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melody 01


tl by danluffey

1: [In a time and place far, far removed from ours... there exists a legend about a planet.
2: [A legend about a race of people who were forced to abandon the land and escape to the bottom of the sea, all in order to survive...
3: [What was born from these people, deep in the water, were creatures far removed from human logic...
4: [They were mermen... Hiren. Ephemeral, hated beings... and this is their song.
5: Mitsuki... can you see me?
6: Synchronizing two minds is just like tying two threads together...
7: Don't let your target draw back or resist. Weave the light of your soul into theirs... and assume control over their life.
8: SKM-00 SHARK reporting in from the deactivated water treatment plant in Area 3.
9: Hiren traces have been detected on a vehicle with an unidentified ID code. A DNA contamination warning has been sent to the Environmental Ministry.
10: Currently, the destroyers are cleaning up their stronghold. I imagine they'll be finished soon.
11: How long are you going to keep playing around for, chief?
12: Aren't you tired of playing tag? I'm going to go on ahead...
13: Shut up! I heard you the first time!
14: Nothing but little shrimps here... 15 in total, I guess?
15: Tell 'em the Hiren have all been eliminated!
16: Woah, what happened here? What a mess!
17: Your ability to create vomit-inducing scenes of perversion never cease to amaze me!
18: Kahah
19: Rejun?
20: I'm gonna slaughter every last one
21: of these pathetic failures!
22: Kill...
23: Kill them...
24: Kill them all!
25: Excellent work, Mitsuki Mistiline.
26: Completing such a calm synchronization with a merdragon midst an emergency like this is no small feat.
27: You need stay here no longer. Go. Join with your revivified comrades.
28: In the end... no one was able to get away
29: from this place...
30: Gentlemen! You see this gate?
31: This is the borderline between us humans and the Hiren...
32: But this is not their home! They belong in the black depths of the sea!
33: We will never hand over our land to them!
34: Until they understand that...
35: this war will never end!
36: It's time to show them that we aren't fucking around anymore!

1: Mitsuki!
2: Riko!
3: You're amazing!
4: I can't believe you synched yourself up with that merdragon! Nice job!
5: I guess all those sea inspections I did for fun paid off...
6: One of us surviving against those elite human soldiers would still be a miracle, though...
7: The males... they're capturing all the escapees again and taking them home with them... there'll be no point in surviving if we just become another one of their toys!
8: Yeah...
9: That's why we need to find our new paradise as soon as possible!
10: Hmmm...
11: But we're surrounded by nothing but volcanoes... the temperature is nice, but we need purer water...
12: Do you think we should search farther out?
13: If we go any farther beyond here, we'll go straight into the humans' territory. It's too dangerous.
14: Hmmm... so there isn't any place within a 100km radius that we can make into our new paradise?
15: Mitsuki Mistiline! Riko Fliugel!
16: Yunaha...
17: How many times do I need to tell you to stop playing around?
18: Leave the ship and you'll either get hunted down by the humans or get swallowed up by a monster!
19: You need to be more realistic! We have no home anymore!
20: What are you saying? That we should just offer ourselves up to those monsters?
21: They aren't monsters. They're boys! Our comrades!
22: From here on out, all unauthorized live synch sea inspections are prohibited!
23: If I see you doing another one, then I will not hesitate to punish you! So be prepared...
24: Now, I want you to hurry up and take a shower and get to bed. We're waking up early tomorrow!
25: She thinks she can say whatever she wants just because she's an old war hero? Is she really your older sister, Mitsuki? She's so mean!
26: Yeah...
27: Still, Rejun, I'm surprised!
28: How is it that you can look at a person
29: and tell whether they're a Hiren or a human?
30: Because they look different!
31: Huh? I know the males do, but the females look just like us!
32: That's why we have to check their DNA like this...
33: Uh... then by how they smell!
34: Are you kidding me?! You don't even bother to check, do you?! Aside from the transformations the males undergo due to their Y chromosomes,
35: and their prowess in the water, they're exactly the same as us!
36: And unlike us humans, who can only procreate through in vitro fertilization, they...
37: Syato! I don't care about your trivia! All that matters... is that they're trash!
38: Just gotta murder 'em before they steal another one of our slits! THE END!!
39: And even if a few humans do accidentally make their way into my line of sight, it's no biggie. Consider it a little bit of population control.
40: Man, you really are a rotten piece of shit!
41: Anyway, if you're not busy right now, then take a look at this!
42: I think it belonged to one of the hirens...
43: ...what is it?
44: I leave it in your hands, chief! (Time for you to put that Master's in Biotechnology to use!
45: Rejun... Espada...
46: Hey, Mitsuki, did you hear what happened?
47: That experimental communications animal you had went missing!
48: Oh... really?
49: Huh? You don't seem very surprised! I thought you had gotten attached to it!

1: I choose
2: you...!


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