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tl by danluffey

1: "I'll never forget how you looked that day, Ketsukarl-sama...
2: Everything was so new to me. All that passion... all that pain... I didn't know such joys existed in this world...
3: Now, it's not fear, but sweet expectation that tortures me.
4: When will I be able to see you again?
5: I love you."

1: That ends this very passionate love letter!
2: When was "that day?" And what was "all that passion" and "all that pain?"
3: When adults... get together... they do certain things...
4: I'm not a child, you know!!
5: Hyah!
6: You cheater! Pervert!! Freak!!
7: Poop dripper!

1: I've never once dripped any such thing...!!
2: Who dripped what now?
3: Nothing! No one dripped anything...
4: Monzetsu is such a little worm...
5: Why do I have to be put on trial as a cheater? What are we, a couple?

1: I'm going to run away! I'm going to dump him right here and now!
SIGN: I want to go back to the day I first met Ketsukarl-sama and unmeet him!
2: If my love is to be unrequited, then I wish I had never loved at all!
3: I knew the one who loves more always loses in the end, and yet...!!
4: Time to get some sleep.

1: Go and check on Monzetsu, will you?
2: Knowing him, he's probably just rambling about running away again.
3: (Why don't you go check on him yourself?
4: Sigh...
5: Hmph...
6: Listening to him cry is the last thing I want to do...

1: Wooooow.
2: You really like him, don't you?
3: ...what?
4: Oww...
5: What are you doing, Andalucia?!

1: Why haven't you changed yet?
2: /Mo... Mokaskeen-sama?!

1: Ch... change?
2: (Look at that dress!
3: Today Goo's minister of defense is coming to pay us a visit!
4: (Fujioka made me wear this! I'll take it off as soon as I can!
5: Did you cut your hair?
6: What are you staring at me like that for?!
7: Ahhh!!
8: Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and get ready!
9: (Ahhh, this thing is so heavy! I can't wait to take it off!
10: I bet Fujioka will yell at me again...
11: /This is... the social party that happened 10 years ago!!

1: /I don't remember who hit me there, though...
2: /And who cut my hair?
3: /OK!
4: /Time to find the culprit!
5: /I think at this part, I was picking roses in the garden... and taking them to the party space...
6: So beautiful...
7: Huh?

1: Sorry.
2: Um...
3: Did I surprise you? I just couldn't help it, after seeing so much beauty...
4: /It's meeeeee!! (I look so cute from behind!
5: Oh... the roses? I grew them myself...
6: No.
7: You.
8: /Ketsukarl-sama?!

1: Sorry,
2: But I never expected that a freshly-bloomed rose could smell so fragrant...
3: Adieu...
4: Ah... ah... ah...
5: /Don't get so starstruck, meeeeeee!!
6: /I can't believe Ketsukarl-sama stole my first kiss from me...
7: /Ahhh!! Oh noooo!!
8: /First I need to find out who hit me!

1: /I feel bad, but I can't have two mes running around...
2: /Say goodnight!!
3: Forgive me, me...
4: I'll cut my hair, too. Can't have anyone catching on...
5: It really was long back then...
6-13: CHOP

1-9: CHOP
10: CHOP...
11: Ah!
12: /The criminal...
13: /was me...?

1: Ketsukarl-samaaaaa!!
2: What's wrong?!
3: Monzetsu is missing!
4: What?!
SFX: See?!
5: He ran away!
SIGN: I wish I had never met Ketsukarl-sama!
6: What an ugly letter...
7: Shall we go after him?

1: It'll just make things repeat again.
2: It's only natural that Monzetsu is acting so cold...
3: If he decides to come back on his own...
4: then I'll try to keep my diversions to a minimum.
5: /Wow!!
6: /He didn't even consider stopping completely!!
7: He really can't help himself!

1: /I knocked myself out, then started wandering around looking for the culprit. I'm such an idiot...
2: Hm?
3: What's wrong, Ema-kun?
4: (Huh? Did you cut your hair?
5: A... Andalucia-kun... a wonderful man just...
6: /A wonderful man?
7: Huh...?
8: (That big guy?
9: What happened to Rabin-kun?
10: (I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but...
11: That beautiful man with silver hair just gave me a passionate buss...

