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3. Cain and Abel


tl by danluffey

3. Cain and Abel
*Genesis 4

1: Nngh! Nnnaahh!

1: Gggghh... haah!
2: Be strong, Eve!
3: How can childbirth be this painful?!
4: It's all because of our sin.
5: Waah... waaaahhh!
6: This child is going to work for his entire life and then die too?
7: I'll at least give him a good name.
8: Waah!
9: I'll name him Cain, in the hope that he experiences lots of joy in his life.

1: Waahh! Waaahh!
2: Cain, you will become a farmer, and Abel, you will become a sheperd.
3: Okay!

1: Baaaah!
2: Baaaaahhh!
3: Great work. What a fine sheep you are!
4: Baah...
5: And so, Abel became a sheperd,
6: Hooo!
7: Baaah!
8: and always offered the finest quality meat to the LORD.
9: I saved the best part for you, so that you will be pleased with me, LORD.
10: Hoo...
11: Cain became a farmer, but...
12: Finally, a good harvest! Things are going well this year.

1: Now to pick out an offering...
2: I guess I don't need this stuff.
3: That should be enough.
4: He didn't offer up the best of his harvest to the LORD.
5: Huh?
6: Ahh...
7: Didn't you like that?

1: Why...
2: Why did he accept Abel's offering, and not mine?!
3: Baaah...
4: The LORD... and dad and mom too!
5: They all love Abel more than me!
6: If Abel wasn't around,
7: they'd have no choice but to focus on me!

1: You think you're better than me, don't you, Abel?
2: Huh?
3: I wish you were dead!!

1: Baaah!
2: Cain... where is Abel?
3: Am I my brother's keeper?
4: I don't know.
5: Cain...
6: You really think you can hide things from me?

1: You are now cursed!!
2: Wha...
3: From now on, no matter how hard you work, no matter how much you till your fields, they will never yield anything!
4: Aaahh!
5: All because you stained the earth with the blood of your younger brother!
6: It will never bear anything unto you again!
7: Aaahhh!
9: You will become a vagabond of the earth...

1: Now begone! Far, far from this land! East of Eden! Go far east, and live in the land of Nod! ("To wander" in Hebrew.)
2: You will be
3: abandoned by both the earth, the entire human race, and your LORD!
4: Ohhh, what have I done?!
5: Everyone will curse me now! They might even murder me!

1: I'm afraid! Aaahh! I can't bear it!
2: Please! Please, save me!
3: You will not be murdered.
4: I will make sure of that.
5: Your punishment will be not death, but the pain of living on.
6: Uu... uuu...

1: Abel died, and Cain was exiled.
2: After this, Adam and Eve had another child named Seth.
3: Seth grew to create his own family, and Adam and Eve's children spread across the land.
4: Cain also found a wife in Nod and begat his own children,
5: and so the human race filled the earth.


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