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tl by danluffey

1: Yes?
2: I said,
3: let's get married!
4: I'll make you happy, honey!
5: I... I'm marrying up...

1: H... hold on...
2: M-m... marriage?
3: It's the normal thing to do for two people who are in love, right?
4: We know we're in love with each other...
5: What else is there to hold us back?
6: [Crying only makes the opposite happen!
7: We know we're in love? All we said is that we liked each other...
8: /He read WAY too much into that...
9: ...so we can't?

1: Do you only want to marry the prince?
2: I guess I can't create eggs because I'm an android, too...
3: ...just relax.
4: I don't care if you can't create any eggs.

1: Ah.
2: If we kiss, then you'll get small again.
3: Oh, right.
4: Shall we have Catherine mod you?
5: Yeah.
6: Ketsukarl-samalll!!
7: Wh... what?

1: I'm very sorry to interrupt your fornicating...
2: Uh... I'm not...
3: I just spotted three flying objects coming toward us on the radar!
4: And?
5: ...then they disappeared.
6: Huh?
7: They just disappeared into thin air!

1: So they warped?
2: I investigated, but...
3: Uwaaaahh!
4: What was that?
5: I'll go check!
6: P... pots!!
7: Three pots just appeared in front of meeee!

1: Pots, huh...?
2: It was so scary...
3: Hmmm...
4: I can't get them open.
5: They look pretty old.
6: I remember hearing an old earth legend about how you have to sing a chant to some pots to open them.
7: Oh, nice idea!

1: Eko, Eko, Azarak!
2: (Hmmm...
3: Didn't work, huh?
4: Eko, Eko, Zomelak!
5: (Tch.
6: That's the only chant I know.

1: Hey, Ketsukarl-sama, when we get married, I want one of those pots as a wedding gift!
2: /Married...?!
3: You've got weird taste, you know that?
4: K-K... Ketsukarl-sama!!
5: Uwaaahhh!
6-9: jitter

1: Nice
2: to meet you!

1: Wh-who are you?!
2: (Triplets!
3: Oh no! We forgot to introduce yourselves!
4: I'm Rei.
5: I'm Aru.
6: I'm San.
7: We heard that two people were getting married, so we were summoned! Cha cha cha chaaaaan!
8: We're going to give you two a very special present! Chan!

1: A present?
2: A compatibility test!
3: (Marriage blues...
4: "Oh no, what should I do? What if he's actually a very scary person?"
5: Or maybe you have this kind of problem...
6: "I think I'll have to hire a detective. I'm so nervous... is it really alright for me to marry this man?"
7: What if he suddenly changes into a drunk, gambling, womanizing...
8: Enough already!!
9: Are you the bride?
10: Mei xiao nen!
11: B-bride?

1: Aaaahem!
2: Aahhh...
3: Th-that's right! This is my bride!
4: Ketsukarl-sama...
5: Choose from one of these three doors!
6: (Wheeeeere will they leaaaad?!

1: I can choose one too, right?! (I'm the husband, after all!
2: (Look! See? I'm dressed like a dad!
3: Snicker
4: Of course!
5: OK then, I choose this!
6: Ahhh!!
7: That's the one I wanted to pick!
8: Sorry...
9: Fine then, I'll choose #1.
10: Okay!
11: You go in the third door, then.
12: What? Me?!
13: Now...
14: off you goooo!

1: Wow! It's so glitzy!
2: This place is pretty run-down...
3: It's a fairy tale dreamland!
4: Fate decides everything.
5: Only God knows how things will end up.
6: The rest of your lives begin now!

1: Tea! Now!
2: And I want it at just the right temperature!
3: And don't forget the cheese tarts from Fujiya!
4: Ketsukarl-sama!
5: Hey! You're cute! Wanna come play with me?
6: Aaahh!
7: What? Are you going out with someone? You don't need to tell them. It's fine, trust me. I won't do anything bad. I just want to get to know you a little. What? it's fine! I have confidence, you know. Wanna see it? Wow... you're pretty perverted, you know that? Huh? Really? It's fine, trust me, that doesn't matter. I'm pretty good, you know? I won't let you regret it. Just leave it to me! If I let such a lucky meeting pass by, I'd be crying for the rest of my life!