1: /If I follow this path, I know I'll end up at Ketsukarl-sama...
2: Let go of me, you brute!!
3: Huh...
4: /Geh!!
5: /It's Ketsukarl-sama and Mokaskeen-sama...!!

1: No one has ever refused me...
2: But you know what? It doesn't feel that bad. It just makes me burn more brightly...
3: What are you, a masochist?!
4: Perhaps I am, if that's how I look to you. I'll be happy to accept that title.
5: I never knew there was such a beautiful person on KEEN... I am GOO's General, Ketsukarl...
6: Now, would you please be so kind as to tell me your name?
7: Ggh...!!
8: Y-you probably say the same thing to everyone just to get close to them! I know how you people work!
9: No...

1: I swear, you are the very first.
2: /It's true...
3: /I never heard anything like that...
4: Then try to find me again during the party!
5: You'll dance with me?
6: Sure! I'll dance with you, and I'll even tell you my name!
7: Who knows, I might even do a little more!
8: Wonderful... I promise to find you...
9: So please... wait for me...

1: /Ketsukarl-sama...
2: /came from KEEN to GOO,
3: /but never remembered, even when he saw me grown up...
4: /Ketsukarl-sama remembered Mokaskeen-sama... that's all.
5: /It was love at first sight.
6: /That must have been when it happened.

1: /You were on KEEN, weren't you?
2: /Did you ever see a strong-willed, yet beautiful blond boy with purple eyes?
3: /No...
4: /Oh...
5: /I see...
6: /I feel so stupid...
7: /I avoided it so long because I was just afraid of thinking about it... I just kept digging my own grave...
8: /I should have known from the start that he was never really looking at me.

1: /Ahhh... I shouldn't have come back here.
2: /I just ended up learning something I would have been better off not knowing.
3: Andalucia! So that's where you were!
4: Fujioka-sama...
5: What happened to the roses? We're almost ready to begin!
6: What happened to your hair...
7: Are you crying?
8: Ah...
9: /I need to stop this...

1: It's... nothing...
2: /I need to go back...
3: I'll help you out. Otherwise we won't make it in time.
4: /I'm so embarrassed at how I jumped to conclusions.
5: /I'll never be able to face Ketsukarl-sama again...
6: Everyone, please enjoy yourselves today! Especially the General of Goo, who was so gracious to join us!
SIDE: I was overwhelmed!! Super overwhelmed!
I'm drawing another manga for a music magazine, and it's a big surreal. The main character's name is Nanri. I took it from the name of a Buck-Tick fan. He's the vocalist in a band, and I happened to get an original demo tape from him when I met him in May. The last song title really surprised me... why? Because it was the same title as my manga! The lyrics were also related to my manga! I just couldn't believe it! It was a present! I was so overwhelmed. I never thought I'd ever get such a cool present. Receiving unique presents like this makes me so happy.

7: Long time no see! I'm Nanri!
8: Cool AND beautiful!
9: Acting embarrassed doesn't fit you, so stop it! (You're too cool for that!

To everyone in the band NOZE! When you hit it big, give me a backstage pass! And Nanri! Keep writing cool lyrics and sing your heart out! And to everyone in an indies band all over Japan -- keep working hard! I wanted to be a musician once too, you know...

1: Um...
2: Excuse me!
3: Go and get him?!
4: But it's too late!

1: How are we supposed to know which "day" he was talking about?!
2: If we end up choosing the wrong day, that's that! But we can't just sit here and twiddle our thumbs!
3: And you'll stop playing around once Monzetsu comes back?!
4: If he forgives me...
5: I will!
6: /He said it!!
7: Alright...
8: /He really does like him...
9: /I wonder what he meant by "forgive," though?

1: /If I stay here, I'll just end up getting sent to GOO as a spy...
2: /I don't want to see Ketsukarl-sama again... I wish I could just go to another planet...
3: /Ah! That's right, I'm an android!
4: /Maybe I can just ask Fujioka-sama to erase all my memories of Ketsukarl-sama!
5: /They are beautiful memories, though... I kinda want to keep them...
6: Ahh!
7: So lovely...
8: Umm...

1: There should be a boy here named Mon... er, Andalucia...
2: /Ahhh! This voice...
3: /Ketsukarl-sama?! But how...
4: Sorry... don't know him...
5: I see... (So this was the wrong day too...
6: /No way!
7: What is he...
8: /Might as well hear the truth, now that it's all over!
9: to you?

