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6. Abraham


tl by danluffey

6. Abraham
1: Abram was born in Ur, and later moved to Haram with his family.

*Genesis 12 ~ 13, 15 ~ 18

1: Abram, listen to me.
2: Wha...?
3: Take your family and leave this land.
4: What...?
5: Go to the land I designate and live there.
6: Go to Canaan.
7: There, I will bless you, glorify your name, and multiply your people.
8: But why? Although...
9: This is the LORD's will. I have no choice but to accept it.

1: This journey must be made with our servants, our livestock, and all of our belongings. It will be an arduous one.
2: My family has always been small, though... I only have my wife, Sarai, and my nephew Lot.
3: Why has the LORD commanded me to move? And why only my family? But it would be rude to question Him...

1: I only need to obey His will. That is all any person needs to do.
2: Abram! Look!
3: This is the land of Canaan! (Palestine)
4: All the land that you see belongs to you now!

1: Abram, this looks like good land,
2: but there are already people living here. This could cause a war...
3: The LORD said that all the land I could see would belong to me...
4: Let us travel until we reach the end of all the land we can see. I'm sure we'll find a good spot to rest in.

1: Well, we've finally arrived at the end...
2: Egypt!
3: There are a lot of people already living here too.
4: It looks like we'll have to make a bit of a ruckus no matter where we go.
5: I suppose we may as well go back to Canaan, and begin from where the LORD originally told us to.
6: But Abram, we've gotten so old. I don't think I can take any more journeying.
7: Sarai...

1: The LORD would not have promised something impossible to us. I'm sure this is just a trial he's given us to overcome.
2: Okay...
3: Baaaah
4: Baaah
5: Glug!
6: It's hard enough as it is to find an oasis,
7: how can you let all your sheep drink before ours, Lot?!
8: And what makes your sheep better than mine, Uncle Abram?!

1: Lot... our flocks have both grown so much that it's causing us to fight.
2: You're right.
3: Let's take different paths from here on out.
4: I will follow the LORD's will and head to Canaan.
5: Alright, then I'll head to Sodom and Gomorrah, near the Dead Sea.

1: I've heard rumors that the people of those towns possess wicked hearts.
2: Please think this over, Lot.
3: I'll be fine. The more people there are, the easier it'll be to make a living.
4: And no matter how many wicked people there may be, all I need to do is make sure that I'm always walking down the right path.
5: Goodbye now, Uncle. Please take care of yourself.
6: Lot...

1: The LORD promised the land of Canaan to me...
2: As you wish, LORD, I will live here. Please watch over me.
3: Abram! All this land, as far as the eye can see, will be bestowed upon your descendants and their people.
4: My descendants? But Sarai and I weren't able to bear children.
5: I'm 85 now, and she's 75. What descendants do we have?

1: Listen to me, Abram!
2: Ahhh!
3: You will have more descendants than there are stars in the sky.
4: Your name will ring out through the land and remain as the name of your people.
5: However, this shall only be after much suffering and hardship. In other lands, your children will be persecuted, attacked, and tortured.

1: Abram... I am testing the human race. I am testing you... because I want the human race to become strong enough to overcome any manner of suffering. I am testing the human race so that they may survive.

1: The human race must learn that when they suffer, they are truly being tested!
2: Was I... dreaming just now?

1: The LORD... promised us the prosperity of our descendants?
2: Haha... I really must have been dreaming after all, huh?
3: I've never given birth to a child...
4: But "The descendants of Abram" don't necessarily have to be "my children"...

1: I have a maid,
2: and I am free to do with my servant as I please.
3: Since long ago, women who could not bear children have given up their maids to their husbands in order to secure successors for their names.
4: It's part of my duty as his wife.
5: Hagar.
6: Yes, madame?
7: With your young, healthy body, I'm sure you can bear many children. I want you to bear children for Abram in my place.

1: If I'm able to bear a son, then I'll become more than just a servant!
2: I understand. But if I'm unable to bear children, then please have mercy on me.
3: I'm counting on you, Hagar.
4: You want me to sleep with your servant, Hagar?!
5: The LORD has commanded you to bear children,
6: so please do your best.
7: Wait, Sarai...
8: Goodbye.

1: Now Abram will finally have a child! What a relief!
2: Hagar, where is my blue stole?
3: I dunno.
4: Can't even keep track of your own things?
5: No children and no brains. What good are you?
6: Hagar! How dare you speak to me that way!

