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16. Famine


tl by danluffey

16. Famine

*Genesis 41 ~ 47

1: Is it not to your liking, master?
2: No...
3: I just lost my appetite,
4: because I've been seeing very unsettling dreams...
5: Is there anyone here who knows how to interpret dreams?
6: Hmm...
7: Ah...
8: There is!
9: Joseph! I forgot all about him!

1: The chief baker!
2: Joseph! Come out!
3: Aahh! Joseph!
4: The Pharaoh wants me?
5: I didn't necessarily forget about you, I was just, um, waiting for the right timing... uh... so...

1: I am Joseph.
2: The slave? Fine. So long as you can interpret my dream.
3: But if you try and deceive me, I will have no mercy!
4: Yes, master.
5: First, I saw seven healthy male cows.
6: Then, seven skinny female cows approached them
7: and ate them all up.

1: In another dream, I saw seven full heads of grain on a single stalk.
2: But soon, withered heads of grain grew out and swallowed them up.
3: I just hope they aren't ill omens...
4: The seven male cows and seven heads of grain mean that you will have seven years of prosperous harvests.
5: Prosperous harvests?! That's good!
6: But the skinny cows and the withered heads...

1: mean that after the prosperous harvests, a great famine will come... and Egypt may even perish.
2: Perish?!
3: How dare you say such a baleful thing in the presence of the Pharaoh?!
4: Unforgivable! We must execute him at once!
5: Wait.
6: Joseph...
7: Does the dream tell us of any way to prevent this?
8: If you take care to store up lots of food during the seven years of prosperous harvests,
9: then you will be able to overcome the seven years of famine.

1: Alright...
2: I will believe your prophecy.
3: I will also put you in charge of managing all the food.
4: I believe that Heaven has given you the ability to interpret dreams so that my kingdom may survive, and I will trust in your power.
5: I entrust the next fourteen years of my land to you.

1: This year, we will take from the harvest only what we need to eat, and store away the rest. Next year, we'll take only what we need to eat out from our storage, and store the entirety of our harvest. The year after that, we will take a third of it to eat from.
2: Do not overeat! We must store as much food as possible.
3: In order to overcome the next seven years of famine, we must store not just what we need to eat, but enough to sell to foreign lands!

1: The seven years of famine will happen not only in Egypt, but in other neighboring kingdoms. If we save all that we can, we will be able to sell food for high profits during the famine. This will be a good chance to increase our power.
2: Even if the famine doesn't happen, good exports should keep our land secure.
3: You are truly a great man, Joseph.
4: I am honored to hear that, Master.
5: The sky has been clouded for half a year now...
6: And no plants are bearing fruit...

1: It's fine, though. We have lots of food stored up! Phew... we're saved! We won't starve now! It's all thanks to Master Joseph!
2: I heard that you have food here in Egypt!
3: Will you sell some to us?
4: I heard you're having your share of troubles too!
5: Joseph, you saved our land from ruin.
6: You even increased our capital thanks to exporting. Therefore...
7: Yes, master?

1: I hereby put you in charge of all of Egypt.
2: What? But I'm not an Egyptian!
3: Our land will only have a future if we allow great people to work for it.
4: I'm counting on you, Joseph.
5: Yes, master.
6: Father, I wonder how you're doing?
7: Are you still alive?

1: Next!
2: We have come from Canaan. Our land also suffers the famine.
3: Please accept this silver in exchange for some food...
4: My brothers!
5: They haven't recognized me...
6: Please, we beg of you!

1: Are you all brothers?
2: Did you leave your father in Canaan?
3: Our father Jacob is very old,
4: so he is waiting for us to bring food back to him.
5: He's alive! Ahh...
6: Father!
7: I know what you really came here for.
8: You're spies who've come to see where our land is unprotected!
9: What?!

1: They sold me off as a slave, and don't even recognize me when they see me! Just how irresponsible are they? I can't forgive them!
2: This must be some kind of misunderstanding!
3: We just came for food...
4: I don't believe you!
5: Please, you must! We're being falsely accused!
6: Fine... then answer this question honestly.
7: What does your father treasure most above all else?

1: His...
2: youngest son! Benjamin!
3: Bring Benjamin to me.
4: Then I will trust you.
5: But!
6: And I will take a hostage before you leave! You!
7: What? He asked you to bring Benjamin to him, and took Simeon as a hostage?

