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13. Israel


tl by danluffey

13. Israel
Genesis 32 ~ 33, 35

1: I worked for many years under my uncle, multiplied the livestock he gave me, and took his daughters as my wife.
2: Now, I am taking all my livestock, servants, wives and children and returning to my homeland.

1: But... is it really alright for me to return?
2: Esau... are you still angry at me?
3: Or will you forgive me?
4: The closer I get to my homeland, the more apprehensive I become.
5: Send a messenger out to Esau.

1: Tell him that his younger brother Jacob has worked for his uncle, acquired livestock, servants, and a family,
2: that Jacob would like to greet him again as his servant, and to please receive him.
3: Yes sir!
4: I delivered the message!
5: Esau is bringing 400 of his men and coming this way!
6: Esau... he's coming to attack me!

1: Go and deliver a gift to him!
2: 200 female and 20 male goats and sheep! 30 camels and 50 cows! 30 donkeys!
3: Tell him that they are an offering from his brother Jacob!
4: Please don't attack me!
5: I want to protect my family!
6: Now that I think about it,
7: I was a fool to assume my brother would forgive me so easily...

1: Now that I'm older, and I've learned more about the world and its people, it becomes easier to look back on my past from an objective standpoint.
2: When I was young, I only cared about what was right in front of me.
3: I was only thinking of myself. I got nervous, angry, and worried about what was right in front of me. I let it control me. But that isn't all there is to life...

1: The man I am now would never deceive my father or betray my brother. Doing that would cause me to lose something far greater than what I could gain.
3: But you can't redo life.
4: Ahh...! Who's there?!

1: My brother must have sent this man to kill me!
2: But I can't die here!
3: Who's there?!
4: Uuu!
5: Gheh!
6: Ahhh!
7: Uuu!
8-10: Haa

1: It's morning... I must go! Release me!
2: Never! Aaahhh!
3: CRACK!!
4: Aaahhh! My hip got dislocated! Owwww!
5: I'm leaving now. Jacob...
6: Jacob, from now on you will change your name to Israel, for you have struggled with God and overcome.
7: Wh-who are you...

1: I am the one who blesses you.
2: Aahhh...
3: Israel...?!
4: Jacob!
5: It's been a long time.

1: Esau!
2: Please forgive me!
3: I've returned
4: as your humble servant!
5: Please forgive me!

1: I present all of my livestock to you!
2: I don't expect it to make you forgive me,
3: but please, please accept it!
4: Jacob!
5: Enough!
6: Esau!
7: I'm so glad you've returned, Jacob!

1: And so, Jacob received his brother's forgiveness and began a new life with his family.
2: Uuu... uuuu...
3: I'm sure Rachel is overjoyed to be having a second child, but it's going to be very hard for her to give birth at her age.
4: Please take care of her, Leah!
5: Mom...

1: Oh, Joseph... I'm alright. Just in a little pain.
2: I'll pray for you, mother.
3: Thank you. You're so kind, Joseph.
4: Now, go on outside. I'll be giving birth soon, and you'll become a big brother.
5: Oooh...! Ooooohh!!
6: You can do it! You're almost there!
7: You can do it, Rachel!

1: Oooohh!
2: You did it! It's a baby boy!
3: Waaahhh!
4: He's born... and I name him Ben-Oni (child of suffering).
5-6: Rachel!
7: Racheeel!

1: Rachel... please rest in peace. I'm naming your child Benjamin (son of fortune).
2: But mom named him Ben-Oni.
3: Do you really think he could be happy with that name?
4: At the time of Rachel's death, Jacob had twelve sons.
5: Rachel would want the son she risked her life for to find happiness, Joseph.
6: You're right, father.

1: Jacob had six sons with Leah,
2: Reuben
3: Simeon
4: Levi
5: Judah
6: Issachar
7: Zebulun
8: and with Rachel, Joseph
9: and Benjamin.
10: With Leah's servant Bilhah, he had Gad
11: and Asher,
12: and with Rachel's servant Bilhah, he had Dan
13: and Naphtali.

1: With Leah, he had one daughter, Dinah.
2: Jacob's twelve sons had many descendants,
3: who came to be the people of Israel.

1: About Israel
2: Israel (Jacob) had a total of twelve sons
3: who eventually became the forefathers of twelve different tribes in twelve different areas.
4: Rachel's sevant Bilhah
5: Dan
6: Naphtali
7: Rachel
8: Joseph
9: Benjamin
10: Jacob
11: Reuben
12: Simeon
13: Levi
14: Judah
15: Issachar
16: Zebulun
17: Leah
18: Leah's servant Zilpah
19: Gad
20: Asher
21: The only exception is Levi's tribe, who did not go on to rule a region, and instead became a tribe of priests.
22: Without land, you will have no income.
23: Levites still exist as a subset of Jews today.
24: We'll be fine. We'll work as priests and have the other tribes pay us.
25: Okay, in that case, you're a family of priests from now on!
26: So then there were only 11 tribes? Well, no. Joseph's two sons each split up and created their own tribes,
27: Joseph
28: Ephraim
29: Manasseh
30: taking the total back to 12.
31: Rachel's children always get special treatment...

1: Incidentally, just like the number 7, the number 12 also becomes symbolic as we continue on.
2: There are twelve months in a year, the clock counts time in twelves, and there are twelve in a dozen. These are all man-made measurements.
3: I wish they would've split one year up into 13 months and counted time in tens instead...
4: What should we split one year into?
5: I know! Twelfths! That number seems meaningful and symbolic!
6: Maybe they split one year up into twelfths since they were so used to seeing the number in myths and legends? Or...
7: Maybe they split it up into twelfths because the number "12" has some kind of special power? Or does it have to do with some mathematical formula? No one knows for sure...
8: Only twelve cents left... SNIFF
9: In the New Testament, Jesus Christ also had 12 disciples.
10: Just like the 12 tribes of Israel! Wonderful!

To be Continued in Volume 2


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