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17. The Birth of Moses


tl by danluffey


1: The Book of Exodus is centered around the life of Moses, but episodes from his life also appear in the following Books of Numbers and Deuteronomy. Therefore, in order to give a full, easy-to-follow account of the life and trials of Moses, I've inserted episodes from Numbers and Deuteronomy into this section.
2: I hope you understand!

1. The Birth of Moses
*Exodus 1 ~ 2

1: After many long yeas and months, the story of Israel - Jacob - became a legend, and the Israelites living in Egypt grew to a very large number.
4: But no matter how great they became, their social status remained far below that of true Egyptians, and they were mostly forced to do harsh physical labor.
5: They were an important work force for Egypt, but around the 14th century BC, a strange discord began to grow between these two groups.
6: It's been hundreds of years since the Israelites first came to this land...

1: But no matter how much time passes, they continue to disregard our Gods
2: and stubbornly believe in only the one they call "LORD."
3: There are many Israelites now. Too many.
4: They're dangerous...
5: If they were to band together and revolt, our army would not be enough to protect all of our kingdom.
6: One, twooo!
7: These sorts of things should be nipped in the bud. Let's stop the Israelite population from growing.
8: We'll keep them from having more children.
9: Ah, I see...

1: I hereby order all midwives to kill all baby boys that you find when helping Israeli women give birth!
2: It's a boy!
3: Waaahhh!
4: All the Israelite boys are growing up without any trouble!
5: Why aren't you obeying our orders?!
6: But we feel so bad for them... umm...
7: And Israeli women are very strong.
8: Most of them give birth before we even get there.
9: Right!
10: Hrrrm...

1: Kill all Israelite baby boys!
2: This is an order!
3: Nooo! Stoooop!
5: What should we do, mother?!
6: We must hide your brother!
7: Ohh, my poor son!
8: Daah!
9: Please be safe...
10: My son was stillborn.
11: Hmph... fine.

1: Ahhh, it's so hot! I'm going to go cool myself in the water.
2: Let me accompany you, Princess!
3: I'll be fine. I won't go anywhere too deep.
4: O LORD! Please watch over my brother!

1: Ahh...!
2: There, there. You must be an Israelite baby. Poor thing.
3: Look what a found! It's a cute little baby!
4: Princess!
5: It's an Israelite child! If your father finds out, something horrible could happen! Please send him down the river!
6: No way!

1: I drew him ('msh') out from the water,
2: so I will name him Moses.
3: Daah...
4: He's mine. Understand?
5: Yes, Princess...
6: But... he still needs to feed on mother's milk.
7: Umm... my mother just lost her child, but she's still lactating.
8: I see...
9: Thank you for coming to my aid!
10: I'll hire your mother as my wet nurse.

1: And so, Moses was able to drink of the milk from his true mother, Jochebed.
2: Soon, he grew to become a fine young Prince of the Royal Egyptian line.
3: In order to measure a round object, you must first draw a straight line...
4: Jochebed! Where are you?
5: Your wet nurse? You don't need to feed from her any more, Prince, so we relieved her of her post and sent her far away.

1: Jochebed... I learned how to do arithmetic.
2: My teacher even complimented me. I wish you could come watch me.
3: Sniff...
4: Why does Moses miss Jochebed so much?
5: Maybe she really was his true mother?
6: Shh! You can't say that! Jochebed is an Israelite, remember?
7: Moses is not only not a true son of the Pharaoh, he's also an Israelite. We mustn't speak of any of this...


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