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14. Joseph


tl by danluffey

The original Old Testament has never been found. Its stories and accounts have been passed down through many different translations to present day.

Due to various translation methods and interpretations, the details of each story have changed with time.

I compiled the stories in this manga based on my own research of different translations, so I hope that everyone can enjoy this manga as my own personal version of these timeless tales.

The Book of Genesis (Continued)
14. Joseph
*Genesis 37, 39 ~ 40

1: When Joseph turned 17...
2: I saw a strange dream.
3: After bundling some grain and putting it on the ground, the bundle stood straight up,
4: while the rest of the grain fell down before it.
5: Another dream?

1: What are you trying to say? That eventually we'll all come to bow before you?
2: Don't start getting cocky just because dad gives you special treatment!
3: No! He doesn't treat me any different than you!
4: What's this, then?!
5: Ahh...
6: This is a beautiful blue coat! Dad made it especially for you!
7: You're SPECIAL!
8: I can't take it any more!
9: Dad always gives everything to you! And I've had it!
10: Stop... aaahh!!

1: Aaaaahhh!
2: Hey... is he dead?
3: Maybe we went a little too far...
4: I-I had nothing to do with it!
5: It's alright! He's alive!
6: Nnngh...

1: But... if dad finds out about this... it'll be bad.
2: If we leave him like this, he'll die, so let's just pretend like it never happened.
3: No, we can't do that!
4: What, then?
5: A caravan...
6: You're going to Egypt?
7: Would you like to buy a slave from us?

1: Oh, father... I'm so sorry for all the worry this will cause you...
2: This is... the coat I made for Joseph!
3: He was attacked by a wild animal. We're sorry, but we weren't able to save him!

1: Joseph! Aaahhh! Joseph!
2: Joseph is dead?
3: That's right, Benjamin.
4: First come, first served!
5: How about we go in groups of two?

1: What is that?
2: 18 years old, from Dothan.
3: He's writing down words...
4: Wow! How convenient! Can anyone do that if they learn how?
5: Next! You look pretty weak... what can you do?
6: I... can do that.
7: Hm? You know writing?
8: Writing? So that's what they call it.
9: Yes, I do.

1: Alright! I'll buy you!
2: Ahh! Captain Potiphar!
3: You're a lucky boy. I'm Potiphar, captain of the Pharaoh's guard.
4: I went out and bought some new slaves!
5: Joseph knows how to write, so let him help you with the accounting.
6: Okay, time to work!

1: Um... can you teach me how to do it first?
2: I thought you already knew how?
3: I'm from Canaan, and we do it a little different there.
4: Alright, fine. You'd better learn fast, though!
5: Joseph studied passionately and learned to write in no time at all. He also learned arithmetic, and worked as hard as he could.
6: The LORD is probably just giving me a test that I must overcome.
7: I know that He's always watching over me. I need to have faith and keep living honestly.

1: Joseph! Where are the grain records?
2: Here, sir.
3: Ever since you've come here, we've remained above our limit. You don't make a single error.
4: Master...
5: The LORD is always watching over people. That fear is what allows me to live honestly.
6: You say it so casually... that quality of yours is what makes you such an exceptional worker.
7: Now then.

1: I've decided to make you overseer of my house. I'm leaving the management of all my property in your hands!
2: You will call this man Master Joseph from now on! Understand?!
3: Yes sir!
4: Master!
5: I'm so thankful. I'm going to work my hardest and increase my master's property even further!
6: Oh, Madame.
7: You're always working...
8: I have something to talk to you about. Come with me.

1: My husband's out today. Come.
2: Madam!
3: I can't! Please, let me go!
4: What?! How dare you shame me like this!
5: Halt!
6: Please, forgive me!

1: He's going to pay for that!
2: Aaaahh! Someone, help!
3: Joseph attacked me!
4: He knew my husband was out and approached me!
5: Look... these are his clothes that he took off! This is proof! I was so scared!
6: No! I...
7: How dare you betray my trust like that?!
8: Throw him into the dungeon!
9: But Master! Please, you must believe me!
10: Aahh...

1: I want to see my wife...
2: I want to see my children...
3: When will they let us out of here?
4: Some die without ever getting out...
5: I was the Pharaoh's chief baker, and I don't even know what I did to be thrown in here.
6: I was the chief cupbearer, and I already forgot why I was thrown in here.
7: The LORD must be testing me. He's watching over me, and testing me.

1: Maybe I'm just going crazy, but I saw a very strange dream.
2: Can you all try and figure out what it means?
3: What was it?
4: I dreamt of a grape vine with three drooping branches.
5: They all bloomed with fruit in no time at all, and I made wine from the grapes and presented it to the Pharaoh.
6: What could it mean?
7: Ah... the three grape branches represent three days.
8: In three days, the Pharaoh will pardon and release you.
9: R-really, Joseph?
10: Yes. If it comes true.

1: When you're released, please beg the Pharaoh to pardon me too.
2: Alright! I promise I will!
3: Um... I also... had a strange dream. I was carrying three baskets on my head, and the top basket carried bread for the Pharaoh, but a bird was picking at them.
4: That means...
5: What?
6: In three days, the Pharaoh will execute you
7: and birds will eat your flesh.
8: Wh... what?!
9: It's alright! There's no way that'll come true!

1: But three days later,
2: the cupbearer was executed,
3: and the chief baker was pardoned and allowed to return to his post.
4: I'll beg to the Pharaoh for you, Joseph!
5: However...
6: even after waiting and waiting, Joseph was never released.
7: It's been two years... the LORD must still be testing me.


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