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2. The Original Sin of Adam and Eve


tl by danluffey

2. The Original Sin of Adam and Eve
1: Eve! Eeeeve!
*Genesis 3

1: Go on. Eat the fruit of the tree of knowledge. It tastes really good.
2: Oh... but... the LORD said I was never to eat it.
3: It's alright. One little fruit won't hurt.
4: Eating it makes you smarter!
5: Huh? What do you mean?
6: You're really stupid, aren't you? If you were smarter, you'd understand everything in the blink of an eye! Anyway, it's really tasty, so will you just try it?
7: Wow...
8: Okay then.

1: Adam! Hey, look at this!
2: It's a fruit from the tree of knowledge. It tastes really good.
3: Huh? But the LORD told us not to eat that...
4: It's alright! Come on! Hurry!
5: O-okay...

1: Cough
2: A piece got stuck in my throat...
3: This is the origin of the Adam's Apple.
4: But... it really does taste good!
5: Adam...
6: Eve...
7: Adam!
8: Why are you hiding your body?
9: Umm... I don't really know, but for some reason, I suddenly feel really ashamed that I'm naked...

1: Ashamed?
2: You learned to feel shame? That means...
3: you ate fruit from the tree of knowledge!
4: Ahhhh! I'm sorry! Eve talked me into it!
5: You're going to blame the woman? Despicable!
6: Aaahh! Forgive me!
7: Eve! Why did you eat the fruit?!
8: Because the snake kept telling me to!
9: Now you blame the snake? Fools!
10: Please forgive us!

1: You can live here no longer! I am hereby confiscating your limitless food, your eternal youth, and your permanent health for all of eternity!
2: Now get out of the Garden of Eden!
3: From now on, men will have to work desperately in order to gain food, women will suffer when giving birth, and humans will live knowing that one day they will all die!

1: Snake! As punishment for tempting Eve, you will crawl in the dirt and eat dust forever!
2: And so, the human race was exiled from paradise. From this point on, they were forced to work for their food, suffer each time they gave birth, and would never again escape death.
3: They broke a law and blamed it on someone else. This became the original sin of humanity.

1: About "Adam and Eve"
2: If the Garden of Eden really existed, where was it located? Many people have searched for the answer to this question since long ago.
3: Persian Sea
4: Black Sea
5: Mediterranean Sea
6: Maybe it was around here somewhere?
7: Red Sea
8: One theory that puts it near Mesopotamia and the Cygnus and Euphrates rivers seems to be widely accepted.
9: Many texts claim that Adam and Eve ate an apple, but who knows what the fruit really was?
10: No one knows when exactly people started calling it an apple, either.
11: The apple is a fruit that has been used as a symbol in many different myths and legends.
12: Paris! Give that apple to the most beautiful woman!
13: One representative story is the "Golden Apple" episode in Greek Mythology.
14: Athena
15: Hera
16: Aphrodite
17: If you give it to me, I'll make the most beautiful woman in the world your wife.


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