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10. Isaac and Rebekah


tl by danluffey

10. Isaac and Rebekah
*Genesis 23 ~ 25

1: Mother...!
2: Sarah... thank you for staying with me on my long journey.
3: All people will die eventually. It's a part of life, Isaac.
4: Mother! Ohh, mother...
5: You can't mourn forever.
6: Ahh... it looks like I won't be able to join her just yet.

1: I thought he had grown up, but it looks like he still has a ways to go.
2: They say that men grow up when they marry. Don't you think it's about time he found a wife?
3: I thought about that... but I don't want him to marry a Canaanite.
4: Huh?
5: The people of this land worship strange gods.

1: My people live in Haran, my homeland. I know it may be a bit of a journey, but I want you to go there and find a good woman for him.
2: I'll give you lots of presents to take. I'm counting on you, Elieze!
3: And then...
4: Really?! No way! Wahaha!

1: Well, I've made it to Haran. But how should I go about finding a good woman?
2: It seems like many young women gather around that well, so I'll go take a look... hmm. It's hard to figure out which one to pick.
3: How does one find a good-natured woman? I know... umm...

1: Excuse me, but I'm a traveler. Would you mind sparing some water for me?
2: Oh my...
3: Where do you hail from?
4: Sure. Here you go.
5: Rebekah!
6: Your throat must be dry after such a long journey. I'll give you some water for your camel, too.
7: Ahh...
8: What a generous soul!
9: You're the woman I've been searching for!
10: Huh?

1: Abraham is my grandfather's brother. I left Haran and built a fortune.
2: Wow! What magnificent gifts!
3: If he's from the same clan as us, then you have my blessing. I would love to make you Isaac's wife, Rebekah.
4: As you wish, father.
5: Isaac will be so pleased!
6: I hope so...

1: It looks like he's finally gotten over Sarah's death.
2: Thank you, Eliezel!
3: They get along well,
4: but it's already been many years, and they haven't been able to bear any children.
5: I'm sure the LORD is waiting for the right moment,
6: just like when he blessed us with you.
7: Father...
8: Whatever happens, it is all the will of the LORD.
9: He is always testing us. Do not forget that, Isaac.
10: Yes, father...

1: Abraham died at the age of 175,
2: and was buried in the cave of Machpelah next to Sarah. Henceforth, this became the Abraham family grave.
3: Ooh... aaahh!
4: At this age, she's finally become pregnant! I know you can make it through, Rebekah!
5: Uuuu!
6: Waaahh!
7: She did it!
8: Congratulations! It's a boy!
9: Ohhh!

1: Not just one, but two! Twins!
2: Ohhh!
3: The first boy is hairy, and the second one came out by grasping the hair on his heel!
4: The elder brother will be named Esau,
5: Waaah!
6: and the younger brother will be named Jacob!
7: Bweh! Nggh!
8: Overjoyed that his wife had finally conceived, Isaac still had no inkling that his children would come to cause him great pain.
9-10: Waah!
11: Congratulations!


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