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11. Esau and Jacob


tl by danluffey

11. Esau and Jacob
*Genesis 25, 27 ~ 28

1: Screeee!
1: I'm home!
2: I got your favorite, dad - a deer!
3: Esau?

1: My eyes have gotten weaker recently, so I can't even see your face properly anymore.
2: Father...
3: I can still taste, though.
4: Ahh! Delicious!
5: You're so skilled, Esau. You always catch us the finest deer.
6: A good man is a good hunter! Jacob is a bit weak, so he isn't very reliable, but I'm very proud of you, Esau!

1: Huh... me?
2: But I don't like hunting.
3: You need to change your attitude, or your father will keep favoring Esau forever!
4: But...
5: Jacob! You need to think more seriously about this!
6: Esau was only born a moment before you, yet he gets treated like the first son,
7: when in reality, you're the better son by far!
8: Mother...
9: I can't stand it!

1: Isaac's really getting up in his years. It won't be long before Esau takes over as our leader.
2: What about Jacob?
3: No, they'll go with the older son for sure.
4: Is it evening already? Or is it still afternoon?
5: Isaac...
6: I can't see anything anymore...

1: Ahh, I couldn't catch anything today.
2: Hey, that smells good. What is that, bean stew?
3: Hi Esau.
4: I'm so hungry! Let me have some, Jacob.
5: I made this for mom and me...
6: But I'm starving!

1: I'm about to collapse!
2: C'mon! Just a little!
3: Alright...
4: I'll give you some... in exchange for your right as the eldest son.
5: Okay, sure!

1: We're twins, after all.
2: I don't care whether I'm the older or younger one!
3: That's great to hear.
4: Wow, this is really good!
5: Alright then,
6: from now on, I'm the eldest son, OK?
7: Don't you get it?! Esau came out first for a reason!
8: It was the LORD's will!

1: You can't just decide to change places on a whim. Now, it isn't good to go back on your word, but I never want you two to ever do anything like this again! Understand?
2: Yes, father. We won't.
3: Ahh... I feel so weak.
4: I don't have much longer left... but it's all part of the LORD's will.
5: I know...
6: There's one more thing I'd like to do before I die.
7: Esau. Esau!

1: I'm completely blind now.
2: I imagine I will die soon, but before I do, I have one duty, and one request for you.
3: Yes, father...
4: Your duty
5: is to promise the LORD that you will become my heir. Now, for my request, I'd like to eat one more of those deer that you prepare so well.
6: Father...
7: Once I eat it, I will swear over my inheritance to you.
8: Yes, father!

1: Jacob! This is your chance to become your father's heir!
2: What?
3: He's blind now, so there's no way for him to tell you and Esau apart!
4: Just pretend like you're Esau!
5: Put this on.
6: Why?
7: It's rabbit fur. Esau is hairy, so this will help to disguise you.

1: And here's some rabbit meat. Just pretend that this is the meat of the deer you caught.
2: Hm...? Who's there?
3: It's Esau, father.
4: Hm?
5: You don't sound like Esau... you sound like Jacob.
6: Mmm... but this hair, it could only be Esau's. I'm ashamed of myself. My ears must have gone too.
7: Father, please eat this and regain your strength.

1: Today, I could only find an old, withered deer.
2: Mmm... now that you mention it, this does taste a bit different from usual. It still tastes good, though.
3: Thank you, Esau. Now, I'll swear to Heaven what I promised.
4: O LORD! I hereby designate this son as my rightful heir.

1: Jacob!
2: Ahh!
3: What? Who's there?
4: That was Jacob just now? But I already swore him in as my heir!
5: Father!
6: Oh, what have I done?!
7: Please, be still, father!
8: Go and hide in Haran until everything calms down.

1: Where did Jacob go? He's a dead man!
2: Go find my older brother and ask him to protect you!
3: Where is he?!
4: I'm going to kill him!
5: Haa, haa...

1: What have I done... ohhh...
2: But...
3: You can't retract what you've sworn to the LORD.
4: Jacob is now your rightful heir.
5: Uuu...
6: Haa... haa...

1: How many days does it take to get to Haran?
2: I suppose I'll rest for a bit.
3: Did I... do something bad back there?
4: But mom told me to do it...
5: I'm pretty sure... that what I did was wrong, though...
7: Hm?

1: Jacob... Jacob!
2: Mmm...

1: You are hereby blessed by the LORD.
2: The land on which you stand now belongs to you and your descendants.
3: Wha... huh?!

1: Was it a dream? This land... all belongs to me?
2: But why?


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