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12. Jacob and Rachel


tl by danluffey

12. Jacob and Rachel
*Genesis 29 ~ 30

1: A town...
2: Baaaah!
3: Baahhh!
4: Um... is this the town of Haran?
5: Yes it is!
6: Do you know a man named Laban, then?
7: I'm the son of Laban's younger sister.

1: Laban's younger sister... you mean Rebekah?
2: The girl who was married and went to Canaan? Oh my!
3: You know of her? Great!
4: Of course we know of her! Oh, good timing...
5: That's Laban's daughter Rachel! Rachel, your cousin's here!
6: Hm?
7: My cousin?

1: Ahh...
2: Father! Father!
3: Rebekah's son?
4: And so, I completely understand why my older brother would be angry with me.

1: You can just stay with us until things calm down. Now, eat up and rejuvenate yourself!
2: Here you go.
3: Thank you very much, uncle. In exchange for this food, I'll work as hard as I can.
4: He's good at taking care of the livestock, and works hard. He's really a fine man!

1: Baaah...
2: Rachel, the sheep are going astray!
3: Oh, I'm sorry, Leah!
4: What?
5: You wish to marry Rachel?

1: Well, you're from the same clan as us, and you're a hard worker. Sure, why not?
2: Really?!
3: I'll let you marry her,
4: however,
5: I treasure my daughter above all else. Work for me for free for seven years, and then I'll let you have her.
6: Alright! I'll do as you say.
7: With each day I work,
8: the day we can be together draws closer and closer.

1: Jacob...
2: Six years and eight months remain.
3: Rachel...
4: Five years and a half remain...
5: Three more years...
6: Two more years...

1: Ten more days...
2: Those seven years went by so fast.
3: Jacob!
4: Let's live a happy life together.
5: Yes. I'm already happy.
6: What a joyous day! Jacob's getting married!

1: Congratulations!
2: From this night forward, she is yours, Jacob!
3: Now, we can finally be together... aahh...!
4: I love you...
5: Huh?! Leah?!

1: In this land, it's a law that the older sister has to marry first. That's why I gave you Leah.
2: You took her already, so I expect you to take responsibility for her. If you want Rachel too, then you'll have to work another seven years.

1: This is my punishment. This is what I get for deceiving my father and stealing my brother's birthright from him. I deserve this!
2: As you wish, uncle...
3: Now I truly understand the pain of being deceived!

1: I'll work seven more years for you, so please let me marry Rachel too.
2: Oh... okay, if that's what you want!
3: Seven more years... I just need to focus on being thankful.
4: I know that I'll get what I've been promised in the end, so I can enjoy working hard for it. In this world, there are a lot of people who never get what they want no matter how hard they work for it, so I'm fortunate in that regard.

1: Jacob...
2: I'm so sorry...
3: Rachel!
4: Baah...
5: Baahh
6: I understand.
7: You had no choice but to obey your father. I just want to know whether or not you'll wait for me...
8: Of course I'll wait!
9: I'll always be waiting for you.
10: Rachel...
11: Tee hee...
12: You really lucked out, Leah!
13: I suppose you're right.

1: Congratulations, Leah...
2: I'll carry the heavy things.
3: Tee hee!
4: Oh, you don't need to do that, Rachel!
5: Ahem
6: Umm... you always work really hard, so about the seven year thing...

1: I'll let you marry Rachel now,
2: just promise to keep working for the next seven years, alright?
3: What? Really?!
4: Thank you so much!
5: Wow! We're finally getting married!
6: Rachel! I'm going to love you for the rest of my life.
7: It was horrible when your father deceived me like that, but I believe it was just another trial I had to overcome to get what I really wanted.
8: Oh, Jacob...

1: It doesn't matter!
2: I'm going to be the one to bear Jacob's first son, after all!
3: And once he's born, Jacob will surely treasure me more!
4: Waah! Waaahhh!
5: My son!
6: Thank you, Leah!
7: Leah got pregnant in no time at all, but... absolutely nothing's happened to me...

1: Wow, Leah! Congratulations! You already had a second one?!
2: He's happy about the children... but he doesn't really love me...
3: In fact, it's almost like he hates me... due to the grudge he bears toward my father for deceiving him.
4: In his eyes, I'm connected with that, so he'll never love me from the bottom of his heart...
5: It hurts...

1: But the LORD saw my sorrow from being unloved and blessed me with a child. Therefore, I'll name my first son Reuben (from the Hebrew word 'raa,' which means to look back).
2: The second son's name will be Simeon, because the LORD has heard my suffering ('shama on').
3: Leah, you're pregnant again? That's the the third one! Congratulations!
4: She's the only one who ever gets pregnant!
5: Why?!
6: This child will be the one that truly joins ('laweh') my husband and I!
7: Ooooh!
8: Congratulations!
9: Waah!
10: And so I'll name him Levi.
11: Waaah! Waaahh!

1: You had another child?
2: This is the fourth! Your husband must really love you, Leah!
3: Why?! Why won't you give me a child?!
4: You don't love me, do you?
5: Rachel!
6: I'm in pain too here! I don't know why Leah's the only one who ever gets pregnant!