1: /What is this?!
2: /These aren't Ketsukarl-sama's true intentions, are they?!
3: /If they are...
5: /I really have problems...
6: Huh?
7: (Who's there?!
8: All I'm ever left with is regret... I guess I'll be like this for the rest of my life... abandoned by everyone...
9: I'm a coward... so I act strong... but I always regret it in the end...
10: Waahh!!
11: are you kidding me?!

1: I know I can't keep going on like this...
2: Where am I? Where is the true me?! I always just keep going round and round in circles... always hitting a dead end!
3: /Whaaaat?!
4: /This is the real me?!
5: Hey, me!
6: What are you sniveling for?!
7: Let me be...
8: GOO won't suffer a bit even if I'm gone...
9: /For some reason
10: /that really stings...

1: (Hey, wait!
2: (Come baaaaack!
3: This voice...
4: Come on!
5: Aaaaaahhh!
6: I got youuuu!
7: (Now don't tease me any longer...
8: You're such a fast runner! (But that's what I love about you!
9: /Th...
10: /This is...
11: Ahhh, I love you! I love you, Monzetsu!!
12: I love you too! I love you a hundred times more, Ketsukarl-sama!
13: Then I love you a thousand times more!
14: I love you so much it scares me!

1: /Is this what Monzetsu truly desires...?
SFX: AAAAHH! You're so cute, Monzetsu!!
SFX: I could just eat you right up!
2: The hearts of men
3: are labyrinths.
4: A wide universe, perpetually flowing and unfathomable...
5: Filled with both light and darkness!
6: Dim, yet bright...
7: There are more hearts than there are stars or grains of sand...
8: each heart beating inside someone...

1: Absolute truth will never be found no matter how long you search!
2: Weddings are not a matter of how much you love someone, but how much you can forgive them!
3: Now, let us go!
4: Yes!
5: I don't believe this!
6: If that's what he's really like, then getting married won't solve anything...
7: That's right!

1: At least, that's what I want to say...
2: But the door you chose was the door that shows you how other people see your husband.
3: Wha...
4: Therefore, it's not necessarily the truth.
5: Seems like you need to come to a more proper understanding of your husband so that you aren't swayed by such things.
6: Or, to go the easier route, all you need to do is trust him.
7: You're right... I need to become more passionate about him...
8: Glad you understand now.

1: Was that me...?
2: Don't tell me my subconscious is really that pathetic...
3: PFFT!
4: It is.
5: The door you chose reveals your true nature.
6: The truest things are those which you wish to run from most. But you cannot.
7: You're right... maybe I need to think about myself a little harder.
8: Glad you understand now.

1: Things are looking up now.
2: If that's really what their relationship is like, at least...
3: It isn't.
4: The door you entered revealed the husband's hopes.
5: What?!
6: I've never met someone whose true nature is so vastly different from how he appears. It's like the phrase "You can't judge a book by its cover" was invented for him.
7: Ketsukarl-sama's hopes, eh?
8: Looks like they may turn out as a good couple after all.
9: We can only pray.

1: Now, return to the real world.
2: It all begins here!

1: Farewell...
2: and let us meet again...
3: Hey,
4: Which door did you enter, Ketsukarl-sama?

1: Hmmm... well...
2: I'm sorry for hurrying into marriage.
3: It's okay to take things slower, isn't it?
4: Monzetsu...
5: There's no way the guy I saw back there was the real Ketsukarl...
6: /But
7: I really love you
8: after all.
9: What do you mean "after all?" What did you see inside your door?
10: That's a secret!

