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Wishing Meat

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---Page 1---
(Title at Bottom of Page): Someone Comes to Kill Me

---Page 2---
*No text to translate—Include the following notes*
Translator Notes—Please Read!

“…-san” is kept from the original Japanese text as a signifier of relationship between characters. “-san” is appended to names in a variety of circumstances. You can think of it as showing standard formality.

---Page 3---
Under “Contents”: Someone Comes to Kill Me
Flesh Doll
The Green Coffin
Wishing Meat

---Page 4---
R: [All I did was wish.]
[I wanted just one friend—someone who would listen instead of ignoring me.]
[It was just a wish!!]

TC: (Hic)

TC/TL: *Title text in top left of page* Wishing Meat
Don’t cry, Risa. You have me, after all.
SFX: Startle

ML: Not
[That’s all it was.]

BC: [Why did things turn out like this?]

BL (corner): SFX: Rustle

---Page 5---
T: We’re friends, right?

M: Go away!
[This thing isn’t what I wished for!!]

B (Title Text): Wishing Meat

---Page 6---
TR: You’ve let it fester pretty badly again.

TC: That’s not true.

TL: There’s something in my arm.
When no one’s around, it turns into a face and comes out.

MR: Wh-What are you saying, Risa?
Recently, have you noticed any changes in your daughter?

BR: Well, she hasn’t been able to fit in very well at her new school, but...

BC: Ah, it could be due to those feelings of alienation then.
Occasionally, isolated elderly people complain of a condition like this. It’s a mental disorder called “delusional parasitosis.”

BL: If you’d like, I can write a referral to a professional practitioner of psychosomatic medicine for you.
SFX: Snap

---Page 7---
TR: I took time off from work so that I could go to the doctor with you!!
And what do you do? Sit there and spout nothing but nonsense!!

TL: You’re so weak that you let yourself be taken in by these wild ideas.
[Why won’t anyone believe me?]

M: [Anyone is fine! Just turn back to normal!!]

BR: Hic

BC: What are you doing?

BL: Oh... Matsumoto-san.
What, are you crying?

---Page 8---
TR: Uh... Um.
[What is this, all of a sudden?!]

TL 1: ...If you have something you want to say, why don’t you just say it?
This is why you can’t fit in.

TL 2: That... That’s...
[It’s because everyone ignores me!]

M: You’re so annoying. Just say it already!

BR: [Shut up!]
SFX: Turn

BL: [What gives her the right to lecture me?!]

---Page 9---
TR: [I hate everyone! Mom, the doctor, my classmates!!]
No more...

TC: Cheer up.

TL: Stop it! You’re the one I hate the most!
I’m on your side.

M: Don’t make me laugh! What can you do?!
I can help.

BR: All you have to do is help me grow up.

BL: I bought a bunch of raw meat, like you said.
Now, toss it in my mouth.

---Page 10---
TR: SFX (by pigtail): Gulp

TL: SFX (x2): Chew
[It’s really eating?!]

M: Whew. Thank you.

BR: Is... that enough?
Yup! With this much, I can grow!

BL: SFX: Stretch

---Page 11---
TR: SFX: Unnngh!

TL 1: Slide

TL 2: Look, Risa!

M: N... No way. This is...
I’m gonna have to eat a little more meat to grow bigger.

BC: You... What on earth are you?

BL: I am your wish.
I was born so that I could grant your wishes.

---Page 12---
R: [I just want one friend.]

TC: [Friend?]
Won’t you
give me a name, Risa?

TL: How about...

ML: my name backward, “Sally*”?
[Strangely enough,]

BL: [the moment I accepted the existence of this odd creature,]
[my discomfort vanished.]
I will now distribute the test.

(Translator’s note, wherever it will fit): T/N: Backward, Risa’s name would literally be “Sari,” but “Sally” is the more natural English choice.

---Page 13---
TR: Pop!

TL 1: !
SFX: Bounce

TL 2: Wait, Sa... Sally!

M: Mu!
SFX: Whack

BR: Matsumoto, quiet down.
SFX: Bam
What are you up to?

BL: [She did that to get even with Matsumoto for me.]

---Page 14---
TR: You finally smiled.

MR: Guess I did.
[I’m fine.]

BR: [I’m not lonely.]

C: [I have Sally.]
Lunch on the rooftop today?
The weather’s really nice.

TL: [However,]
[not much later, things got to the point where Sally and I couldn’t be together all the time.]
I hear there’s been a thief who takes bites out of only the raw meat at that grocery in front of the station.
That’s disgusting.