1: I can't give up Benjamin!
2: But if you don't, then he'll keep Simeon... and won't give us any food!
3: Benjamin is my life!
4: Yes, father...

1: Everyone's going to die. Take Benjamin to Egypt...
2: Buy food there and save Simeon. And please, whatever happens, bring Benjamin back with you!
3: This is our youngest brother Benjamin.

1: Now please give us Simeon back
2: and sell us food.
3: Benjamin!
4: Alright... you may have the hostage back.
5: Take back as much wheat and beans as you wish.
6: Oh, he's gotten so big!
7: Thank you very much!
8: But...
9: Simeon, you must have been so scared! Look how much we bought!
10: I still can't forgive them!
11: Take this with you.

1: Oh, what a joyous day!
2: Let's go home now! Father's waiting for us!
3: Haaaalt!
4: Master has ordered us to check your belongings!
5: Aaahh! A silver cup!

1: I've never seen that before in my life! Who put it there?!
2: Unforgivable! We're arresting you!
3: This must be some kind of mistake!
4: Please, you must believe us!
5: We have to return quickly, or our elderly father will...
6: Fine then, I will permit you to take the food back.
7: However, I insist on punishing one of you as a criminal. Leave the youngest behind! You!

1: P-please! Anyone but him!
2: We'll remain instead! Just please, whatever you do, let our brother return safely to our father!
3: Why?
4: Our father only has two sons who he values more than all else.
5: The first died long ago...
6: If father were to lose Benjamin as well, he would...
7: How did the first one die?
8: Well...
9: Umm...

1: Tell the truth. How?
2: He was killed by a wild animal while taking our sheep out to pasture.
3: No. That isn't the truth...
4: What?
5: All of these problems are surely the LORD's way of punishing us for what happened.
6: The truth is... we sold our brother off as a slave.
7: What?!

1: We just... couldn't stand the fact that our father favored him...
2: So we decided to punish him... but things got out of control..
3: We did something horrible, without thinking about how sad it would make our father!
4: We can't possibly cause him any more pain! Please, please spare Benjamin!
5: Thank you
6: for being honest.
7: Now...

1: Do you all know who I am?
2: Wha... aahh...
3: It can't be... Joseph...
4: Joseph!! You're alive!
5: Yes...
6: You've gotten very big, Benjamin.
7: Ohh, Joseph! We're so sorry! We're so glad to see you alive!

1: Joseph's alive...
2: He became the ruler of Egypt, and created a space for all of us to live in!
3: Ohh... Joseph... ohhh, LORD...
4: Egypt has a ton of food! Please, father, come and live a long life with us there!

1: Joseph!
2: Father!
3: And so, Joseph's family lived together with him in Egypt.
4: After this, Jacob lived another blessed 17 years, and then passed away.
5: Jacob was blessed with the name of "Israel," and his descendants who grew up in Egypt came to be known as the people of Israel.

1: About Famine
2: That concludes the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament.
3: The human race sinned from the very first generation. And with food, no less...
4: According to the Old Testament, the very first man and woman was:
5: Eve
6: Adam and
7: Cain
8: Abel
9: Seth
10: A lot of time has passed since the world and the human race was created.
11: Esau
12: Jacob (Forefather of the Israelites)
13: Ishmael (Forefather of the Arabs)
14: Rebekah
15: Issac
16: Sarah
17: Hagar
18: Abraham
19: Shem
20: (Forefather of the Semitic peoples, i.e. Jews and Arabs)
21: Nimrod (the Babylonian King who built the Tower of Babel)
22: Ham
23: (Forefather of the Hamitic peoples, i.e. Canaanites and Egyptians)
24: Noah
25: Japheth (Forefather of Indians and Europeans)

1: And this is the generation we ended with...
2: Rachel
3: Benjamin
4: Joseph
5: Ephraim
6: Bilhah
7: Asenath
8: Manasseh
9: Israel (Jacob)
10: Naphtali
11: Dan
12: Asher
13: Gad
14: Zebulun
15: Zilpah
16: Issacar
17: Judah
18: Leah
19: Levi
20: Simeon
21: Reuben
22: Now, it's time to begin the Book of Exodus!
23: I'm the main character, Moses!
24: After many, many generations...
25: Moses
26: Aaron
27: Miriam
28: Exodus takes place many, many ages after Genesis, where some stories come to be supported by actual historical evidence.
29: And we're off!
30: With enough research, we may be able to discern which stories are legend and which ones actually happened!


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