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15. Tamar


tl by danluffey

15. Tamar
*Genesis 38

1: One of Joseph's older brothers Judah left his family, found a wife, and had three children.

1: His eldest son Er married a woman named Tamar... but...
2: Ahhh! Er...!
3: How could he die without fathering any sons?
4: Poor, poor Er. We need to have Tamar give birth to a son for him somehow.
5: Onan! You're the next son, so for the sake of your older brother Er,
6: you need to marry Tamar and create a child with her.
7: Yes, father.
8: But...

1: Even if we create a child, it won't be mine. It'll belong to my brother...
2: Once a woman is married, she belongs to her husband for the rest of her life...
3: Onan! What's wrong?!
4: And so, Onan spilled his seed on the earth, so that Tamar would not become pregnant.
5: I feel like I'm being cheated here...
6: How could he do that?!
7: This isn't easy for me either!

1: You cannot go against the ways of the world!
2: What? But...
3: Ahh! Onan!
4: The law states that my third son Shelah should wed you next, but Shelah is still a child. You'll just have to wait at home until he grows up.
5: Yes, father.
6: It's been many years now... and Shelah's already grown up...

1: Judah? He died a long time ago and left his wife all alone.
2: Shelah became a man a long time ago as well.
3: Then why didn't they say anything to me?!
4: I obeyed the ways of the world and tried to give birth to a son for my husband...
5: If they were just going to abandon me like this, then why did they try and make me marry Onan?! And why did they tell me to wait until Shelah grew up?!

1: I need to do something quick...
2: This is my life they're toying with!
3: Ooooh! Hey baby!
4: How much,
5: miss?
6: Judah doesn't even realize it's me!
7: One sheep...
8: Sure. I'll give you one of my best.
9: I'll have it sent over when I get home.
10: I can't trust a promise of words alone.

1: Fine then. I will leave this ring, staff, and cord in your possession as proof.
2: Okay. I accept.
3: Mmm...
4: Master! I went to deliver the sheep to town,
5: but I couldn't find the woman!
6: Someone even told me that no prostitutes live in that town.
7: But how could that be?
8: ...ah well.

1: Tamar is pregnant, and she says she'll be giving birth soon!
2: My daughter-in-law?! Has she gone mad?!
3: I'm going to burn her at the stake for adultery! Bring her here at once!!
4: Show that to your father. If he insists on killing me even then, then I will die.

1: That was Tamar...? I made her remarry my son, then I made her wait... and I abandoned her without wedding her to Shelah like I promised.
2: This is all my fault!
3: Enough. Tell Tamar that I want her to give birth to healthy children and live a good life.
4: Yes, father...

1: Haa, haa....
2: I've lived my entire life doing just as men told me to.
3: But now... I am no longer anyone's wife, or anyone's bride...
4: Nngh... nnnnngggh!
5: Yes! That's it! Relax your muscles! That's it!
6: I've become a mother for no one but myself!
7: Waaahh...! Aaahhh!
8: Congratulations, Tamar! You gave birth to twin boys!
9: Aaahh! Waaahhh!


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