1: Come inside.
2: Huh? I didn't
3: hail a cab, though.
4: There's... something I want to talk to you about.
5: The truth is, I was peeping on you...
6: back there in that hotel.
7: What?!

1: You were peeping on us? When we were having sex?!
2: Yes.
3: From where?
4: I crawled into the vents.
5: Geez! That's crazy.
6: I often take customers to that hotel, so I'm friends with its owner.
7: Sometimes I ask him to let me inside...
8: But then I realized that you're a true pro when it comes to sex.
9: And that you're capable of curing women who don't feel pleasure during sex!
10: I'm really not an actual pro.
11: I'm just training myself in the way of Chindala Mandala.
12: I don't really know what that is, but I have a request for you.
13: You know another woman who doesn't enjoy sex?

1: No. Not exactly.
2: Is there a limit to how much semen a man can produce?
3: Like, 1,000 shots in a year or something...
4: No way!
5: Men get weaker as they get older,
6: but they never run out.
7: I think I'm starting to weaken, then.
8: You don't look that old, though...
9: Well, for some reason, going at it with my wife has become a true chore.
10: I used to enjoy it so much, but...
11: When I get home tired from work, and she tries to come on to me, I just can't help but push her away.
12: My woman's actually very beautiful, if I do say so myself.
13: I still find her attractive compared to other women.

1: We've been together for so long, though...
2: And I'm ashamed to admit it, but I don't know any other woman than her. I'm a one-hole animal.
3: There's nothing to be ashamed of about that!
4: Sex has gotten out of control lately,
5: and men my age don't know how to navigate all these new sex shops.
SIGNS: No Panties / Private Cafe / Turkish / Hotel / Apt. Bath / Peep Show / Private Massage
6: Wouldn't have the courage to anyway.
7: Working this job, I've had a lot of chances to try and chat up hostesses who ride in my taxi,
8: but whenever it comes time, my little guy just withers and doesn't want to work.
9: I think... it's because somewhere in my mind, I feel guilty.
10: So here's my request.

1: Can you take care of my wife for me?
2: You mean you want to try to get your wife to cheat so that you can cheat?
3: Well, I don't exactly WANT her to cheat...
4: But if it's a pro she's doing it with, then for some reason, it doesn't really feel like cheating.
5: That seems a bit arbitrary..
6: Indeed, it is.
7: But I'm a man. I just want to know what another woman feels like, even just once...
8: And I don't have much time left, that's for sure.
9: This is my last wish!

1: /This may be a common problem for men his age...
2: /And it might help me on my training.
3: /Guess I'll take her for a whirl.
4: Please! I beg you!
5: There's my house.
6: This is the younger brother of Kurumada-san, an old classmate of mine. He just moved to Tokyo.
7: I'm Rinta. Nice to meet you.

1: I decided to let him stay here for a few days until he finds a place.
2: Be a good host to him, will you?
3: Our house is a bit of a dump, but please make yourself at home.
4: Thank you very much.
5: /His wife really his beautiful.
6: /He really lucked out!
7: /I mean, if I had to pick, I'd rather spend the night with a beauty...
8: I'm on the night shift tomorrow.
9: I'll aim for tomorrow night, then.
10: You can do it that quickly?!
11: What does she like?
12: Sweet things.
13: Japanese sweets. Like mochi from Kyouya.

SIGN: Kyouya
1: I'm off to work now. I'll be back around 10 AM the next morning, so I'm counting on you!
2: Please leave it to me.
3: Just to check, try driving by around 11 PM tonight.
4: That'll let you know how things went, and should put you at ease.
5: OK then, leave the bedroom window unlocked. I'll check through there.
6: /If I head toward home now,
7: /I should make it there by 11.

1: Amazing!
2: Your skin is softer than the mochi you just ate!

1: /Wow! He really is a pro...
2: /Looking at my wife giving herself to another man like this gives me some
3: /complicated feelings, though...
4: /But now...
5: /I'm free!
6: /Now I can graduate from being a one-hole animal!
7: /I'm gonna go to a turkish bath house right after work!
8: /Or maybe I'll try one of those college girl apartments that have been so popular...

1: H-hey, that's dangerous!
2: P-please! Let me in!
3: A strange man is following me!
4: Hurry up and go!
5: Where to?
6: Anywhere!
7: Uhh, that doesn't really help me...
8: Fine! To the nearest hotel!
9: A love hotel?
10: You don't mind?

1: No, it's fine!
2: Please go inside with me!
3: What?!
4: I'll pay you whatever you want, just stay with me!
5: I'm so scared!
6: Seems like you're really in trouble.
7: Please!
8: /This could be my chance...
9: /Yeah! It has to be!
10: /God's giving me a reward for being so loyal for so long!

1: You're shivering...
2: It's alright now.
3: Please turn down the lights... it still feels like I'm being watched.
4: /Now I'm shivering...
5: /with excitement, that is!
6: Here's the proof!
7: Please, hold me...
8: O-okay...

1: S-sorry... looks like I poked you by mistake.
2: Please, let it rest in my pillow.
3: Well, if you say so...
4: Ahh!
5: Oooh!
6: Yesss!
7: Yeeees!
8: Wow... my long-awaited dream has finally come true!
9: Y-your body is amazing!
10: Yes! Yesss!

1: Sorry... it just felt so good... I feel like I can go again, though...
2: You're right!
3: /Looks like I've still got some spunk left in me!
4: It's been so long since I've felt like this.
5: Since I was first married!
6: /I shot three whole times!
7: /Now to sleep until morning...
8: /Huh? She disappeared...
9: But I know it wasn't a dream!

1: Hey, you!
2: I'm home!
3: Welcome back.
4: How did it go?
5: It was amazing!
6: How was my wife?

1: Collapsed, did she?
2: H-huh?
3: She's wearing my wife's pajamas, but
4: she's not my wife?!
5: She's a frigid woman I've been helping.
6: Where's my wife?
7: I'm home!

1: Wh-what?!
2: What's that kimono?!
3: I borrowed it from that sleeping girl.
4: Ahhh. That felt so good.
5: I was just off cheating.
6: With a taxi driver!
7: He said I had an amazing body. And we did it three whole times...
8: S-sensei...
9: The bluebird of happiness was beside you the whole time.
10: We just needed to disguise it a bit to make you see it.

1: The woman you spent the whole night loving
2: was the wife you've always known.
3: Sex is all about mood.
4: It's objective!
5: See? There's no reason for you to cheat.
6: Being a one-hole animal is a beautiful thing. Not a shameful one!
7: All you need to do is work hard to change the mood up...
8: and you'll get your pep right back!
9: Now, be happy together!
10: /It's no exaggeration to say that all the drama in the world extends from what goes on between men and women.
11: /The path of Chindala Mandala is a deep, and impossibly long one...

#21 / END

Chindala Mandala / END


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