1: Hm-hm-hmmmm!
2: La-dee-daaah!
3: I wonder when the ceremony will be?
4: (Wedding dress
5: I'll have to check the schedule and prepare the food...
6: Ahhh! I'm so busy!
7: Whaaat?!
8: Ketsukarl-sama's getting married?!
9: [What I've been up to lately.
10: Welcome to Volume 4 of Suima-kun! This volume contains something that I drew at another company in my early days. (So embarrassing! Mokaskeen is like a completely different person. Bleh! This volume ends the Suima-kun series for now. For now. It basically means it's the end of the first arc. Just FYI.

I'm going on a break after this, but I plan to draw something again (although I don't know when), so keep an eye out for me in the magazines!

Lately I've been really into tea. I bought a lot of books on tea for studying (?). I first got into tea when a fan sent me some tea cookies. They were chocolate cakes with tea flavoring... ooh, they were so good! My mom is really into herbs, so we've been having parties, just the two of us, and sharing recipes. My favorite tea right now is Dilma's Strawberry flavored tea. Before that, it was Foshion's Earl Grey. I feel like drinking Jasmine Tea while working helps me work better. I also use incense when I work! I only used Japanese incense before, but now I use reasonably-priced Indian incense. It's cheap and easy to burn. I really like the Japanese made "AROMA ~Holy Incense~" brand. It's really refreshing. I've also been a fan of perfume since I was little, and I love the scents of blankets as they're hung up to dry, the insides of people's cars, soap, and so on. I know some people don't like perfume, and I also don't like strong perfume. I like the sweet kind!

I also like exotic musk scents. And new shoes! Whenever I go to a shoe store I freeze up! I've loved the smell of rubber shoes since I was little! (Does it sound like I'm a pervert?) Of course, this is only concerning new shoes! My house is filled with aromatic things. It might be a bit painful for people who don't like strong smells. I also love blankets! And cashmere! I could write a whole book on that!

1: And he's marrying Monzetsu?
2: Not the prince?!
3: Fujioka!!
4: What's wrong, Mokaskeen?
5: We're going to stop the wedding between Ketsukarl and Monzetsu!!
6: Those two are getting married?!
7: Wait... don't tell me that Ketsukarl-sama is still your...
8: No, you idiot!
9: I hate getting sloppy seconds!!

1: Mo... Mokaskeen...
2: Then.... then what is he to you?!
3: (I'm not going to say it again?!
4: (What?! Please, I beg you! Just once more!
5: (When shall the wedding be? Shall I prepare 20 different dresses for you?
6: (How am I going to change into 20 at once?! Aren't there more important things to worry about?!
7: [In the end, the wedding had to be postponed,
8: (Wait! Could it be... finally...?!
9: [The hearts of men are as tumultous as the sea.
10: [But when they love someone, those waves become beautiful.

1: [There's no need to hurry.
2: (I finished your dress!
3: (D... dress?!
4: (What were you thinking?! It's way too early!
5: [Try slowly increasing your depth instead.

1: Ahhh, I'm so tired. Hey, put some tea on, OX.
2: I'm tired too, you know, mom!
3: X^-san seems like a very nice young man.
4: He's polite, and he even graduated from OO University!
5: He's also the son of a company president! But he's 35 years old... I find it hard to believe he's been single this whole time.
6: Hey now. A man who's 35 is just about to shine!
7: If that's the case, then you need to stop working those part-time jobs and start making us some real money!
8: Yes ma'am...
9: Be too choosy, and you'll be left with nothing to choose.
10: People who seem nice are the most dangerous. Any guys who appear like that at group dates are just putting on a show.
11: Yeah, and you were the worst offender!

1: Well I don't want to get married just to regret it later.
2: I'm going to think a little more about this...
3: Girls are most happy when they decide their own groom, you know?
4: Okay, okay.
5: Huh...
6: Hey, mama,
7: what's that?
8: Did you buy these?
9: Buy what?
10: Those three pots over there.
11: What? What pots?
12: Oh my... where did those come from?



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