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Special Chapter: Servant Journal


tl by danluffey

1: [Special Chapter
Servant Journal
1: /I am a servant
2: /My name is Shirikel. I'm 26 years of age.
3: /I serve Andrew Ketsukarl-sama, General of the Sleepy Army.
4: /He is well-bred, standing at over 2 meters tall. For some reason, God has blessed him with an overly perfect body. He has a beautiful face, a perfect weight, and a beautifully-shaped body. Even though he's male! It often makes me want to scream. His platinum blonde hair goes down to his lower back. His eyes always glow red, perhaps since he's thinking impure thoughts, and his skin is so smooth and beautiful, it looks delicious.
5: /He was born with everything that others desire...
6: /and yet!!

1: /He also possesses the heart of a demon!!
2: /He only follows his instinct... he's a total pleasure machine! He's like a wild, feral monkey! A beast of lust!! God... oh God, why didn't you give this man a conscience?!
3: /When I was very young, Andrew's family adopted me as a servant.
4: So you're Shirikel!
5: I'm Ketsukarl! Let's be friends!
6: /I was a year younger than Ketsukarl, so he immediately saw me as a friend he could play with.

1: You can shake my hand if you want! Come on!
2: /Ever since that moment, that's how our relationship always went.
3: /However, Ketsukarl-sama was the only one who ever interacted me without any sort of discrimination because I was an orphan. (Although it may have just been because he never considered anyone else's standpoint when he spoke with them.)
4: /Recently, Ketsukarl-sama found a lover. His name is Monzetsu.
5: I'm small, but spicy! Don't get too close, or you might get burned!
6: [Comparison
7: /He's had so many different lovers up until now, but it looks like it's finally time for him to face the music.
8: /I never would have thought he was a shota, though.
9: How inconvenient.
10: Yeah...
11: /And if that's not enough, Monzetsu is an android. But apparently their love transcends his machinery.
12: /There are only males on planet GOO, so gender is viewed differently than how it is on earth.
13: /There is the royalty, who give birth to golden eyes, then there are F-TYPES, who give birth to normal eggs, and normal men called M-TYPES.

1: /Ketsukarl-sama and I are both M-TYPES. All military staff are required to be M-TYPES.
2: [Prince Anderson Brillian (F-TYPE)
3: /The greatest military official gets to marry the prince and give birth to a golden egg, so the competition is fierce.
4: /But Ketsukarl-sama doesn't care at all about becoming the top anymore.
5: Hoo...
6: /He abandoned his relationship with the prince in exchange for Monzetsu. Is he a fool, or simply pure at heart?
7: /He's changed, that's for sure.
8: I'm going to spoil my child so much!
9: And treasure him forever!
10: /After all, the old Ketsukarl-sama was deeply focused on blood.
11: /I really respect you for not hating the parents that abandoned you.
12: /Ketsukarl-sama wasn't loved by his parents.

1: /Ketsukarl-sama was the child of a second F-TYPE. His father's first couldn't create eggs.
2: Before I used to wish I never had any parents at all.
3: When I realized that they didn't like me, I just wish they hadn't had me in the first place.
4: /He was raised by the first F-TYPE, but since he wasn't his actual child, he wasn't really loved.
5: Your parents cried and gave you away to a church, huh?
6: They wrapped you up in a blanket with a lot of candy... I bet they didn't really want to give you away.
7: That's so sweet...
8: /That's when I decided that I would protect him no matter what happened.
9: /When someone tells me they like me, I can't push them away, because I know what the pain of being pushed away feels like.

1: /His devilish deeds spring up from being unloved when he was a child.
2: ZZZ...
3: /"Even if you can't aim, fire enough times, and you'll hit something." "Thanks for loving me. I love you too." That's the general psychology of it.
4: /In a way, he's loving, and yet cruel at the same time. In short, I think he's just a sensualist.
5: (I found a big strawberry field over there! I'm only going to show it to you!
6: Ooooooh...
7: I see!

1: So I'm a demon, huh? A pleasure machine? A beast of lust?
2: /Even if the entire world becomes our enemies... even if Ketsukarl-sama really is a demon incarnate...
3: Hmm...
4: /I'm going to follow him.
5: You're the real loving one.
6: /Ever since I was a child, he has been my light.

1: /He could never truly cry ever since he was a child. And from now on, so that darkness never befalls him again,
2: Ah...
3: /I am going to become his shadow and darkness, so that he may stand in the light.
TEXT: Good job. (K)
4: /So that he can always be happy.

Servant Journal / END


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