1: You're the one I truly want to have a child with! Oh, why is this happening?!
2: I give up!
3: O LORD! I'm going to give up waiting for my husband to love me! I will simply honor you for blessing me with children! That's enough for me!
4: You're just saying that to make me feel better!
5: If you really love me, then give me a child!

1: Enough already!
2: What gives you the right to speak to me that way?!
3: It's up to the LORD whether or not you can have a child!
4: Don't blame me for something I have no control over!
5: Jacob!

1: Waaah! Waaaaahhh!
2: I must give thanks (odeh) to the LORD...
3: So I will name him Judah.
4: He looks so sad... he must just be feeling sorry for Rachel.
5: But ever since then, they haven't been getting along too well.

1: My servants belong to me. They are for me to use.
2: If a servant bears a child, then that becomes my child!
3: Bilhah...
4: I want you to have a child with Jacob in my place.
5: You're young and healthy. Please, I beg this of you.

1: Rachel's having Bilhah bear a son for Jacob! Which means it'll become Rachel's child!
2: Waahh!!
3: Nngggh!!
4: It's a boy! You did it, Bilhah!
5: Let's name him Dan.
6: Rachel had a child, so Jacob will probably never look at me again. Not that he ever looked at me in the first place...

1: He's never once looked at me with affection.
2: Ever since they had a child, they haven't been over to visit me once.
3: I heard Bilhah got pregnant again! That means Rachel will have another child!
4: I could have another too, if I wanted!
5: My body's too old...
6: but Zilpah is young and healthy!
7: Will you come and work as a servant for me?
8: Huh?

1: Leah doesn't want to be shamed, so...
2: Zilpah got pregnant! That means Leah will have another child!
3: Bilhah, great job! You had another boy! Thank you!
4: Waaahh!
5: That means I've won! Ahh, I'm so happy!
6: Zilpah had a boy? What joyous news!
7: And she's pregnant again already! Wooow!
8: Zilpah gave birth to another boy! That makes eight sons for Jacob!

1: Leah had six, and Rachel had two. Rachel never got pregnant herself, though...
2: Officially, I've had children with Jacob now, but am I really going to die without ever getting pregnant?
3: I've had six children for Jacob, but that still won't make him love me.
4: Mom, look what I found!
5: What is it, Reuben?
6: Oh, how rare! It's a mandrake!

1: I heard that Leah's son Reuben found some mandrakes! Mandrakes? Really?
2: They say that women who eat mandrakes always give birth to boys!
3: Wooow!
5: Leah! Please, I have a request...
6: Can you share your mandrakes with me?

1: They belong to my son!
2: I'm Jacob's first wife, in case you forgot!
3: You've taken all his love for yourself, but that's not enough for you, is it? Now you even want my son!
4: Leah!
5: You gave birth to four of his sons!
6: He's always loved no one but you!

1: I want to really give birth to one of his sons too!
2: And I want to be loved by him!
3-4: Ahh...
5: I hate this.
6: We're sisters!
7: Why can't we both have his children? Why can't we both be loved by him? Why do us women have to suffer so much?

1: Leah! I'll ask Jacob to start loving you too.
2: Rachel! I want you to have a son for Jacob too, so I'll give you some mandrakes.
3: Rachel ate the mandrakes, but she still couldn't conceive.
4: After that, Leah had two more sons and a girl.
5: I... give up.

1: It's time for me to accept this... it must be the LORD's will.
2: Hey, Rachel... your stomach looks a bit larger than it did before. Could it be...?
3: What? But...
4: It can't be!
5: Rachel! Congratulations!

1: You did it! You had a boy! Rachel! Congratulations!
2: Waaahhh!
3: Finally, you blessed Rachel with a son! Thank you so much, LORD!
4: Waaahh!
5: I'll name him Joseph!
6: I'm going to take my family and return to my homeland. But... has it been long enough? Will Esau forgive me?

1: About Jacob and Rachel
2: Jacob's uncle tricked Jacob into marrying Leah.
3: But since Jacob got angry, his uncle let him marry Rachel the next night.
4: But you have to work for me for another seven years!
5: Since ancient times, women were treated like a family possession, and could be wedded off for whatever their father deemed fit.
6: Usually, this ended up being betrothal money.
7: Since Jacob didn't have any money of his own, he had to work to pay for his wife.
8: When Jacob returned to his homeland, he brought lots of livestock and servants with him.

1: According to scripture, this is because he used his intelligence to trick his uncle into giving him as much livestock as possible.
2: Please give me all your spotted-fur sheep.
3: Sheep are usually solid white, black, or brown...
4: Alright, fine. If there are any spotted-fur sheep, you can take them.
5: And so, Jacob pulled the bark off of tree branches and showed the white parts to sheep who were copulating in order to make all their children have speckled-fur.
6: Uhh... how does that work? I must not be smart enough to understand...
7: According to one concordance of the Bible, "this section makes no sense, so we can only assume that they didn't understand the true reason why the sheep ended up being born this way."
8: So I'm not the only one who doesn't get it!
9: Phew
10: Ah well. There are a lot of things in this world that can't be explained.
11: Jacob worked his "seven years" twice, and the number seven ends up being a symbolic number in later stories. There are seven days in a week, too!


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