1: Hmm... I suppose he's something like a pet...
3: He's very selfish, has a tendency to be a real pain in the neck, and always acts so dumb that I can't help but tease him....
4: /Ggghh!
5: He just looks so cute when he cries, I can't help myself...
6: /I should have never asked...
7: We're around each other so much that sometimes I take him for granted and hurt him...
8: but I really treasure him.

1: And it took me a lot of work to find him.
2: Gotcha...
3: you little dummy.

1: Y... you've got the wrong person...
2: Forgive me. I was in the wrong...
3: POP
4: Look at me...
5: Fh...
6: Urgh!
7: Pfft.

1: One day, your face is going to get stuck like that.
2: I don't care!
3: Hmph.
4: It won't change
5: my feelings for you.

1: [Planet GOO
2: Noooo!
3: What? But you said you'd forgive me!
4: I didn't mean it like THAT!!
5: You perv!!
6: What's the big deal?
7: [Always ready for action
8: (You're just going to leave me hanging after coming this far?
9: You have enough to go around.
10: [The mood's getting ruined
11: Keep this up, and I'm going to run away again!
12: Go ahead! I'll just chase you down and bring you back again!
13: This is a happy ending... right?


1: Love Beyond the Lanterns.. [3]
2: And that was the third volume of Suima-kun!
3: [STINGER Nakagawa
4: (I can't believe this manga is actually selling...
5: [Suima-kun
6: (I know it may be too late for this, but I'm a little embarrassed...
7: Time really goes fast. It's scary!
8: And I'm getting older, too.
9: I still feel like I'm a teenager, though.
10: [I know it's still early, but happy birthday, Nanri!
11: /Recently I've gotten really into eating sea urchin! I ate it once when I was little and thought it was bad, so I never at it since! (And I don't like cod roe.) But now my view has changed!
12: Want to eat some more urchin, Harue-san?
13-15: haa
16: (Knowledge fever.
17: (She knows a lot about fish.
18: Sure! Let's order some yellowtail and tuna too!
19: What's yellowtail? Let's order egg and shrimp too!
20: /There is really good sushi at the place across from my apartment! And it's super cheap! I can't help but keep going back!
21: You order the same things as a kid, Nakagawa-san.
22: /That reminds me, I haven't gone on a trip for a while. In April I'm going to see The Yellow Monkey in London and Paris! ...or so I thought... then I looked at my schedule after I ordered the tickets. I did get to go to Kyoto for a day in March, though. And I made a stop in Atami on my way to my parents' house last year! I'm going to try to go to Kyoto twice this year!
23: Kyoto has the best pickles!
24: /Saka-chan, resident Kyoto freak
26: I don't like pickles!
27: (What are you, a foreigner?!
28: /Lately I changed my ring from silver to gold. Someone told me that silver wavelengths don't fit me, but that gold brings energy. They're so expensive, though! You can buy silver rings for like, 1,000 yen on street corners... Rings are like a part of my body to me now. I feel weird when I'm not wearing one. I know that some people don't like them because they feel heavy, though. Personally, I like the weight!
29: /But the one ring I've wanted more than any other... is a wedding ring, of course! Just kidding.
30: /My favorite is my PINKY & DIANNE pinky ring! I like how it swings! So cute!
31: /I bought this diamond-encrusted one in Aomori.
32: /Blue topaz
33: swing swing
34: [Please
35: To anyone who managed to record the episode of Space Shower TV where Acchan from BUCK-TICK appeared on Fashion Tsuhin as a model, please dub it for me!
36: /To all fan club members - I'm very sorry for being late with my manuscripts. I'm doing my best, so please try to be patient. And let's get together this summer! To Lolli Katou-san, my supervisor, and Hashimoto-san, my volume supervisor, please don't let me get away with this! Just deal me the finishing blow! I'm also causing trouble for my assistants... I'm so sorry. (Especially to Karen Kitakubo.) I'm really sorry for all the trouble I've caused to everyone. I feel like I've been apologizing my whole life. But I'll keep doing my best!
37: [Really, I'm sorry...
38: Love Beyond the Lanterns... [3] / END


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