1: Who do you think you are?! I can cast you out any time I please!
2: Hiie...
3: You think I need you? There are countless other women who can bear children for my husband!
4: Ah...
5: Sniff... whimper...
6: Madame Sarai is so scary... there's no telling what she'll do to me! I need to run away! But to where?

1: Hagar...
2: Wha...?
3: I am an angel.
4: Ahh...!
5: Return to your master, and continue working for her as a loyal servant.
6: You will bear a son. Name him Ishmael.
7: Ahh...
8: Ishmael will grow and give birth to countless children.
9: Ahhh...!

1: I've returned, Madam Sarai. I hope to continue working hard for you.
2: ...I'm just glad you've come to your senses.
3: Ohoh... waaahhh!
4: Here is your son!
5: Hoo
6: Ohhh...
7: Waah! Waah!

1: Ishmael...
2: We thank you, O LORD.
3: I have grown so old I could die any day, and yet you blessed me with an heir.
4: I am eternally indebted to your majestic power.
5: Abram! Ishmael is not your heir.
6: Soon, you will bear another son.

1: The son begat by your wife, Sarai, will be your true heir.
2: What...?
3: But Sarai is almost 77,
4: and I'll be 87 soon...
5: I promise this. When your son arrives, you are to name him Isaac. ("Smile")
6: Ah...! Yes, LORD!

1: From this day forward, you will change your name to Abraham,
2: and your wife Sarai will change her name to Sarah,
3: and your son Isaac will fill the earth with his children.
4: It can't be... but...

1-4: Ishamel!
5: Umm... would you please...

1: officially declare him as your heir?
2: I care deeply about Ishamel,
3: but Sarah is to bear my true heir.
4: You're still saying that?
5: It's impossible!
6: But... the LORD has commanded it...
7: This is ridiculous!
8: Hagar...
9: Hoo...
10: Hm?

1: Ahh...
2: Angels!
3: Welcome, welcome!

1: Please, rest and make yourselves at home.
2: This is my wife, Sarah.
3: Sarah! You will be pregnant soon.
4: But I'm too old!
5: You laugh at us?
6: Ahh... no, I...

1: F-forgive me.
2: You came here about that?
3: We...
4: are going to confirm the dark rumors about two towns.
5: Wha...
6: Towns filled with corruption, where the hearts of men run astray. The towns of Sodom and Gomorrah...
7: That's where Lot is!
8: If the rumors prove true, what will you do?
9: Ruin the towns and all their people.
10: All their people?!
11: Wait!

1: No matter how corrupt a town may be, there must be at least one pure-hearted human still inside.
2: What if you found, say... 50? Would you still ruin those 50 due to the wicked acts of other men?
3: If we find 50... then will not ruin them all.
4: Then what about... if you find 45? Or... 30...
5: We will not ruin them.

1: Then... what about 20? No...
2: What if there were only ten?!
3: Then we will preserve the town, for the sake of those ten people.

1: We will go now, but we will return again.
2: And when we do, Sara will bear the son of Abraham.
3: This we promise.

1: Abram followed God's orders and spent years journeying around the land.
2: Tigris River
3: Babylonia
4: Ur
5: Babylon
6: Euphrates
7: Haran
8: Canaan
9: Sodom & Gomorrah
10: Be'er Sheva
11: Mediterranean Sea
12: Shechem
13: Hebron
14: Red Sea
15: The route outlined in the Bible looks something like this.
16: Egypt
17: Here's another episode from their journey that I didn't include in the chapter...
18: Oh...
19: You're beautiful, so I bet those Egyptians won't be able to keep their eyes off of you.
20: Some of them may think that they could make you theirs as long as I'm not around, and try to kill me.
21: Therefore, we should say that you're my sister. If we do that, then they will treat me with respect because of their admiration for you.

1: Just as Abram guessed, the Egyptians fell in love with Sarai.
2: She's such a charming, mature woman!
3: Let me take you to meet the Pharaoh!
4: The Pharaoh liked Sarai, so he tried to add her to his harem.
5: I'll take good care of you, and promise you both a peaceful life.
6: But soon after that, the Pharaoh became ill,
7: and bad weather persisted through Egypt.
8: According to the word of God, this is your punishment for trying to add another man's wife to your harem...
9: Another man's wife?
10: Why didn't you tell me the truth?! Now look what you've done! I won't punish you, just leave here at once!
11: Yes, sir!
12: And so, they continued their journey...
13: but didn't Abraham mind that he almost gave his wife away to another man?
14: Maybe he was more abnormal than he seems...


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