BL: /Looks like Sally’s been stealing bites of food at the grocery again./
[As for why,]

---Page 15---
TR: Welcome back, Risa *Note to letterer: Please keep the music note if possible*
[it’s because she was working on growing to the same size as me, and she did it in the blink of an eye.]

TL: No matter how I look at it, you’re looking more like me every day.

M: Of course! You’re the one who gave birth to me! *Note to letterer: Please keep the heart if possible*
Is that how it is?
Hey, let’s go out and do something together. It’s been so long!

BR: I finally managed to become human-sized, so I want to do friend stuff with you.

---Page 16---
M: Just a sec. I’m gonna buy this, ‘kay?

BR: And this guy, all of a sudden...

BC: [Notice me already.]
For real! He was like, “I have to do this!”

BL: Excuse me. You have a customer here!!

---Page 17---
TR: Oh, I’m so sorry!

M: [Sally is always looking out for me.]
[She’s kind to me.]
[She would never do anything to hurt me.]
[She’s the kind of friend I always wanted.]

BR: Where should we go next, Sally?

BC: Sally?

BL: ?!

---Page 18---
TR: Sally!

TL: Matsumoto-san?!

M: Wha-What happened?!
She called out to us just now. I thought it would be bad if the two of us were seen together, so I hit her.
It looks like I hit her in a bad spot.
She just passed out.

BR: Wha... What should we do? She’ll definitely be mad.
She might even take revenge.
Now I can’t go to school anymore!

BL: Then, shall we kill her?

---Page 19---
TR: What...?
It’s fine. I’ll eat her meat for you.

TC: N... No. Stop kidding around.

TL: Huh?!

BR: [She’s serious!!]

BL: Sally, you said that you were born to fulfill my wishes, right?
Then, if I wished, “I want Sally to disappear,” would you die?

---Page 20---
R: Yup.

ML: [Even if Sally has no sense of morality,]
[I couldn’t wish for the death of my only friend.]

BC: That’s it!! It’ll be fine if I go to school in your place tomorrow.

BL: But you have to get along with everyone. You absolutely can’t get violent like yesterday.

---Page 21---
TR: Sally... I wonder if it’ll be okay with her taking my place.

TL: [It’s possible she’s being bullied by that girl for what happened yesterday.]
[And if she acts like she did yesterday...]

BR: [As long as we’re not seen together, it should be fine.]

MC: Hey, cut it out.
That’s so funny! Ah, my stomach hurts!

ML: Hey! You guys are laughing way too hard!

BL: I had no idea Risa was so funny.
All this time, I thought you were just some weird girl who would barely respond if you tried to talk to her.
Matsumoto said some stuff to me recently that had me reconsidering things.

---Page 22---
TR: In other words, until now, you’ve been pretending to be innocent, huh?
Like when you suddenly hit me yesterday.

TL 1: You even called me a pervert.
I’m sorryyy. (Kyahaha)
[What the hell...?]

TL 2: [What the hell is that?!]

M: Why were you being so friendly with them?!

BR: But... But you told me to get along with everyone...
Just because you’re taking my place doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want!

BL: But I fixed things with Matsumoto.
I took advantage of a chance to get along better with everyone,
so, from now on, you won’t feel lonely in class.

---Page 23---
TR: I can’t do things like you can!!

MR: What do I do....?
What can I say?

BR: Just say what you want to say.

L 1: [[If you have something you want to say, why don’t you just say it?]]

L 2: That’s..

---Page 24---
R: There’s no way I could do that!
I hate you, Sally!!

TL 1: (Hic)

TL 2: Don’t cry, Risa. I’ll do anything.

MC: I’m the one who should disappear!
It’d be better if you were “Risa” forever!

ML: Is that... your wish?
It is!

BL: ............
I see.

---Page 25---
L: Freakyyy.

---Page 26---
T: Yayyy! Did you like it?
Risa could be a novelist, couldn’t she? It was really scary.
There were parts that actually happened in it. It felt realistic.

MR: For real. Like how I was hit,
and how Risa was really gloomy when she transferred here—those things really happened.

BR: Back then, I had just transferred, and I couldn’t fit in.
I think I was being oversensitive, just like the doctor said.

BL: But
I’m totally fine now.

---Page 27---
TR: We already knew that.
Like I said, Risa says whatever she wants whenever she wants.
Agh! You really got me!

MR: [That’s right.]

BR: [I say what I want to say,]
[and I get along with everyone]

C: [in your place, Risa,]

L: [just as you wished.]
(Small box at bottom of panel): <<Wishing Meat>> The End

---Page 28---
*No text to translate*

---Page 29---
(First line): Someone Comes to Kill Me
(Second line): Kamishiro Kyouko


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