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tl by danluffey

1: Oh my... look at what we have here...
2: /It's definitely been a while...

1: Bwaaachooooo!!
2: Waachooooo!!
3: What are you, an old man?
4: (That's how you say good morning?
5: Can't you sneeze any cuter?
6: I didn't even know androids sneezed...
7: That wasn't a sneeze! I was just expelling some gas!
8: Gas?
9: So you farted?
10: N... not exactly!

1: I've been rattling a bit lately.
2: Maybe it's time for me to get some maintenance.
3: Maintenance?
4: I'll need to go ask Officer Fujioka...
5: Catherine can't do it?
6: Officer Fujioka's my master, after all... (I'm not sure...)

1: This... isn't going to work, Ketsukarl-sama.
2: Our parts won't work on him.
3: I thought so...
4: WHAT?!
5: And you call yourself a mad scientist, Catherine?!
6: Hiieeeeeeen!
7: Hmph!!

1: Be careful.
2: I'll come back as quickly as I can.
3: Mmm.
4: Kissing doesn't shrink me anymore, so I almost don't want to get fixed...
5: Just have him fix that too when you go.
6: (Bye bye!!
7: OK!
8: I'm sorry, Ketsukarl-sama...
9: If only I was a bit more skilled...

1: If you have time to apologize, then hurry up and get researching!
2: Hmph! Some mad scientist you are!!
3: /I've never seen Ketsukarl-sama
4: /this angry before...
5: Hello!

1: Officer Fujioka!
2: Andalucia!
3: Long time no see.
4: I was surprised when I got your call.
5: I can't believe it's already time for you to have maintenance done.
6: Time sure flies.

1: Ketsukarl-sama isn't serious about you, you know. He's just playing you...
2: What? That's not true...
3: /The way his face looked when I told him Officer Fujioka was my master...
4: /I shouldn't have told him...
5: Would you like anything else done besides maintenance?
6: Anything else?
7: Yes, like a bigger body, or better eyesight...
8: Hmm...

1: I want you to make it so that I don't shrink when I get kissed...
2: (Kyaaaa
3: I-I think you're cute when you shrink, though...
4: Buuuut...
5: I'm getting...
6: a strange feeling...
7: Huh?
8: I guess this is how parents feel when they watch their children grow up.
9: Just think of this as a rehearsal.

1: You're going to marry Mokaskeen, aren't you?
2: He's an F-TYPE, remember?
3: But still...
4: you are my only child.
5: So then I'm going to get a brother or a sister?!
6: Um... well... (I'm not exactly sure about that yet...)
7: When I created you,
8: I was so overcome with emotion.
9: When you first opened up your eyes within the fiberglass and spoke...

1: When you cried,
2: when you laughed,
3: /Happy birthday.
4: The moment you came to life, I forgot all about your machine parts.

1: Sending you to GOO as a spy left me with very complicated feelings...
2: I was so happy that you, my creation, would be fulfilling such a great duty, yet at the same time, I was afraid that I was sending my own child ot death.
3: But... that was your job, Officer Fujioka...
4: Your orders are everything to me. I was happy to listen.
5: But now... Ketsukarl-sama's orders are everything, aren't they?
6: Uuu...
7: Go and be happy.
8: That's all I wish for you.

1: Grrraahh!!
2: What's taking so long? It's been three whole days!!
3: He said he'd be back soon!
4: What's he doing over there?!
5: It's been a while since he returned, so I suppose he's got a lot to catch up on.
6: So what?!
7: /I don't like this...
8: Ketsukarl-samaaaa!
9: I'm baaaaack!

1: Sorry for not contacting you first!
2: Monzetsu!!
3: Here are some souvenirs!
4: Ke...

1: What took so long, you idiot?
2: Mmm...
3: Sorry...
4: Dad told me to tell you he says hi.
5: (Whaaat?
6: Dad?!
7: Uncle Fujioka's my dad...
8: Your... dad...?
9: In that case, I'll let you go to visit home time to time!
10: "In that case?" How does that change anything?

1: Ketsukarl-sama didn't really want to send Monzetsu back to KEEN...
2: He was afraid that he might like it too much back there and not return...
3: That's why he was so worried the whole time...
4: (These cookies are yummy! I ate three whole cans!
5: (You're going to get fat!
6: (No I won't!
7: He didn't mean anything malicious by it, though.
8: Don't you think it's amazing, though?
9: (Sorry!!
10: I never thought a human and a machine could be so romantic together.



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